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Preparation Notes On Deuteronomy 8 – Video

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A short video with notes on preparing for the Tribulation and examples in our Fathers Letter spurred by a few comments on our site.

The Saints and Their Role in the Tribulation

Preparing Our Households for the Tribulation

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  1. The woman is Eve. Her offspring (except Cain’s bloodline) is also included and I believe anyone else who is grafted in. The grafted are not actually of the woman but since they follow God they are included in the blessings and protection unless there is an action specific to the 12 tribes only. Eve is the mother of all living (in Christ), Eve is the woman.

    • You are certainly correct that all are grafted in Dan, no doubt about that. But we also know the Bible is about Adam and his family down through the ages, so this is why I stated the woman is symbolic of Israel, Israel being the twelve tribes not any nation state to be clear. Just like in Revelation 7 we are only told of the twelve tribes who are sealed, but if we keep reading we see a lot of other people standing before God from other nations of the world. So some of those people were sealed too, we are just not given a head count. Thank you for your position.

  2. Keep them coming Brandon! I do enjoy your *video* :Preparation Notes & Topical Bible study addition to WEB!

    Regarding Revelation 12:13 “And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the WOMAN which brought forth the MAN child.”

    *****The persecution then is caused by the deceiving of these CHRISTIANS into following Satan. The “woman” is you, and anyone else who professes to be a Christian. Even Gentiles that have accepted the Lord Christ Yeshua are *GRAFTED IN* and part of the tree of ISRAEL.
    You’ve mentioned that it was the *TWELVE (12) Tribes / God’s Election*…as being the “WOMAN”…

    Though it’s yet a future time spoken being of there, It is to my understanding, that the House of JUDAH would *not* yet be joined back as *ONE* stick, with the House of “ISRAEL” until Christ returns…so it’s only those that *KEEP* the Commandments of GOD and have the testimony of JESUS, inclusive of the “REMNANT”…being the “WOMAN” there. Reference>>>>
    Revelation 12:17 “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the REMNANT of her seed, which KEEP the commandments of GOD, AND have the testimony of JESUS CHRIST.”

    *****What I’m trying to get at…for the sake of those who may think that the “WOMAN* includes the *NON-CHRISTIANS*…in as much as you’ve mentioned the 12 Tribes…is that it’s only the *CHRISTIANS* that KEEP God’s Word, is being spoken of here…NOT the NON-CHRISTIAN *House of JUDAH Jews* in the M.E…it will be almost impossible for us to understand exactly who that “woman” is…if this is not clear in one’s mind. For “ISRAEL” is mostly used of the offspring of the TEN (10) Tribes that were scattered. Yet today they exist in large part as the *CHRISTIAN* Nations of the world…unlike those of that little nation in the M.E…which when usually included in the Bible, is referred to as “JACOB”. Note exactly …*who*…the prophet Hosea is identifying as the “sons of the LIVING GOD” from those 12 Tribes in the following Scripture:

    Hosea 1:10 “Yet the number of the children of ISRAEL shall be as the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured not numbered; and it SHALL come to pass, that IN THE PLACE where it was said unto them, `Ye are *NOT* My People’ THERE it shall be said unto them, `Ye *ARE* the sons of the LIVING GOD.’ ”
    *****CHRIST YESHUA is the only one to claim Himself to be the “Son of God”, and by that laid the claim to be the only way of Salvation. That is the name and position that Satan wants, and he is out to get from you.

    *****So we see the woman here again, “ISRAEL”…who is now identified “IN THAT PLACE”…is the one promoting JESUS CHRIST. That’s who Satan is warring against. Satan is angry over them, but we have the power over him. To be ready for that war, we must have our spiritual armor on and in place, and be ready to do spiritual battle with Satan and all his realm. The dragon knows who they are very well, and he knows their weaknesses.
    Am I rightly dividing God’s Word as to who the “woman” is? Or…do I need to keep plowing?

    • I know I’m not telling you something you don’t already know EOG, but I think the “woman” being symbolic of Israel can be verified by Revelation 7, where we see 12,000 of each tribe including Judah being sealed in their foreheads. All of Judah does not dwell in that tiny middle eastern country. That would be my take, anyway.

      • BTW, that’s some beautiful country you live in Brandon. And good points you made. Its amazing how God can take care of those who watch and wait on Him.

      • O’ I agree for the most part with Brandon and you there, jack…and I also agree that: “All of Judah does not dwell in that tiny middle eastern country.” But that “WOMAN”…will also include Gentiles that have accepted the Lord Christ Yeshua that were *GRAFTED IN* and part of the tree of ISRAEL and the “REMNANT” or “SELECT / WIFE Elect” of Rev: 12:17 that teaches and seals with God’s / Christ’s TRUTHS in this generation of the Fig Tree….NOT only the 144,000 “INVITED / BRIDE” Elect…is what I’m stating. There is already *MUCH CONFUSION*…when we try to explain those in that “tiny middle eastern country” with both good and bad figs, jack…so I’m only being cautious as to how I tread and keep the Word, rightly divided. I sincerely value Brandon’s work, and the sharing of my dear brothers and sisters on WEB…BELIEVE ME! I merely referenced that verse from Hosea to help shed more light, and to specifically call attention to the *House of Israel* in the END times and how they will be remembered…in the locations where each of these Tribes are located…*NOT* in Palestine, but in America, Great Britain, Europe and Canada, etc…the *CHRISTIAN* Nations, or wherever those Nations are established. There…this House of Israel…would *NOT* for the most part, consider themselves ISRAEL, but as GENTILE nations.
        However…also in that location, they will call themselves “sons of the Living God”. Christ Yeshua *is* the “Living God” and those that are sons of God are called CHRISTIANS. *UNLIKE* those of that “little Nation” where most do *NOT* consider Christ Yeshua as the Son of God, or in any form of deity!

        Thank you for sharing, truly appreciated.

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