Since we are both tired of COVID-19 news, how about we lump it all into one article to make the news quick today? Let’s go!

Chile Virus Cases Soar As Soldiers Deploy Following Unrest

There is unrest as Chile is shut down. People are protesting as there are REAL food shortages, (unlike the fake shortages we heard about in the U.S.) and job losses. Nevertheless, Chile has deployed soldiers in armored vehicles with automatic weapons into the streets. Sounds friendly.

Quarantine And A Monitoring Bracelet For Hong Kong Returnees

Since late March, Hong Kong residents returning from trips are required to quarantine in their homes for two weeks with an electronic id bracelet. Government also conducts random checks to make sure people are complying.

Speaking of Hong Kong…

China Signals Plan To Take Full Control Of Hong Kong

Remember all those protests by the people of Hong Kong to secure what little freedom they have? The Communist Chinese are saying enough is enough, and they seek to change the “system that has allowed the territory to enjoy a level of autonomy for the past 23 years.”

Speaking of China…

U.S. Accepting Flights From China And Europe

Data from shows in the last two weeks international flights to Newark Liberty Airport and John F. Kennedy Airport have arrived from China, South Korea, and much of Europe, including the United Kingdom and Italy.


So the United States will allow flights into our country from all over the world, including China where the outbreak started they claim…

But the Canadian border stays shut for day to day travel.

Am I missing something here?

38.6 Million Americans Now Unemployed

My question, if states are starting to open up, why do the unemployment numbers keep going up?

Obvious answer. Companies are closing and/or have to lay off due to the manufactured crisis created by the government and mainstream media.

This is not going away.

We also saw home mortgage delinquencies soar by the most on record in April. Add to that, millions of American’s have now skipped credit card, and car payments.

India Faces A Major Economic Catastrophe

In candid and outspoken remarks, Rajan, who is also a former chief economic advisor to the government of India and former chief economist of the IMF, said the threat to India’s economic prospects was such that the government must consult the best talent in the country and not worry about who is across the political aisle. He said the situation could get very ugly and it cannot all be handled by the PMO.



Only a manufactured crisis could affect the entire world. Only in a manufactured crisis would the world respond in the exact same manner. Then we have the COVID-19 numbers which do not represent the response of governments. People are not dropping dead by the millions, not even globally.

Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death.
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1 month ago

Hello Brandon, I would like to add to your comment regarding unemployment to help your readers. Let’s not forget the CARES Act allowed for an extra $600 per week of unemployment benefits through July 31. The HEROES Act (if passed) will extend this to January 2021. Here in Maryland unemployment was capped at $430 per week pre-COVID. Add $600 to that and you have $1030 per week. I know several people who were only making $400-$500 per week that are now making $1030 for doing nothing. What incentive to they have to return to work? The unemployment rates should continue to rise IMO. I’ll tell ya, they thought of everything.
One more fact to remember, unemployment taxes are paid by the employers. These tax rates will more than likely skyrocket over the next couple years to replenish the coffers.