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Fallen Soldiers, In Vain – Video

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Have you ever asked yourself why our nation and other European nations continue to be involved in endless wars? Why are our soldiers continuing to die and for whose cause…

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  1. That is a touching display of our fallen soldiers. Not sure how to explain another way of looking at this issue but to say that God, and therefore Christians who serve God, can and do accomplish profound spiritual things while seemingly worthless or senseless to flesh man.

    Point 1: Flesh generally hates to experience pain, war, destruction, and even just discomfort or inconvenience. But without these negative things, we would have little understanding of the spiritual dimension and of how serious the war between Christ and Satan is. To understand spiritual warfare, we need something concrete to affect us so that we can apply that experience to things we can’t see or touch.

    Being born in the flesh is basically marching onto a spiritual battlefield. We chose our side already in Earth Age One but most of us are not immediately on the front lines. As we mature, some become aware that hey!….there’s an enemy and they’re hurting people, I have to fight! Or, that enemy is attacking me! I have to take action!

    Some find themselves in battle before they’re ready and get so wounded or are killed (don’t trust God) before they can get a grip on their sword to defend against the enemy. These people were ruthlessly attacked by means of some form of child abuse or life circumstances to destroy them before they become great warriors because they have great potential. It is a strategy of the evil side, Satan knows who stood with God in that first Earth Age.

    When we feel physical and emotional pain, we then know how firey darts cause spiritual pain. When someone is bleeding, we can equate that to a being hurt pretty badly on the inside, maybe their faith is shaken or trust broken. Bleeding can be really dangerous if not stopped. A deep wound or multitude of lesser wounds can be so bad that a person may never recover. Rejection or betrayal, an affair, a divorce, an overdose, addiction, reactive behavior, a lawsuit, an accident, gossip, big mistakes, hating yourself, hurting those you love, and yes an actual war, many, many events in life inflict spiritual wounds. When someone’s flesh dies, they’re gone, it’s permanent. You can’t get them back. You can’t tell them things you should have when you had the chance and you can’t ask them any questions. You can’t hear their voice any more or look into their eyes. You can’t tell them you’re sorry and you can’t tell them you’re proud of them. You can’t tell them you love them. You can’t cover them in battle any more. This is what we need to understand about why we’re here on this battlefield and what we’re fighting for. Spiritual death is permanent, the lake of fire is final.

    I believe this is why God allows war and other evils and has sent HIS locust army to operate among the rest of us. It clarifies things and polarizes people. It makes understanding what the hell Satan did to our Father real. If we’re thinking in a Godly frame of mind, we won’t miss the lesson.

    Point 2: I don’t believe these soldiers died in vain. The blood of all the innocent is on the Kenites’ hands. Soldiers must exist and countries must have standing armies. Either way, whether Kenites manipulate and control them or not. The reason I don’t think they die in vain is because God has allowed Cain’s offspring a certain amount of power for a reason and if they deem it necessary to bring the bloodshed to our soil to accomplish their destiny they will. That would mean those pictures on the wall would include our civilians but the soldiers hold that off. For that I’m grateful. I don’t want my mom or nieces and nephews on the wall. None of us want our soldiers there either but reality is that because they are, us civilians are all sitting around the dinner table on Thanksgiving with no blood in our streets. (Granted, gangs, abortion, etc. the Kenites do plenty of damage here with their policies but that’s another part of the story for another time).

    Bottom line, the devastation of war is senseless unless you learn the spiritual lesson from it. Definitely if the world were more reverent toward our heavenly Father there would be no need for it and He would bless us with true peace. There is the key to eliminate war, reverence and obey God. But not all did in the first Earth Age and not all do now.

    Point 3: There is no atheist in a foxhole.

  2. Killing and dying to help the children of satan enslave the planet and kill most of its inhabitants. That is a tough thing to get someone to believe. Talk about stripping people of their core beliefs, most people would rather die than believe the truth.

    • James you’re right but there are more things being accomplished than that. Without God, that would be the dismal single truth. But our Father, our Savior, and the Holy Spirit are also working at the same time in the same places. As long as there are Christians on Earth, there are spiritual victories being won.

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