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Trump To Terminate Birthright Citizenship

We have been screaming about this type of action for a very long time. Cut off the benefits to illegal immigrants and they will deport themselves to a large degree. Unfortunately, Trump wants to go about this the wrong way. Our so called leaders do not understand the law they have sworn to uphold. Read the quotes below.

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6-Year-Olds Forced To Write Gay ‘Love Letters’ To Teach ‘Diversity’

A primary school in England is teaching children as young as six years old to write gay love letters in order to teach diversity. What kind of education are children receiving these days? In years past, this would have been unthinkable. But in today’s world, it is the reality that has become mainstream.

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Triumphal Arch of Palmyra Comes To Washington D.C.

On September 26th the “Triumphal Arch of Palmyra” better known as the “Temple of Baal” will appear in Washington D.C.. “The Institute of Digital Archeology” provides us with these details. This institute has revived this perversion and symbol of evil and they have paraded it around the world for a few years now. We wrote about this subject in an article titled, “The Temple Of Baal Comes To The United States“.

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Next Crash Will Be ‘Worse Than The Great Depression’

This headline comes from the NY Post. Apparently, the “experts” think the next crash is going to be worse than the “Great Depression“.  Well, these guys must be really bright, I mean they are great at pointing out the obvious. We have been talking about this subject for years, when all the “experts” said the system was fixed and stable.

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Europe’s New Copyright Law Could Change The Entire Web

You remember GDPR right?

Maybe not, no one really said much about it, though it was far reaching. It is a European Union law that “protects the privacy” of European users, yet, it impacted the entire web. This is why you see privacy statements all over websites these days, to comply or be sued.

Why is a European Union law handcuffing the rest of the world?…

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Remember What Shopify Did? I Contacted Them And This Is What They Said

UPDATE: 8-27-2018

I encourage our readers to take action by alerting their family and friends to this alarming news.

Just four days ago we posted an article titled, “Shopify Targets Law-Abiding Firearm Businesses“. The article explains Shopify is now banning the sale of firearms and firearm accessories on their hosting network. In case you forgot, Shopify will host a website and all the essentials to run an online business.

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Historic US Peace Summit: North Korea Agrees To Denuclearize

US President Donald Trump and North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un signed a historic peace agreement between the two nations at yesterday’s Singapore Summit. President Trump stated the agreement is very vast and promised more details will be released as the days wear on.

The biggest agenda item was that North Korea has agreed to ‘completely denuclearize’ the Korean Peninsula.

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Prophecy: Bibi Says ‘Conclusive Proof’ Iran Lied About Its Nuclear Weapons Program

Iran Lied, Bibi - Haaretz

Iran Lied, Bibi – Haaretz

Benjamin Natenyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister brings us yet another “proof” concerning Iran. This time, Bibi has ‘conclusive proof‘ that Iran lied about their nuclear weapons program.  He explains,

“Tonight I’m here to tell you one thing. Iran lied, big time.” – Haaretz

Bibi continues,

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Teenagers Risk Their Lives Buying ‘DIY Trans’ Drugs, What Does God Think?


Teenagers Risk Their Lives Buying ‘DIY Trans’ Hormones, What Does God Think?

The DailyMail has an article on the subject of DIY transexual changes. They explain, “school children who want to change sex are risking their lives by buying illegal hormone drugs online” in order to change their gender. In order to “transition” from male to female and vise versa.

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Peace With North Korea Could Be A Reality, What Does the Bible Say?

North Korea Peace

Is peace with North Korea a possibility, what does the Bible say?

If you are a student of Bible prophecy, the last few weeks have been pretty interesting for you. First, Syria including their capital of Damascus was directly attacked by US and allied forces which brings Isaiah 17 to our mind.

Then we saw the video of US National Security Advisor John Bolton stating (with respect to Iran), “the only solution is to change the regime itself. And that’s why, before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran!

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John Bolton Promises Regime Change In Iran Before 2019

US National Security Advisor John Bolton

US National Security Advisor John Bolton – Wikipedia

If you do recognize the name, John Bolton is US President Donald Trump’s new National Security Advisor. Back in 2005, Bolton served in George Bush’s cabinet as the Ambassador to the United Nations. The first time I ever heard Bolton speak, it was clear, he is a warmonger who would love nothing more than to destroy the regime in Iran. That has been his mission and goal for at least 10 years now.

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US, UK, France Launch Strikes On Syria, Damascus Residents Protest

Missile Fire Over Damascus Syria

The Damascus sky lights up with surface-to-air missile fire as a U.S.-led attack targeted different parts of the Syrian capital early Saturday, April 14, 2018.

Just hours ago, the United States, Britain and France launched a coordinated military strike against the sovereign nation of Syria. These strikes were ordered by US President Donald Trump over the “suspected use” of chemical weapons by the Syrian President (Basher Assad).

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