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Are Biblical Plagues Really Unfolding?

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Are Biblical Plagues Really Unfolding?

Are Biblical Plagues Really Unfolding?

I try to be a voice of reason when I see insanity take hold. Often times, when we see global events take shape that remind us of our perception of Biblical events, we latch on and do not let go. We have to be careful with that, and with what we accept into our belief structure.

Just because something bad happens in the world does not mean it is a Biblical event unfolding.

Unfortunately, when people in general acquire a belief, no matter what it is, they will do anything to ensure they always confirm that belief.

Whatever news may come along that validates their belief, they automatically attach it to their belief structure without question. This helps to validate their belief system overall, though most people probably do not even realize they are doing it.

In reality, all this does is leave us in confusion.

Just as you should question any Biblical doctrine that comes along, you should also question any perceived sign that you witness or are told about. I encourage you to apply this line of thinking to every aspect of your life.

Biblical Plagues?

I glossed over an article this morning that talked about plagues hitting the earth right now. I think people are either running out of things to write about, or are far too anxious for the Return of Jesus Christ. By the way, the Bible tells us not to be anxious for anything, (Philippians 4:6-7).

The author of the article explained some of the plagues included;

  1. A record wind gust in California.
  2. A flu strain that killed 44 birds.
  3. The swine flu that killed 13 people in Taiwan.

There were other events including the Coronavirus which is now declining, but that was never mentioned.

Christians Should Remain Calm And Focused

Look, I am not picking on anyone here okay?

I have just been around the block a few times. I have seen this sort of thing over and over again. These are not signs. Even if they were, ensure you receive Biblical documentation for the sign being given. Otherwise, it is just fear and hype.

That may not be the intention of the writer, but the results are the same. The readers are placed into a state of fear and false confirmation of their beliefs. These events will blow over, everyone will forget about it, and no one will be the wiser. The reader does not benefit, if anything, some will begin to doubt their Christian faith.

Our job as Christians is not to spread fear. Our job is to share the Bible with the world. To uplift and encourage people.

Remember, our Devotion from yesterday, The Conversion Of A Buddhist Family?

My friend’s wife told us during our conversation, she had a favorable view of Christians from her youth as they helped her family when she was very young. These Christians were always outgoing and kind to them. That left a lasting impression that helped with their family conversion.

One more thought along these lines. If all you do your entire life is blab on about so called signs that never materialize into anything…

What good works do you have to present to God?

Putting Signs In Perspective

When real signs appear, we should point them out. But a couple of earthquakes, volcanoes, and flu outbreaks are hardly signs. I have heard of record earthquakes and volcanos since my early 20s. The world is a big place, a record is always being set somewhere. I remember back in 2004 when Indonesia suffered a massive Tsunami that killed over 200,000 people!

So just relax alright?

Unfortunately, many people who claim to understand the Bible and its signs really have little to no understanding of it at all. I sincerely mean no offense. Yet, I cannot allow false teaching to spread into our audience.

There are certainly signs out there, and combined together they are very interesting and show how bad the state of our world is and has become. Our world is so connected today that a virus outbreak in one country is causing problems with the global financial markets. But do not get carried away with this either.

Understand Biblical Events To Understand Signs

In order to understand signs, you have to understand Biblical events.

If the Tribulation is really going to transpire on our watch, you have to know how the Tribulation goes down. You have to know what events take shape that bring the Tribulation about.

That is why I penned The Timeline of the Tribulation that is freely available. We cover all of the details, and grasshoppers and volcanos are not apart of the study. But rather real Biblical events that will take hold on the earth.

When people tell you about earthquakes and volcanoes and call it a sign, they really have no Biblical understanding. Yes, we all know those are apart of signs, but you cannot pinpoint an earthquake here or there to Matthew 24 okay?

The Bible is far more in depth than that, so understand the events and then you will understand the signs.


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  1. Carol gonzalez

    March 1, 2020 at 1:36 PM

    jesus said that it would be like birth pangs. Getting closer together and harder . I see the worlds fires, viruses, decline in morality extremely increased in the last several years. To the point that you are bad if you don’t support abortion, same
    Sex marriage , transvestites, taking prayer out schools. now the politicians are mentioning peace in a lot of the problem areas in the world in their negotiations. Especially in the middle eAst. Jesus said you will always have wars and rumors of wars when you hear peace look up Also the economy is globally connected now. Earthquakes and volcanoes. Set off earthquakes, tsunamis in other areas. As we see when a catastrophe or a virus hits.Sure looks like Matthew 24 to me. Ch 6 it is definitely the beginning of sorrows. 24:15. Tells us when the abomination of desolation stands in the holy place and references daniel 8. I do agree we. Can’t run around saying this is plague about everything . But we are told to watch But we can say each time a virus comes they are larger in numbers than the ones before. And the same with the fires. Look at paradise in calif, then Australia The hurricanes . actually the secular world and the news mentions many of the disasters as apocalyptic.

    • Morning Carol. I like where you dial down the thought by saying, you “can’t run around saying this is plague about everything”.

      That is the point here. I firmly believe we live in the last days and have spent 10 years writing about it on this site. However, that does not mean this virus or the locusts are a sign of it, or pending doom issued by God. We have real prophecy that must unfold, and literal grasshoppers are not apart of it.

      One thing to remember, we have always had disasters. Earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, tsunamis, etc. I do believe these things are increasing and science agrees with that. We also have to remember mankind’s footprint on earth is increasing which means we are more susceptible and factor in instant communication which reports on just about anything these days.

      Not to downplay this, but at the same time I want to make sure we are not overplaying it as well. I have seen that lead to broken faith in Christians over the years and I want no part of that.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. I agree with your assessment in this articular. But the Evil portrayed toward or current administration is palpable. And watching his supporters being attacked at various rallies, seems evil is becoming more brazen. Seeing the youth supporting socialist candidates is pointing towards Godless schools. All of this plus killing not only the unborn but letting the newborn die! The immoral sexual deviance! This has to be an indication we are working towards the end days.

    • I am with you Wendell, I truly believe we live in the last days. If I did not believe that, I would not have this blog and I certainly would not have spent time penning so many Bible studies related to the Tribulation. Hopefully, we are closing in on that day, then the suffering for so many around the world will cease.

      The things you pointed out are not only happening in our nation, but around the world. For me, that is very, very telling. This is a global thing, and we are certainly seeing events against God unfold globally.

      Thanks for the note.

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