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I Suffer Great Guilt For My Sins And Never Feel Forgiven

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I recieved an email the other day from a broken hearted reader. This individual explained, how they have prayed over and over for forgiveness of their sins, but they never feel forgiven and it is just eating them alive. This person was really reaching out.

I responsed with a short message that may benefit someone else in our audiance, so I will share that response with you.


Name Withheld,

Good morning and thank you for reaching out.

You know Name Withheld, one of the hardest things for many of us to do is forgive ourselves. We feel so bad about what we have done, that we live with that guilt and relive the sin over and over again. You do not need to do that. The fact that you are so broken hearted by it documents to our Heavenly Father that you are remorseful and the fact that you have asked for forgiveness from God means, you have been forgiven by Him.

What exactly does that mean when you have been forgiven of your sins?

Isaiah 43:25
25 “I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins.”

God has “blotted out” (Strong’s word: H4229) which means to “erase” your sins from the book of life. They have been removed and you now have a clean slate. It is up to you to put good marks there and work toward that each and everyday.

The only thing left is for you to forgive yourself. Ask our Father for that healing and comfort, ask Him to remove this heaviness from your heart.

It will take time, healing always does Name Withheld, just stay on the right path.

Thank You,

Brandon T. Ward

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  1. Amen Brandon
    Thank you for sharing the Lord and his word with your subscribers.

  2. Please remember that some of God’s greatest servants committed the worst sins. I regularly turn to Scripture to keep my mind and heart in reality concerning my own sins, accepting a sad comfort that King David sent Uriah to his death, completely unjustified, yet always maintained his close and loving relationship with God. And Peter literally walking and talking and being in the presence of Jesus, learning all that wisdom, trust, and beauty of the truth, then he denies that he knows Him, caving in to fear for his own safety. And Paul, physically dragging people out of their homes and getting them killed for their faith. He later called himself the worst of all sinners.
    You are not alone, not even close.

    Maybe you don’t have enough information or knowledge of this world yet and how it works. Maybe your world is small and you isolate in your own thoughts and experiences, not realizing there are many people who have done very bad things but are free from the bondage of their sins and mistakes through belief in Jesus and the price He paid on the cross to gain us that freedom. It is a spiritual battlefield and we all get caught up in the destructive nature of it at times.
    You have permission to accept victory over guilt and shame, those are from the devil. As long as you have repented, remedy your sin the best you can, and stay in the Truth then you’ll be okay.
    Take care and stay in the Word, there is your comfort and correction.

    • A beautiful post Connie!

      I know I will be praising and loving and cherishing our Father God and His precious Son, our Lord Jesus Christ all day and every day! I will always thank Him for allowing me to repent from my sin, and for His incredible forgiveness. Praise our Father God forever!

  3. Something else to consider. Repeatedly asking for forgiveness for the same thing means you have no faith in God to forgive. If you have no faith in God, then God will not forgive you. So have faith and KNOW you have been forgiven and do no tempt God by repeatedly doubting Him. It is not God who has not forgiven you, it is you who have not forgiven yourself, do not confuse the two, the last thing you want is to make God angry with you.

    Another thing, if you do not forgive yourself then God won’t forgive you either. Remember the story of the servant who was forgiven by his master but turned around and refused to forgive those who owed him? The master laid a whammy on him. The master is God and you are the servant, you are expected to forgive others in turn when they repent, that means for give yourself too. Do not make God angry at you, He forgives you and you in turn forgive yourself. That is not an option, it is God’s way, do not slap God in the face by not forgiving others when they repent, that includes yourself or God will lay a whammy on you.

    • Thank you for the comment Hazel.

      It is true, once we ask God and repent of our sins we are forgiven as we documented.

      However, is God going to be angry with someone for asking for forgiveness more than once?

      I do not think so, especially if the person does not know better and the Scripture you provided is not apples to apples.

      Look, God is a heart knower, He knows our hearts, (Acts 1:24). He knows how broken we can be, especially if we are trying to recover from horrible sinful guilt. It will take time, but the person should know they are forgiven and instead of asking for forgiveness, simply ask for healing.

      • Thank you Brandon for posting both these responses… this has helped me so much (and I would assume so many others).

        Romans 15:13 (KJV)
        13 Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

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