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Lesbians Who Filed Complaint Against Baker for Not Making Wedding Cake Wore Hidden Microphones

WEB Notes: This was a witch hunt and it always is. These people were out to get money and try and ruin another Christian. What a fitting description of 2 Esdras

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Teenager Says God ‘Is Still Great’ After Being Shot at Home While Praying

WEB Notes: This girl is great. How many people will catch a bullet and still thank the Lord? Probably not a whole lot. Many people would start the cry me a river game. Look accidents happen in life, bad things happen to all people, not just good people. Remember what Christ told us?…

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Alabama Voters Approve Constitutional Amendment Enshrining Government Right to Display Ten Commandments

WEB Notes: Alabama is on fire. Good job for them. However, a lot of these laws I see passed, have no need. We already have the First Amendment which protects our right of religion. We do not need all these add on laws that really serve no purpose. We already have the right to display the Ten Commandments via the Constitution of the United States.

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Churches in Eastern Ukraine Become Illegal After Re-Registrations Denied

Authorities in Eastern Ukraine have regarded many churches and religious organizations as illegal, including all Baptist and Pentecostal communities in the country.

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‘New Age’ Beliefs More Popular As Fewer Americans Follow Traditional Religions

WEB Notes: No wonder there will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth” when Christ Returns, (Matthew 24:51). Even Christians are adapting to new age ideologies which is pretty sad, 60% of them to be exact. As the Word states, ‘there is nothing new under the sun,’ (Ecclesiastes 1:9). In the days of old, the people believed in nature worship and now they are turning back to it. Christians should know better…

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Priest Charged For Praying Too Close To Abortion Mill 

A lawyer who is an expert in constitutional law is taking up the case of an elderly Roman Catholic priest charged under Ontario’s abortion mill “bubble zone” law.

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Defaming Muhammad Does Not Fall Under Purview Of Free Speech, European Court Rules

WEB Notes: Free speech is free speech. Read the whole article from the source. Now if this was about Christ, then it would a-okay.

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Clergy Ask God for His ‘Blessing’ on Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility

WEB Notes: Faith leaders? Boy, this is one reason why you will never find me in a seminary school. They are centers of indoctination. All the prophets and writers of the Bible never attended, so “faith leaders” do not need to either. Besides, if this is what you get out of it, you are far better off not attending. Asking blessings from God for the murder of souls? I just cannot comprehend that.

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Christians Facing Increased Persecution In China

WEB Notes: If Chinese “officials” want to hear about the Lord they should just come to service.

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Sudan: 13 Christians Arrested In Darfur, Another Church Told To Hand Over Property

WEB Notes: Maybe they did not have a paved road to the building or some chipped paint. Those were reasons cited in the past for church closures.

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Twitter Locks Lifesite Out Of Account For ‘Hate’: Fact-Based Post On Rise In Gay STDs

WEB Notes: Apparently Twitter cannot handle the truth. Lifesite is a Christian site, go figure. The truth is not that popular these days. What makes Twitter and Facebook powerful? It is its users. Something to think about.

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200 Youths Write To Youth Synod: We Don’t Want To ‘Shape’ Church, We Want Church To Shape Us

WEB Notes: Good for them for speaking up. This is in response to an article we recently posted titled, “Youth Synod Delegate: Church Must ‘Open Arms Wide To Welcome And Accept Homosexuals’“. One note however, we should not ask for the “Church” to shape us, but Jesus Christ.

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