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After prayer and consideration, we are suspending comments at this time.

I want to tell you why.

I recently explained, I want to ensure every aspect of our site is useful, and that it provides value for those reading it. This actually came in response to some comments that were made on the site.

While comments have always served as a great way for readers to put in their two cents. Overwhelmingly, the majority of our readers simply read an article or three and move on. They do not comment, this tells me, comments are more of a distraction than anything else.

Some of the very few comments that are made tend to be negative, attacks, or just present untruths. While some of those comments should never be posted due to our Community Guidelines, we post them anyway so people can have a voice.

Nevertheless, such comments by Christians do not present our faith in a positive light.

They do not reflect Christianity. Perhaps, we all need to reflect on this.

The goal and purpose of this site is to spread the truth through Christ, not help propagate lies. Not to sow hatred, malice, or discord among the brethren, but to build the body of Christ.

I feel much of this effort has been undone through comments.

Therefore, with so few comments, it has come to a point where I can no longer justify having a comments section that does not provide value for our overall readership base. 

We have not decided if comments will remain off permanently.

If comments are enabled in the future, they must add value to the site for all of our readers.

I sincerely want to thank those of you who have brought positive insight and Christian values to the comments section. I appreciate your efforts to try and energize that portion of our site.

Thank you,

Brandon T. Ward

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