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Banned: “Plandemic” Sheds Light On Health Industry

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Banned: "Plandemic" Sheds Light On Health Industry
Banned: “Plandemic” Sheds Light On Health Industry

This is a very important video for you to watch. Plandemic is a documentary about doctor Judy Mikovits. It is scheduled for full release in the summer, but right now you can watch the vignette, a shorter version.

Note: Decide for yourself as always. I did research before posting this, and explain why I posted it below. The mainstream media is trying to smear this. Here is an article by NPR. They even cited “Snopes” as if that’s a real source of information. Fauci denies sending an email, sort of like Clinton and her email server.

The very best video can be found here: Banned: Real Doctors With Real Facts About COVID-19.

Last night, I received an email from a concerned reader. They stated, ‘the video covers a lot of what you have been discussing on your site’. I recognized the name “Plandemic”, but did not watch it until last night.

After watching the video, I debated posting the video at all.


Portions of the video are a bit vague and leave the viewer wondering the importance of details concerning the doctor’s research paper, and AIDs work. I wish it was laid out a bit better, maybe the full-length documentary will be.

However, there is good information here if you can look past that.

When I woke up this morning I had another email in my inbox with a link to the video. I thought, surly it must be banned by now, and it was. YouTube had taken down the video.


It broke their community guidelines which state anything that speaks against the World Health Organization will be removed. Of course, this decree came down from the CEO of YouTube.

Now if you go to the homepage of Plandemic Movie, they had the documentary on their site hosted from Vimeo.

That has now been removed as well.

Due to that, due to their banning we are going to share it with you. They cannot continue to ban this information. Banning this information only shows how much they do not want any truth getting out.

Banning material should only unite more of us. I encourage you all to go out and find alternatives to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. They exist, and here is an alternative to YouTube where the video remains…

You can document some of the material in this documentary in various links on our site. Some of which are:

Where will it all lead us… Quite possibly…


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  1. I tried to watch the video this morning but it had a square frown face and said “ unexpectedly closed the connection.” Is there any way that I can still see it?

  2. I also would like to say,I won’t be tested for the covid nor will I accept the vaccine

  3. I watched this video last night, and sometime between then and the morning the video was taken off of YouTube from the source I watched it from (not surprising). The video was is so informative . My prayers are with those doctors that are standing up. Matthew 10:28 comes to mind , we have no need to fear “them”. Thank you for working so hard Brandon , this website is very helpful.

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