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Wyoming Air Force Base to Replace Bible on POW/MIA Table With ‘Generic Book of Faith’ Following Complaint

A commander at an Air Force base in Wyoming has decided to replace a Bible on a “missing man” table meant to honor prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action with a “generic book of faith” filled with blank pages following receipt of a complaint lodged by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF).

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Over 6,000 Nigerians in Christian-Identified Communities Murdered or Maimed by Fulani Muslims in 2018

WEB Notes: People are always waiting for one big grand event to mark the end times, but folks it is happening each and every day all over the world. It is not one big event we should be watching for, but trends overall. Our Father’s Letter has “told us all things,” we simply must understand how those events line up with prophecy…

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Russia Pursues Jehovah’s Witnesses As ‘Extremists’

WEB Notes: They really recycle the news these days. We discussed this just over a year ago right here on our site in an article titled, “Jehovah’s Witnesses Banned As ‘Extremist’ In Russia, Property To Be Seized – Court Decision“. It was not good then and it still is not a good decision. When you see the doors close in around our faith, that is a very bad sign.

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New Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing Stronger

WEB Notes: The subject appears to lean more towards, ‘since church attendance is declining, is that making Christians have anxiety’. The answer is “no” to that statement. However, church attendance is and has declined, this article even points that out. I am not here to puff up your sails with lies, I am here to tell you the truth…

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Christian Doctor Loses Job For Saying ‘We Are Made Male Or Female’

WEB Notes: More “perceived truth”. This Christian doctor knows what he is talking about here. To say someone should be called by the gender they “identify” with is distorting reality. You are born male or female, you cannot change that as you go through life. That is trying to manipulate truth. Truth is truth, it cannot be made into a lie.

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11 Perfect Bible Verses For Anyone Feeling Unloved Or Unwanted

WEB Notes: Start your morning off with some encouageing verses from our Father’s Book of Life.

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Religious People Live Longer Than Those With No Affiliation, Study Says

WEB Notes: This is no surprise at all. It would have been nice to see a break down by faith as to the length of extended years an individual had. The only graphic on the site shows is the change in people identifying with each religion. Unfortunately and as we have pointed out in the past, the Christian faith continues to decline…

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Christians Are Meant To Go Against Society’s Tide, Says Under-Fire Church

WEB Notes: This church must be stepping outside of the shadow of the head Presbyterian church as they are surrounded by sinful acts. Mr. Carson is spot on here. Christians are not meant to go along with society if it interferes with God’s Word…

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Canada’s Supreme Court Says College’s Christian Covenant On Sexual Morality Hurts Homosexuals

WEB Notes: No, what is “a bit unnerving” Andre is the fact that you do not mind Christians being harmed. It is our religious right to believe in the God of the Bible and what His Word teaches. If you or your buddies do not like that or believe in it, that is fine. You can believe your way and we can believe ours. But you do not need to remove our rights and say they hurt others. Now that you got your way, Christians are being hurt, but that is okay?

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Pew Research Shows Most Nominal ‘Christians’ in Western Europe Do Not Practice Their Profession

WEB Notes: This is one of the reasons why our Father’s Word is so relevant. Listen to the Word’s of Christ…

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Transgender People Encouraged To Become Priests In Church Of England Diversity Drive

WEB Notes: A diversity drive in the House of God. Does this sound right to you? Does it sound logical to you?…

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Pope’s Reported Comment To A Gay Man May Indicate A New Level Of Acceptance Of Homosexuality

WEB Notes: While this is a new report, this is actually old hat. This is not the first time he or the church has said something like this. Just do a search on our site for “Pope” and you can see some of the past headlines. One headline reads, “Pope Francis To Church: Accept Gays, Divorced Catholics“. Another reads, “Vatican Appointee Says Gay Sex Can Express Christ’s ‘Self-Gift’“…

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