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Coronavirus Triggers First Fed Emergency Rate Cut Since 2008 Financial Crisis

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Coronavirus Triggers First Fed Emergency Rate Cut Since 2008 Financial Crisis

Coronavirus Triggers First Fed Emergency Rate Cut Since 2008 Financial Crisis

History has shown, emergency rate cuts like this, means days of doom are ahead. We all know what happened in 2008 after the Fed rate cut…

Economic collapse.

In the years since 2008, we have been told there is little central banks can do to stop the next crash. It has been repeated, over and over again, by design.

Central Banks Cannot Save Us

Then I found this article today, Central banks have ‘far less ammunition’ to save the global economy from coronavirus. Notice, “global economy“.

There is always an excuse, there is always a reason to explain there is nothing they can do.

We have talked about this for years now. How one day, the world’s economic system will collapse and they will say,

Hey, we tried everything we could, but we’re just busted.

This Leads To Globalism

We have said that would lead to a new global order. Not entirly due to the economy, but that is what drives our world. That is why you get up and go to work, to make a buck and buy bread.

Are we there?

I don’t know. None of us do. We can guess, but it will not help. All we can do is track the clues. We know what the end result will be, the Bible told us a one world order will take shape, and we continue to see signs of that no matter the excuse given, (see: The Timeline of the Tribulation).

How is the question. So we watch.

Negative Interest Rates

Another article I found, Fed’s emergency cut was ‘psychologically important’, may herald negative rates. This one explains negative interest rates are around the corner.

As for this rate cut itself, it means the new benchmark is 1% and 1.25%. Not much more to go before we hit 0…

Depending on how they introduce negative rates in our country, it could even affect your bank account. I think that is the goal, to continue to take from the people until there is nothing left to take. Then we are more desperate and willing to accept a new global order.

Bonds At Record Low

Speaking of debt and global order, here is another…

Bonds are investment tools, and they also fund nations. So for the first time in a very long time the return on investment is under 1%. Again, closing in on zero and what comes after zero, negative rates. This is already happening in other nations. We have reported on it over and over during the last two years at least.

Repo Loans Continue

Here is another one, Fed Sees Huge Demand for Repos; Tuesday Operations Total $120 Billion. Repos…

You remember those from back in Sept-Oct last year when the Federal Reserve had to bail out that market. Repo’s are interbank lending. So the banks do not have the funds to lend to one another which means they are bankrupt. So, the Federal Reserve bails them out and keeps the system churning along.

You see, since the collapse of 2008 nothing was really fixed. All they did was lower rates and pump the market with funny money, fake money okay. Digitally created.

Digital Money

Speaking of digital. They are now telling us cash is bad due to the coronavirus and encouraging people to use digital payment methods instead.

No one is surprised I hope. Read the link for more details and notes.

A Coronavirus Collapse

Alright, so they do not need much of a reason to collapse the global markets at this point. When I say they, I am talking about the children of Satan, the Kenites. Do not be a fool. This coronavirus is a scare to get the people to freak out and give up more control.

As I have said, hopefully this blows over, but it is not looking like it.

Instead, I see the signs for a big shift… All we can do is watch and alert one another to the reality of the situation. Stay strong in the Lord my friends.

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