WEB Notes: Coming from a country that has a social credit system, this should not be a surprise. This is why the American people should avoid the Trump promoted contact tracing program. Once we go down that road, we will lose even more freedom and privacy.

Restaurants and malls are open, but to enter, customers have to activate a health code on their smartphones. The code tracks their movements and determines whether they have been to any risky places. Only those with green codes are allowed in. Many offices insist on green codes, too. A red code, or even an amber one, is the scarlet letter of 2020.

You can have concerns about privacy, or you can have a functioning life. You can’t have both.

Security guards with temperature guns man the gates at supermarkets and residential compounds, pointing them at the wrists of every person who wants to enter. This is largely a formality, as the reading often does not reflect reality. This reporter has recorded temperatures in the low 80s on several occasions, yet was alive enough to walk through the gate.

Source: Chron

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