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The Perplexity of Nations: Birth Pains of a New Age

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The Perplexity of Nations: Birth Pains of a New Age - Sands of Time Hour Glass

By: Brandon T. Ward

We live in very interesting and dangerous times. Prophetically speaking, we live in the end times. But what does that mean? Television, Magazines and the Internet would have us believe the whole world will devolve into a nuclear Armageddon of utter destruction. While mainstream Christianity preaches the same in addition to a variety of other false doctrines. I would ask, has anyone bothered to find out what God says? He sent us a Letter.

The truth be told, Armageddon and Hamongog will not start until the very end of the Tribulation which is just before Christ’s return. We do not take part in these battles, they are Christ’s battles and the moment in time when we will witness 120 pound hail stones falling from heaven to smite the enemies of God (Ezekiel 38; Revelation 19).

With that said, God has given us no indication that we will incinerate ourselves and the earth. Rather the opposite is true… If you have bought into the hype of a nuclear Armageddon, you have been deceived. Genesis 8:22 states; “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” This is one of God’s promises. This earth age will not be destroyed until He is ready to do so Himself (Revelation 21:1). As God’s Word reveals, mankind will not blow up the earth, nor will it be destroyed by “Climate Change”, “Global Warming” or whatever name it is referenced to this week..

False ideas such as these stem in part from mainstream Christianity who has become unlearned in the Word of the God. Instead they preach false doctrines; rather than leading the sheep to the Water they lead the sheep to the slaughter. They have become more concerned about filling the collection plate than filling the souls of God’s children with His Word. They preach, but only the milk of God’s Word never getting to the meat of it.

While we all start out on milk, we must continue in our education to acquire the meat of God’s most precious Word. If not, what good are we to God and His Kingdom?

As we glance at the world of today we see it sinking further and further into debt, a debt that is impossible to repay. This is why governments of the world are printing fiat currency by the trillions. This accomplishes nothing, other than to delay the inevitable which is utter financial destruction. Not just of a single currency or nation, but the destruction of the world’s monetary and governmental systems as we are so wrapped together by an evil called Globalism. This attachment at the hip will ensure every nation comes crashing down nearly at once like dominoes. This event will engulf the entire world in absolute chaos and confusion.

We are also witnessing wars increasing daily. Not just wars, but wars God has foretold us of in His Word. We see Syria entrenched in a two year old “civil war” which is now knocking on the doorsteps of Damascus. In Isaiah 17:1 we can document before the coming of our Lord this city will become a ruinous heap. This prophecy is now starting to unfold.

While the war drums beat louder day by day for the coming battle with Iran. In the great book of Daniel chapter 8 we learn of a great war with Persia just before the coming of the Anti-Christ (little horn) who is Satan. These prophecies all belong to the end times of which we are a part. Contrary to what many are taught today, Satan does not come to bring war, he comes to bring peace. Satan comes acting as the very Lamb, he will claim to be God Himself (2 Thessalonians 2:1-9). Have you been taught this fact from God’s Word by your house of worship?

Christ told us in Luke 21:25, “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;”

What is this “perplexity” Christ spoke about? It comes from Strong’s word 640 which comes from 639 meaning, “to have no way out.” When we witness the real financial collapse of the world and when the wars we are witnessing today spin out of control, the nations will “have no way out.” It will appear the world is doomed and in that instant, at that moment, Satan will come, it will be perceived that he is Christ who has brought His Kingdom to earth and has saved the world from their own doom.

Many have not been taught the false Christ comes first. They have been sucked into the lie called the rapture which teaches its believers they do not need to understand the book of Revelation because they will be gone. They do not need to worry about their crumbling governments because they will be removed from the earth. This is an absolute lie and it is setting them up for the ultimate deception. That deception is believing they will be taken by the first Christ, who is Satan play acting as our Lord and Savior (Revelation 13:11). They have not been taught from God’s Word the first Christ is the fake. It is time for all Christians to open God’s Word and read with understanding. It is time to teach God’s Word boldly and with authority!

Mainstream Christianity would also teach us the Mark of the Beast is a tattoo or a microchip under our skin. God’s Word clearly states the mark is in your forehead. What is in your head? Your brain, your thought process. The mark is believing Satan is Jesus Christ. The mark in your hand indicates you not only believe Satan is the true Christ but you are doing Satan’s work as well. Are you aware God has a mark on His children? The Saints mark is being “sealed” with the Word of God (Revelation 7). The sealing is so important the end cannot happen until the sealing is complete. You truly do not expect some Christians to run around with a “777” tattoo on their head do you?

Confusion abounds in our time due to the lack of understanding God’s Word. Instead of reading God’s Letter, we read books about the Bible written by man and think we are doing God’s work. We cannot be spiritual fed by hearing a verse or two once a week on Sunday and expect to outwit Satan who has been planning our demise for thousands of years! This is why the whole world will be deceived, they have not read God’s Word with understanding.

Now is NOT the time to remain idle or be uncertain in your beliefs. A half belief in something is a zero belief. You are either rock solid in your understanding of God’s Word or you will bow a knee to Satan thinking he is Christ. God needs spiritual warriors not wimps for these end times (Ephesians 6)! He needs warriors to stand against the fiery darts of Satan, these warriors are the Saints who are the Elect. Have you been taught this from God’s Word?

The “perplexity” of the nations build daily, the governments of the world are in a state of absolute confusion and lawlessness. We see that with the recent scandals the United States Presidency is inundated with, yet its people sleep. They care more about the “delights” of the world than their own futures or their children’s futures. They have absolutely shut their minds to the events transpiring around them! Some think these events have no effect on them, while others do not care either way. They fail to comprehend a simple fact, their nation is headed for destruction, they not being spiritually and mentally prepared means they are headed for destruction as well (Deuteronomy 28)

Christ also spoke about signs in Luke 21, have you noticed them? Are you being a watchman as we have been instructed (Ezekiel 33:1-7)? The signs are abounding day by day. We see them in the sun, stars, and moon, are you alert enough to catch them? There has been an enormous increase in volcanic, earthquake, meteorite, storm, sinkhole and mass animal die-off activity over the past few years. December 21st 2012 was the winter solstice. That day marked the exact moment in time when our sun lined up with the center of our galaxy and event known as the Galactic Alignment. This event happens only one time every 25,800 years. Is this a benchmark on God’s clock?

As the sands of time fall from the upper chamber of the hour glass to the bottom we come closer to the time of the Anti-Christ and his ruling kingdom. Many people, many Christians for that matter are not ready, nor have they ever been taught supernatural elements will soon take hold on this earth. Those supernatural elements are Satan and his fallen angels who will soon be cast from Heaven to earth (Revelation 12:9). These are the same fallen angels who left their first estate which was Heaven and came to earth in Noah’s time and took themselves wives and bear children unto them (Jude 1:6; Genesis 6:1-4). Their offspring were called the Nephilim in the Hebrew language; these were in fact the giants of Genesis. Have you read? Have you pulled the meat out of God’s Word?

With that said, it is important to understand the end of this age is referred to as birth pains (Matthew 24:8). In order to follow that concept, we must understand as a woman travails in labor her birth pains (contractions) occur closer and closer together until the birth of the child. That is exactly how the end of this age happens. The events discussed here will continue and become more rapid in frequency until they are right on top of one another. Those events will give birth to the new age (start of the millennium) which is the return of our True Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

There is not much sand left in the hour glass my friends. It is well past time to come out of the fallacies that are so commonly taught as Biblical fact and dig into God’s Word where we can find real Truth. My goal is not to offend anyone, rather to make you think, ask questions and drive you into the Word. There is a reason the whole world is deceived (Revelation 13:8).

What have you been taught? Have you verified it in God’s Word?

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  1. Thank you for bringing this topic in its simplicity to us Brandon! Very informative!
    God Bless!

  2. It amazes me how the Lord has guided me to this site so that I may get the correct answers to the questions that I have on The Lords scriptures.Everywhere I searched on the internet for my answers,have left that feeling of ” not quite right” answers. I feel in my heart that I have came to the right place for answers,as I have that gut feeling telling me so!
    Mr. Ward, you are truly a blessed and gifted man to understand the Word of God as you do,I only hope the Good Lord will let me understand as well in due time.Thank you for explaining everything the way you do,as so others,such as myself,can understand.
    God Bless

    • Thank you for the kind words Chris. We do our best and give God all the credit. Personally, I study the Bible verse by verse. You can learn so much this way in a very short time. Pray before your studies asking God for wisdom and understanding of His Word.

  3. hmm…in case I lost the comment just now…have you posted the study yet on what happens to Believers during the tribulation? It might be a good time…just sayin :^)

    • That is almost completed. We are doing editing on it right now. When it is posted we will make a note several days in advance as well in addition it will be under the Bible Studies tab at the top. I know many are waiting for this study.

  4. Brandon: In the January blog Scriptural study of rapture/…or not: You said that you were working on a study that would examine “what happens to Believers during the Tribulation.”: in consideration of the times we are witnessing, would it be soon that you are going to be ready to publish that study? It is just as compelling and timely as the rapture study. It could well help in the context of helping people to “fear not” (Lo Yirah)…Psalm 118:6…to restore Courage.

  5. Amen brother. Thank you for straightening the road.

  6. Well said

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