Fauci And Friends Are Sad Little Men

I don’t know about you, but each day, the headlines continue to amaze and amuse me.

I want to share a video with you today, but before we get there, let me share some headlines.

The government and mainstream media continue the COVID-19 scare with the Omicron variant. We have talked about this in detail.

Last night, this began to escalate, but then became a little deflated.

Omicron Escalation

This is what I am talking about:

Sounds dreary enough, yet, we have some bright spots.

Omicron Deescalation

Check these out.

We all said long ago, if enough people rebuff the vaccine mandates. Then the mandates would fall flat on their face.

Hey, there must be people to operate the infrastructure around us. If people refuse to comply, the infrastructure collapses.

Those in power certainly do not want that.

That’s where their power and wealth are derived.

So it seems more and more truth is beginning to leak out.

This is very refreshing.

By the way.

With all that said, it sure seems like more and more people are beginning to learn, COVID will be with us forever. It seems like the media is having a harder time covering up the lie at this point.

So it’s time to move on with life.

The more these creeps continue to press their wicked agenda on us, the more people will uncover the evil narrative. When that happens, I wouldn’t want to be anyone who pressed these “mandates” and vaccines on the people.


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