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Happy Thanksgiving From World Events And The Bible

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Thanksgiving Day

Another Thanksgiving comes around. Another day we have to share with family and friends, the ones we love.

At times and due to our lives and the culture of today, we easily become sidetracked and tend to forget and maintain healthy relationships with our family and friends. The only ones we want to spend our time with on such a day. I suppose some of it is human nature, becoming too comfortable with our own lifestyle, making assumptions about relationships, we could create a list couldn’t we?

Today’s message is to renew those relationships. Not only renew those relationships with our family and friends, but with the closest family member we have, our Heavenly Father. You see He is the head of our household and without Him in our household, none of our relationships can hold fast, none of them can create a tight and lasting bond.

This Thanksgiving, reach out to your family, let them know you care and love them by your actions.

This Thanksgiving, reach out to God, let Him know you care and love Him by your actions.

Father, we ask you this day to bring our families closer together than ever before. We ask you to mend our broken hearts and souls and bring unity to our homes, families and lives. We ask you to heal our body as much as we need healing for our soul.

We ask all of these things Father in Jesus Name, Amen.

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  1. Great message, Brandon!
    Thank you for all that you do in God’s Service…and a Blessed Thanksgiving Day to you, family and all those that love and serve the Lord!
    May God / Christ keep you and your families safe on the roads!
    We give Him thanks for His Bountiful Blessings, Leading, Guiding, Directing, Touching, Prospering, Healing, Protecting and Comforting us as needed, throughout the years!


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