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Student Prayer No Longer Allowed Over Loudspeaker Before Football Games in Alabama School District

WEB Notes: Sham on you Alabama, shame on you! I am so sick and tired of hearing stories like this, people with no ounce of backbone. Quit your job already so someone with a backbone can make a stand, these kind of people make me want to puke…

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Female ‘Bishop’ Claims Church of England Should Avoid Only Calling God ‘He’

WEB Notes: Is she, this bishop, a bishop of God? Of course not. She may be “ordained” of a church, but she is certainly not “ordained” of God. There is a big difference. We have these fakes who are a part of the church system and they are altering the Word of God to fit the moment, to fit their ideology. Show me in the Word of God where God should be called a she? Show me. Why on earth people worship men is beyond me. Worship God for Heavens sake, not man.

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Raising Kids With Religion Or Spirituality May Protect Their Mental Health

WEB Notes: This article never mentions a specific religion. However, being a Christian, one who lives their life by The Book to the best of our ability brings us comfort in this world. It keeps us walking the straight path, providing a lamp to our feet in this dark world, (Psalm 119:105)…

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Don’t Be A Halfhearted Christian

WEB Notes: Read it all from the source. It is a good message, there are no gray area’s with God, you are either for Him or against Him.

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China Forbids Children From Churches as Religious Rights Diminish

WEB Notes: I have never seen this much anti-Christian news come out of China as I have seen in the last couple of weeks. This is a major escalation for a nation who has 20% of the world’s population. Our Father is not pleased, but we were warned this would transpire in these last days. Strap on the Gospel Armor, keep it polished and share His Word with those who will listen…

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China Moves to Ban Internet Church Activities

WEB Notes: China is banning everything “church” unless it is “approved” ahead of time by the communist nation. That is not freedom of religion. As bad as things may be in the US, we are doing far better than our Chinese counterparts. Make sure to keep them in your prayers. It is a lot harder for them to be Christians than you and I.

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China Outlaws Large Underground Protestant Church In Beijing

WEB Notes: If you recall from some of the previous articles we have posted on the subject, China will now only allow their flavor of Christianity. This is deeply disturbing and will push the underground Christian churches further underground. Keep them in your prayers, they pay a heavy price, daily, for their beliefs.

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Another Netflix Show Mocks Christianity, This Time With an Obscene Performance of a Hymn

WEB Notes: Support the companies that support your beliefs. This right here, this is filth and perversion to the highest degree. Read the lyrics from the source which comes from one of the scenes in the show. Sick…

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Couple Who Refused Abortion, Entrusted Son to ‘God’s Hands’ After Being Told Condition Was Terminal, Learns Doctors Misdiagnosed Baby

A couple in Iowa who was counseled by doctors to abort their unborn son after he was diagnosed with a terminal condition has learned that their child, who was born last month, was misdiagnosed and is expected to live after all.

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Chaplain Facing US Court Martial For LGBT ‘Discrimination’ Cleared

WEB Notes: Remember the story from the other day? Great news for you this morning! The army chaplain facing six months in prison on discrimination charges has been cleared! Make sure you thank our Father for that.

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U.S. Court Rejects Atheists’ Appeal Over ‘In God We Trust’ On Money

WEB Notes: This would be another victory for the Christian. When we obtain these sort of victories, make sure you thank our Father for them along the way.

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World’s Largest Hotel Chain to Place Bibles in Hundreds of Thousands of Rooms

WEB Notes: This is fantastic news. How many people came to the Lord because they were on hard times and found a Bible in one of those drawers?

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