How About A Dose Of Reality?

Today, we are going to touch on various subjects floating in the news. We are also going to self-reflect, say God and Jesus, and talk about this mixed-up world we call home.

It’s going to be a crazy post, don’t say you weren’t warned!

A Fractured World

So here's some breaking news...

The world is extremely fractured. Left verse right, right verse left.

I really don’t care what country you live in.

This COVID nonsense has fractured families, friends, and citizens from their government.

That’s an interesting thought.

In fact, I keep seeing these sort of headlines in the United States, How close is America to a new civil war?

Just the other day, Texas Governor Abbot told his National Guard, Biden is not your commander-in-chief.

I mean, when have we ever heard things like this in the past?

Let’s go Abbot I say...

Let’s Go Brandon

Oh yes, that reminds me of our dear President.

He’s become so famous, people chant Let’s Go Brandon!

We all know where the saying originated, from NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. I saw a piece the other day that said he was having a tough time getting sponsors because of the stigma.

Unbelievable I thought.

Then, he got a sponsor, It’s a crypto coin apparently.

The LGB stands for...

Let’s Go Brandon.

Well, NASCAR decided to ban the car.

They didn’t want to get “political”.

However, that didn’t stop them from allowing the Black Lives Matter car, did it?

So we have more division.

History Is Being Rewritten

That reminds me, every time I do a search, most of the videos displayed are always of black folks. Then when you visit a website, it’s way more than often black people modeling on the site.

I thought, did all the other races suddenly disappear on the planet?

Maybe it’s a conspiracy, maybe COVID got everyone but black folks.

That, or its political BS.

I’ll take political BS for 1,000 Alex.

Let me prove that point for you.

Go to Google or Bing and type in the following; (better yet, there’s the links)

Do you notice a problem?

Come on brothers and sisters in Christ of all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Look at those pictures.

That is blatant propaganda.

Searching “white couple” depicts more often than not, multi-racial couples, but searching “black couple” does not.

Searching “American white inventors” brings up loads of black inventors.

It’s actually comical.

No, this is not news to me, but it’s probably news to some of you.

So you see there is a huge, I mean huge information war raging in our world right now...

A lot of you are helping that along, more in a moment...

Banishing The Truth

That brings me to Ivermectin, you know, the drug that helps you beat illness, including COVID.

Good thing we don’t have sponsors, I might have just been banned. In fact, that’s exactly what Twitter did. They banned a Tweet about a scientific study showing Ivermectin reduced mortality by 68%.

So here’s the deal.

If you are supporting NASCAR and using Twitter, you are part of the problem!

If you are using Google, Facebook, YouTube, *insert lefty group here*, you are part of the problem!

You know folks, organizations have zero power, just like government.

They only have power when we grant it to them. We provide organizations with power when we buy and use their products and services. Then they can lord over us with their newfound control and the money that we provided them.

Some people don’t care, they just want to use a platform.

I have news for you, God cannot use people who help the enemy.

That’s exactly what you are doing, helping the enemy.

Oh, and don’t give me that I just use it to spread the “truth” line. Hell, most people wouldn’t know truth if it slapped them in the face. What is your truth is not my truth, and what is mine is not your’s.

So it’s all subjective.

So instead of playing word games, grow up already, and act like a man or woman of God.

The reality is, people are excuse-makers. You see, it’s easier to come up with some excuse, any excuse, if it means someone doesn't have to change their bad habits.

But I digress...

As corporations obtain power over us through our consent, government is the same way.

Read this,

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government

That comes from our Declaration of Independence.

Do you get it?

I don’t care what country you live in, that is a fact for every man and woman on earth. God did not create men to lord over one another. He created them for His pleasure, His enjoyment, and for us to live according to the Bible, (Revelation 4:11).

Now this power some exert over to us extents to everything in life.

Think of our education system today. It’s a mess, even more so in the liberal states. Our colleges are a disaster, all they teach kids is propaganda.

  • Climate change this...
  • LGBT that...
  • And God's not real.

Once we grow into adults, what do we do?

We turn on the tube to get our information.

My Lord people, that’s called mass brainwashing. Most of the world is infected by this today.

Mass Psychosis

In fact, another article I saw this morning said, the first case of “flurona” in LA.

I shook my head.

If you have “flurona”, that means you have influenza and COVID at the same time.

Now before you flip your wig, settle down.

Last year, the influenza disappeared, do you remember that?

Now rewind back to summer and the CDC admitted their PCR test could not differentiate between influenza and COVID. So that’s why the flu disappeared, it was just re-labeled as COVID. Your nation did the same darn thing.

We are all shocked, I know.

By the same token then, all these reports about “flurona” should be laughed to scorn. Apparently, the new tests can detect both illnesses.

Sure, sure.

In essence, it’s the same story as last year. People had “flurona”, but the officials didn’t know it. But hey, us little guys did right?

By the way, at the bottom of that fluona article it had this gem,

Editor's Note: The LA County Department of Public Health says it is not the first case of "flurona," but also that the department does not track or investigate individual cases of influenza.

Even the wacko lib LA government had to step in and say, ehh a bit much there boys.

All I have to say on this, is if you allow your government to lock you down again. Well then buddy, you get what you deserve.

I don’t mean to sound cold, but did you not read the quote from our Declaration of Independence?

I mean how much longer do you want this crap to go on for?

Look, there are some really rotten creepy people running the world. Hell bent on power and they want to tell you how to live. Yes, yes, it’s a part of global government. But that doesn’t give you an out. You always fight evil until your last breath.

Evil Leaders

This is what I am talking about,

That’s right, piss them off into compliance.

Oh Macron might want to cool his brakes. Lest he become like this Mexican Mayor I remember reading about.

How fast do you think mandates would stop if that happened in America, or your country?

It’s just an honest question.

Now to tie into Macron’s trash, was this gem that popped in my email box this morning.

It depicts a “COVID world map”.

Let’s see what it tells us.

Alright, alright.

So the darker the color, the more vaccinated the population.

If we listened to the MSM, Fauci, and the CDC, that means they will have low to no COVID infections, right?

Let’s see what the next picture says...

Woah Nelly!

The countries with the highest COVID infections just happen to be the nations with the highest vaccination rates.

My oh my, what does that tell us then?

In light of all of this, the CDC is now sayyyiiinngg...

If you have COVID, after your 5 day quarantine, you don’t need to test yourself.

So this goes inline with what I have been talking about lately. The world is moving away from COVID. CNN has had several articles lately where they are beginning to downplay it. It’s going to take some time to work through, but it really seems like this narrative has run it's course.

We can thank God for that, and we can and should thank a lot of the doctors who have come forward. These guys have put their careers on the line for stepping forward against this massive psychosis and lie we have been presented with.

One of the most noteworthy doctors is Dr. Malone. He and others have gone mainstream, simply meaning, their voices have become so loud, thanks to people like you, they have hit mainstream news.

This ties right into the words of Jesus Christ.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:32

Now the fact that some actual truth is becoming mainstream is a big victory for all of us. Yet, it also documents more division in our nation and around the world.

We really are reaching a breaking point.

In fact, it may be the economy that gives way this year.

Remember the Civil War articles I said I keep seeing?

Well, I also keep seeing articles like this, Will We Go From Pandemic to Recession?

In a way, I kind of feel we are up a certain creek without a paddle.

All the financial folks just don’t know if our inflation problem is going to be temporary or permanent.

Doesn’t that tell you monetary policy stinks to high heavens?

I mean come on.

It’s like you taking your car into the mechanic and he just starts replacing random parts hoping to fix the problem.

That’s where our economy is right now, not just the U.S., but the world’s economy.

It’s a crazy world, but it’s always been that way.

So in all of this folks, try and see through the fog of lies and deception.

Keep on keeping on, and keep your head up, looking up.

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