Don't Get Caught Up In The Hype

You ever notice how people, all of us tend to get wound up over things?

We all have our own beliefs, once something comes across our desk that aligns with our beliefs, boy we latch onto that puppy and just don’t let go! I’ve seen it time and time again with people.

They typically don't even fact-check it, they just chalk it up as fact.

As time goes on, the latest confirmation of our belief system...

It turns out, it was hocus-pocus.



A lie.

However, for the fishy that swallowed the hook...

Most either forget their newfound factoid is not true, or they never knew any better and tucked it away in their mind as fact.

Essentially, losing a tremendous learning and maturing opportunity.

Do you know why?

They remained stuck in their stale beliefs they thought were true, but never were.

Boy, talk about dangerous.

That is how a man stays in the dark uneducated.

A man never did himself any good by latching onto every little thing that came his direction.

A man never did any good by not reading and learning.

A man only did good when he challenged everything that came his direction.

A man only did good when he slowed his role and thought about things. When a man did a little more praying.

As my ol pal Brian used to say at work.

Slow down sparky, take a sip of coffee, then hit enter.

So go ahead, take a sip of coffee.

I’ll wait...

All right, so where am I going with this?

Where else?

The grand world that is before us!

You got folks on the left and you got folks on the right. Then you have subsets of these groups.

The looney left tells us, if you don’t get vaxxed you’ll die!!!

As they remove their mask to take a drag of their cigarette.

I have news for everyone, we are all going to die one day, unless Christ Returns.

Then the wacky right tells us, if you get the vax you’ll die!!!

As they take another sip of their Q flavored Kool-Aid.

I mean seriously folks.

They are all telling us the same darn thing, just in different ways. It’s like no matter what we do, we cannot win.

So who are these people and what’s their deal?

  • They are your family and friends.
  • They are your next-door neighbors.
  • They are the guy you just passed in the store.

They are people all over the globe, you might even be one of them.


This reminds me...

Rewind your thoughts to the top of this article.

“I know a guy,” a good guy.

Back in the Spring of 2020 when this COVID thing started unfolding, he was convinced this was the end. You know, like the Biblical end. He said, there is going to be imminent Martial Law in this country.

I wasn’t convinced.

He said, “Well, you let me know when you’re ready to get onboard.”

I will never forget those words.

I might have even needed those words. They actually made me stop, take a sip of coffee, and back away for a second. Long enough, that it gave me more time to think things through, rather than making what I felt would be a drastic frame of mind change or decision.

I mean, when fear, doom, and gloom surround us like that. It’s easy to think the worst.

Well, here we are, no Martial Law.

These days, unfortunately many people think these vaccines were purposely designed to kill billions of people. As in a purposely designed and crafted plot to murder most of the people on earth.

That’s not going to happen either, it’s not in Scripture.

Just watch.

In fact, Dr. McCullough just said, the feared ‘spike protein is gone from the body in 15 months’ without further vaccination. The CDC just admitted J&J is the clot shot and a Denmark study confirms there is heart risk in the Moderna shot.

So are these by design or flaws?

Flaws I say, as with most vaccines in my opinion.

If they were by design, then why did the conspirators allow this to leak out?

Nevertheless, a mass murder vax conspiracy is the latest thing to come across your desk. It sort of fits in with what you believe, so what are you going to do?

Bite the hook?


Sure the globalists in power, the greenies want a global population under 500 million. I went and saw the stone myself.

But is biting that hook going to benefit you in anyway?

What do you gain by believing that, I suppose it’s just how conspiracies go. It gives some people a shot of dopamine, or something to look forward to. Something they know, that the sheep don't.

As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

By the way, why not just poison the water hole?

  • Why unleash a whole flu-like virus scheme, raising awareness to a sinister plot, and then demand people get jabbed?
  • Why raise an alarm when you could just poison the yearly flu vaccine?

You do realize, about the same amount of people who have received the COVID jab, receive the annual flu vaccine?

And I thought all those chemtrails were going to kill us, now it’s the blasted jabs!

So do you see my point yet?

It’s always something or someone that’s gonna getcha!

“I don’t have time for fairy tales kid!”

Who said it? Bonus trivia!

So... Is the world a rotten place, absolutely.

Is Satan the god of this world, sure enough, (2 Corinthians 4:4).

However, just relax, take a sip of coffee this morning, and think about these things.

Are you not a child of the Living God, (Matthew 22:32)?

What exactly are you fearing then?

Why play into the next con that comes around?

Sure enough, I feel we are moving into the New World Order.

It’s even playing out before our eyes.

However, what am I supposed to do?

Cry like a little girl...

Scream and yell doom?

For what reason?

Do you benefit, does God benefit?

Nope, not a chance.

Instead, I’m polishing up my spiritual armor for another day of battle, (Ephesians 6:10-20).

Just like my pal Ken.

I wonder what you’re going to do?

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