The Ultra Rich And Their Control Over Our World

When we look back on history and consider the ancient world, wealth was considered a man’s property, cattle, and so on. The things he needed to sustain himself. As time went on, someone told us shiny metal, what we call precious metals were valuable. So wealth took the form of silver and gold. After all, it was much easier to move, store, and trade than land and cattle.

In the modern world, we became convinced paper money, backed by nothing was somehow valuable. It was much easier to move, store, and trade than… Silver and gold. So wealth is now considered the amount of paper money we possess. Even worse, the amount of possessions we own, better said, that we finance.

Nevertheless, everyday we go out into the world to make a buck, all in the hopes of improving our lives. We trade our precious time and moments with family for paper money, fiat currency they call it. In the future, we will no longer carry cash. That is far too burdensome, instead, currency will become completely digital. After all, it is much easier to move, store, and trade than… Paper money.

You see where this is going?

In the end, the life of the common man really does not improve. Instead of many having wealth, the modern era has consolidated wealth into the hands of the few. These few are then able to excise laws and rules over the common man, without the common man really ever having a say in the matter.

So long gone are the days when a man’s wealth had real value. Long gone are the days when the common man could become the next President. Today, it’s only those who are extremely wealthy. You know, those who possess more fiat currency than you do.

To truly display the disparagement, I want to share some quotes with you.

Our Leaders Cannot Relate To Us

A Cambridge University paper titled, “Who Rules the World” explains,

Only 2% of political elites have blue-collar occupational backgrounds.

That means, 98% of the global ruling political class has never worked side by side with you. They have never possessed a blue-collar job, so they have always been wealthy.

So how can they related to you, how can they relate to the lifestyle of the common man?

They simply cannot, nor could you run for office due to the lack of fiat currency in your pocket.

Do you realize, according to the Center for Responsive Politics,

Political campaigns spent a total of $14 billion in the 2020 U.S. election?

Who Rules the World

The ruling political class spared no expense deciding who will rise to power and exert authority over us.

Half Of Political Leaders Are Educated In The West

The same paper explains,

Nearly fifty percent of political elites—and nearly three-fifths of top leaders—are educated in the west, a striking example of soft power.

The majority of the ruling political class have been educated in the west. The same western philosophy that promotes globalization and anything contrary to God. An enemy was clearly planted within the educational systems in the west, (Ephesians 6:12). A system that has morally corrupted our world through greed and perversion.

You really want to think long and hard about that.

This is one of the main sources that is driving radical change in our world, and telling us what to think and believe. Taught by these education systems, we then grow up with the perceived notions we were taught. As each generation becomes trained to the ways of the system, the next generation is that much easier to convince of the next agenda the enemy would like to roll out.

So not only has the definition of “money” changed over time, but we can see a class of people have continually exerted control over us through education as well. A class that is by no means common as we are.

We opened this article talking about wealth, and world leaders to a large degree dictate where that wealth goes through the taxation of… The common man. Now let us analyze who holds the wealth in the United States.

Wealth Is Consolidated Into The Hands Of A Few

According to Foreign Affairs,

Ten percent of Americans now control 97 percent of all capital income in the country.

If this sounds like the king lordship era of times begone you are right.

If America was truly a free market, then 10% of the population would not control 97% of all capital income in the country. As many have thought for years now, the system is rigged and stacked against the common man.

This all became possible through generations of manipulation. This would not be possible if wealth was still considered true tangible assets. The idea of paper money quite literally drives greed. The invention of paper money meant wealth did not have to consist of the possessions on a man’s property, wealth could now be consolidated into paper money. This means, a man could now have more than he really needed.

Instead of being content, man asks, how much more can I gain?

This of course means for someone to gain more, someone else must lose more.

That brings us to the next quote from the same article.

Nearly half of the new income generated since the global financial crisis of 2008 has gone to the wealthiest one percent of U.S. citizens.

Half of all new income created since the global financial collapse of 2008 went to the richest 1% of Americans. This was due to government bailouts that selected which bank and company would survive, and which one would not. They called these institutions, “the too big too fails”.

These bailouts were formulated by the 98% non-blue collar ruling political class who redistributed your tax dollars to the ultra wealthy. They were protecting their own skin and investments while many of you watched yours get flushed down the drain.

You see, many people in government were former executives at many of these corporations. They leave their million dollar salaries to work for the government for pennies. Now did they have an honest change of heart and want to help the common man, or pad their own pockets?

If those were honest career changes, 50% of all new income since the financial crisis would not have gone to the wealthiest 1%. Neither would 10% of Americans control 97% of all capital income.

In reality, the system is setup so the common man fails. The system is setup so the 98% political class who never spent a day in our shoes can extract what little wealth we have through taxation. Nevertheless, like con men, they tell us what we want to hear and we foolishly argue over which one of them is the best, just like a Sunday football game.

A Few Have More Than Half The Country

This ties right into another Foreign Affairs quote I want to share.

The richest three Americans collectively have more wealth than the poorest 160 million Americans.

We are commonly told the American system breeds fairness where everyone can compete. That is a lie if I ever heard one. If capitalism was benefitting the common man, how would it be possible for 3 people in America to have more wealth than the poorest 160,000,000 million Americans?

Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon is one of the three. His wealth shot through the roof during the COVID-19 pandemic. As government bailout checks reached American’s who were locked down in their homes. Naturally, they went online to shop, and Amazon reaped the bulk of the rewards. A clear cut example of the government redistributing our wealth which they obtained through taxation.

Meanwhile, Mom and Pop shops were closed.

Fair and equal economics?


Bezos is also the owner of the Washington Post, which daily publishes indoctrination to condition our minds to that of the 98% ruling political class. The same ruling class that provides tax breaks to Amazon.

Would your company qualify for such tax breaks?

No, as your company is not as big and powerful as Amazon, and that right there shows you how the system is rigged against the common man.

Our Education Systems Have Been Manipulated

These examples show us how power and wealth have been consolidated into the hands of a few, made possible by changing the definition of wealth over time.

It also shows us how the education system has been manipulated to serve the means of the ruling global political class. This displays a truly organized effort to control education, finance, and government.

What we have explained shows the common man has been reduced to a tool used by the global political class to extract wealth and funnel it into their hands. This is done through taxation and the creation of central banks which in the case of the Federal Reserve, is a private institution.

These people then use their wealth to buy up media outlets and condition our minds to the next agenda around the corner.

In the modern world, this agenda is one that is global. One that seeks to unify the entire world under the banner of the common good, a new world order. The only problem with that, God is not on the list, and our enemy is the one calling the shots.

Closing Thought

However, none of this provides us an excuse not to work hard in life. We do not discuss these things so we are left feeling defeated. We discuss these things so you understand how the world and our enemy works.

We discuss these things so we understand how to avoid manipulation, and how to think for ourselves and manage our finances. That helps us make better life decisions, it increases our wealth to support our families, all while staying true to God.

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