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The Division Of A Nation Escalates

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asphalt crack fissure divide

Without a doubt, we have an enormous and escalated agenda taking place in our nation. We touched on it two days ago in this post. I know nothing about the Daily Stormer and never heard of them until a few days ago.

Yet, that site has been banned by Facebook, Twitter, GoDaddy, Google and now Cloudflare who once said they will defend anyone. You better wake up people. The hour is growing very late. This is not about so called “white power“…

This is about thought control. Controlling your mind, controlling what you think and believe and controlling the entire publics perception of an event. This is in fact more division of our nation as we have been talking about for years. The division simply takes on new faces and shapes as time marches on.

So let us go with the whole notion that the website in question is completely racist.

Did they kill anyone? No.

Did they promote terror? No.

Alright then. Does that make them good guys? Absolutely not! God created all people and said His creation was very good (Genesis 1:24-31).

However… It is a fact, from the mainstream media’s own mouth ISIS and other terrorist groups not only have websites, but they use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube among other social media platforms to spread their messages of death.

Are you beginning to see the picture here?

We know ISIS is a creation of the US and their allies, it is a part of globalism, one of the globalists tools used to bring about regime change. Change in nations who are not inline with the globalists.

So if “ISIS” can still be hosted (have a website) and allowed to have social media accounts when they promote terror, cause economic damage and murder innocent souls, why is a racist site banned?

You do not need to visit a site if you do not want too. So that fixes the problem right there. If you do not like the content of a website close the browser window, done.

The fact of the matter is it has nothing to do with that. This cyberwar against “racism” has to do with control and division of the people. Controlling your mind and thoughts on a subject.

Suddenly out of nowhere we have monuments of historical significance in our nation removed and destroyed. That was never a thought 10 years ago, but today it is and the actions have already taken place.

We used ISIS as an example above as they are allowed to continue promoting hate, terror and death as the globalists need an enemy to fight against and ISIS is that enemy which is being used as a proxy front for the US (globalists). They are being used as the reason to invade nations like Syria.

You have to open up your eyes to see what is transpiring around you and ask questions. Why is it okay to ban a racist site, but not ban ISIS? Millions of lives have been lost in the so called “war on terror“; innocent civilians murdered, your sons and daughters killed in combat and billions of tax payer dollars wasted and used to bring forward the globalist agenda.

Why is the media not concerned about that and why are these racist and left/right groups not concerned with that?

Simply put, we have a coordinated effort being put together to pit different groups of people against one another. Are racists even involved or is that an entire lie used to stir the pot? We will never know for sure, we just see it all unfolding. When the people are dividing they cannot stand together (Mark 3:25).

This is an example for us in these end times. How wise are you? Can you see through the lies and deception?

The division we are witnessing in our nation is nothing compared to the division that will split the world when Satan makes his appearance.

Fill up your lamps my friends.

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  1. Right On Donald Trump. Finally, maybe we can defeat these terrorists. You actually get it. What a concept.

  2. The FCC should shut down any of those monopolies who ban free speech as so called hate speech and they have already proved to be fake news by way of Wikileaks.

  3. Obama 4 Soros 4 Zionists are at the helm, insuring the spread of hatred and violence. Were that influence to disappear the problem would dissolve overnight.

  4. “But I do slave myself and am deprived of my tax dollars for a large portion of the year each year to support a welfare system so that others of various colors can sit and demand more of me while mocking me for being a white, straight male and all the while they are doing no work themselves other than the Devils work.”

    Amen, Jay! Thank you so much for putting into into words what I and, I’m sure, many others feel.

    The welfare state is now the chosen “career path” for many low-info, uneducated white people, POC and illegal immigrants. Its slavery – a government sponsored “breeding program!”

    The anger and hatred I’ve been harboring is sickening and quite toxic. To heal my heart and soul, I’ve chosen to no longer “participate” in the K people’s “mind games!”

    Their time and welcome (expelled from 139 countries in the last 2000 years) is running out. They can’t wait for “daddy” to finally show up and finish their “doomed from the start” plan for world dominance!

    I pray and meditate each day on the fact that “everything is going according to our Father’s plan.” I take comfort in knowing that He is and always has been in control. He will NEVER leave us in our time of sorrow.” Thy kingdom come, they WILL BE DONE. On earth as it is in heaven.”

    I apologize if I’ve said too much, Brandon. Feel free to edit or not post my comment. I will totally understand your reasoning!

  5. Well, everybody’s got their jimmies all rustled over this, don’t they? Just what those K’s love. I heard black activists calling into local talk radio, as well as Sons of Confederate Veterans members. And all I could think was, “Father, thank you for eyes to see, and ears to hear”. Both sides present good arguements, but they don’t see the underlying reason it all happened to begin with…both sides are willing puppets of those who wish to divide us. Going back hundreds of years, it’s my contention that the white and black races would have no problem whatsoever peacefully co-existing were it not for the Kenite agitation of the most ignorant members of both. This world has been teetering on the edge of full-fledged chaos for some time now…I say bring it on. That much closer to our King returning and restoring order.

    • Your are a level headed guy. I know there would be no problems with the races getting along if it were not for the Ks. They drive and create hatred. I have friends of all shapes, sizes and colors and many who study and visit this site fit that bill as well. Why? God’s Word is for everyone!

      Like you said Jack, bring on the show.

  6. Dear Senator Boozman,
    As I watch our country descending into the beginnings of what could be another civil war over every issue imaginable, I am reminded of the verse in Psalms where David asks,”If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?” Since most of the previous civil war statues and founding father history have been eradicated from public education by the NEA, I really don’t have much historical knowledge of what these statues that are being torn down mean, stand for or represent. And I certainly don’t have any interest in joining the KKK. But when I look at the communists, the anarchists, the homosexuals, the feminists and the host of other enemies of the truth who seem to be in favor pulling down American historical sights including stone engravings of Gods Commandments, I have to conclude that these statues they are tearing down must represent something that is excellent about America’s past, otherwise America’s enemies wouldn’t be trying to destroy them.

    Maybe my generation is just so watered down that no one is willing to fight for the truth any longer, or maybe this is all just the natural death that nations die when they become publicly hostile to Gods Word and Gods ways. Or maybe it’s just Communists and globalists running the news media who want a civil war. But either way, I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts with you on this issue.

    Just for the record, I have never owned a slave, black or white. My Dad never owned any black slaves and as far as I know, my Grand Dad never owned any either. But I do slave myself and am deprived of my tax dollars for a large portion of the year each year to support a welfare system so that others of various colors can sit and demand more of me while mocking me for being a white, straight male and all the while they are doing no work themselves other than the Devils work.

    Those are just some of my thoughts Senator Boozman.

    Jay Cole

    Sent from my iPad

  7. God First
    Family 2nd
    Community 3rd
    Country 4th
    Self LAST!

    If everyone kept their priorities in this order, we wouldn’t have our current crisis…and even if we did, it would never have risen to the level it is currently at.

    No Government in the long history of Humanity has EVER passed the test of Time. They rise, fall and crumble into dust…dragging their societies with them as they go. Maybe it’s just our time.

    It is certainly past time to focus on something more enduring than Government. God, and your immortal souls, endure forever. YOU get to decide in what condition you will spend eternity. That should be your focus today and every day that follows.

  8. Farmer John Maine

    August 17, 2017 at 6:45 AM

    Well said…people have stopped thinking critically and I feel that the country will not come together as the programming is too strong for them to fight and they don’t want to repent.

    If you mention this you get destroyed by the pack.

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