Update: We are seeing some progress in Minneapolis finally. This needs to be done in the other cities via the National Guard.

Obviously the National Guard has been told not to use force against these thugs, otherwise, the riots would not continue and spread as they are. These riots are being sponsored and coordinated. These rioters are people who walk among us every day and they hate America.

Watch this man get booed and assaulted for holding up an AMERICAN FLAG just outside the White House.

These people are a product of generations of brainwashing. We have enabled this by conforming to every ideology under the sun. We conformed our politics, Christianity and our way of life for others. Now this grand experiment has failed.

Watch this vermin coordinate the setup of barricades. It appears as if he pays the thug for his compliance in breaking the law.

According to the Daily Mail, this man was trying to defend his business and was quickly overcome.

Two lessons here.

  1. Never approach a violent crowd. You cannot talk sense to people in that frame of mind.
  2. Ensure your weapon is capable of defending your family, and never place them in harms way.

The next point I would like to make. In all the videos I have watched I continue to see rock, brick or some other large heavy debris be through into windows, at cars, and people like the man in the video above.

After I saw this video this morning I asked out loud, where are they getting rocks like that? Cities do not have rocks or brick just sitting around like that.

Then I stumbled across this video.

We cannot see much from the video, only what these two young men explain. However, you can tell there is no construction there, and the bricks are set away from the building and toward the street. If this is not a clear setup, and a source of rocks and bricks, then I do not know what it.

It is within the rights of the states to use the National Guard, but they are not using them. Having the National Guard present is not prevention for the crisis our nation now faces.

The National Guard needs the authority to disperse the crowds, period. Why are they not at least using water canons? These are not protests, these are riots, coordinated riots to destroy our way of life. Our government is proving to be a part of this grand scheme by their failure to act. There is a slew of measures they could implement right this instant to stop this without more bloodshed.

We do not want Martial Law in this country, that would be illegal and it will certainly take away all of our rights. What we are witnessing is a coordinated event to continue the destruction of our nation and remove our rights.

Keep your families and friends in prayer, keep our nation in prayer. You are living through history. Unprecedented events are unfolding before your eyes. Do not fear, do not be depressed. These things must come to pass. With each unprecedented step, it means we are that much closer, we are almost Home.

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The Temple of Baal Comes To The United States

The United States escalated their march down the road of perversion after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of homosexual marriage last year. Continuing that march, now a replica of

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1 month ago

Blessings from Spain, we are with you!!