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Fauci: Lockdown To Continue Until No New Cases Of Coronavirus

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Fauci: Lockdown To Continue Until No New Cases Of Coronavirus

Fauci: Lockdown To Continue Until No New Cases Of Coronavirus

Now, this is one of President Trump’s doctors, one of the head doctors we see on TV these days. I am asking you to watch the 2-minute video below, listen to the media’s question, and Fauci’s response. It is better you hear it from him than I.

So the good doc is telling us the lockdown will remain in place until there are no new cases of Coronavirus. Now remember, this is the same guy who said the Coronavirus will probably become seasonal like the flu. By definition then, Fauci is telling us the lockdown may remain in effect until there is a vaccine, which I am sure many will run out and get. It is hard to imagine this going on that long, but this is the scare tactics we are dealing with here.

Fauci Endorses National Lockdown

Now the lockdown in place right now is actually only a recommendation by the Federal Government. Of course, that panic spread to the mainstream media who did their part to scare you, and the states have done their part as well. How easily men can be had. So the good doc adds insult to injury with the following quote,

“As you said, you know, the tension between ‘federal mandated’ versus ‘states rights’ to do what they want is something that I don’t want to get into,” Fauci said. “But if you look at what’s going on in this country, I just don’t understand why we’re not doing that. We really should be.” – Politico

This highly intelligent man wants the Federal Government to jackboot the states into implementing mandated lockdowns. This bright and educated man cannot seem to understand why we have states rights. He cannot understand why the Federal Government has limited powers, powers they often overstep. Instead, he wants the Federal Government to overstep and mandate an illegal federal lockdown of the country.

Fauci has been given front and center stage by your President to perpetuate a lie on the American people. Many of you might not be able to see through it, but it is there if you only ask questions.

Stop Playing Politics

Stop playing politics! This is not about left verse right.

When I went on the Fox News website, I could not find a peep about this.


It makes their party look bad, the Republican party. If you go to the liberal news, they are more than happy to cover the story for obvious reasons. That is why you must be vigilant when you read the news today, now more than ever. You have to look at both sides. While each side wants to cover for their people, they are more than willing to eat the other side alive to suit their own agenda.

Look, these people are not your friends. Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Liberal. If they were your friends they would not be implementing lockdowns at the Federal or State level. They would not implement lock downs over the low death count we are seeing from this virus.

In the U.S. 6,000 Americans have died due to Coronavirus, the seasonal flu has killed over 45,000. That is how you know you are being conned.

Wake up and smell the coffee already, it’s burning and so is our country. This nation, the United States is the last nation truly standing in the way of globalism, because of you, because of the American people. When this nation falls, so does the world, but hey, your politics are more important I suppose.

Here are some more politics for you, the White House will recommend face masks for all.

Are you still going to play politics?

I get it, people have to be in some group. It makes them feel good, it makes them feel like they are apart of something.

Well, I have news for you, Jesus Christ was not part of a group. He stood alone when He was chastised for your sins.

I am simply asking you to stop playing political and religious games. Some of you have prepped your entire life for events that are unfolding today, and yet you are veering off course. I have seen it, I have received personal letters of concern about it. Snap out of it, the time to stand up to the lies is today, this moment, this instant!

God is not sending a plague on the world, but He just might be sending delusion for those who are willing to accept a lie, (2 Thessalonians 2:11). Do not think you are immune.


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  1. Hey Brandon, If you string enough words together you can convince anybody of anything.This is what the serpent did in the garden.This is what is happening now.I really like the way you keep things simple.We need to keep repeating “look at the numbers”.Just my two cents.Satan hates the simple truth.Its our best weapon.

  2. The media in Australia is saying the govt is going to keep us all in escalating lockdown for at least 6 months. That is going to completely destroy our financial system. This is an illogical move,  it is not a feasible strategy in the short or long term. How people have not figured this out staggers me. Peoples lives are getting ruined and they are turning to the govt for monetary support. They’ve even said folk can access $20000 AUD of their superannuation (similar to your 401k). This is obviously a trap. It may be tempting but consider that for every dollar they take out of our wages to put into an individual superannuation account now, the govt contributes a dollar. So if you take the $20000 then half of that is govt monopoly money (fake money out of thin air)… ie. you will be partly to blame for this economic collapse. Don’t think they won’t hold you accountable and play the blame game on you. The sheer fact that there is no civil unrest going on to me means that the population have been completely mentally conditioned. I’m not even referencing the use of guns as we cannot buy them anymore in Australia. The fact is no one is resisting this self-isolation, no one is questioning the martial law we’re under, noone is querying the unprecedented govt powers that have been unleashed (and these will NOT be rolled back). It’s just remarkable where we’re at as a mass controlled population. Truly amazing.

  3. Hi Brandon,
    Excellent article! My family and friends have bought into the hype. I have not. I refuse to wear a face mask and gloves. I practice the same sanitation guidelines as pre-virus – wash my hands with soap and water when necessary. This hype has cost me and millions our livelihoods. I got a new job and was ready to start a few weeks ago. The start date keeps getting moved as the daily hype escalates. So much of this “pandemic “ makes no sense to me. When I point out flu statistics versus the coronavirus statistics, people get angry with me and defensive. Many of them are my Christian family and friends. In my opinion this is a boogeyman virus right out of an H.G. Wells novel. It’s disconcerting to see what’s going on. I’ve come to the realization that common sense is not so common.

    Father is on the throne and in control. This alone gives me solace. Despite the hype, I refuse to be suckered by illogical fear. I thank Him for wisdom and your ministry.

    • Faith thank you so much for your comment. Your line about sharing statistics with family is spot on, last night we had a little dose of that. Those kind of responses from people show you they cannot think, they are reacting. A thinking person might say you are crazy, but then they ask about the numbers. That’s a thinking person, we all know that.

      Sorry to hear about the job, just hold on, keep praying about it. If this is all headed where many think it is headed, we are in for some rough sailing. We might take on some water, but we will not sink. God promised us that.

      Hold onto these verses Faith.

      Psalms 57:1 To the chief Musician, Altaschith, Michtam of David, when he fled from Saul in the cave. Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee: yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast.

      2Co 4:8 We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;
      2Co 4:9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;

      Psalms 34:19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.

  4. I have been saying this for a year, But I am Crazy!! What can we do to stop this? At 1st President Trump knew it was fake/ then the turn around. People just won’t listen, they are gonna sit and do nothing, then it’s too late. Do we get everybody we know and they know and so on? I am willing to save my grand children freedom. South Carolina

    • Faith summed up some of this in the comments here. People are doing something, they are going along with the con. They have been fooled by the virus, should we live to see the Tribulation, Satan the worse virus in the universe will really have them fooled any many others.

      Rachel, what you can do is continue to educate people. Try, don’t argue with them. Tactfully explain what is going on. Slowly draw them in. Look, the plan of the globalists in motion, if this is leading up to the end of the Last Days, this is where God wants it to go. It’s in His Book. So our job in all of this is to share His Word until Christ Returns. So keep on sharing, tactfully, respectfully. That is how we win them.

      I can tell you people are pouring into this site looking for answers. That means people in your neighborhood, your family and friends also have those same answers. If this website helps you understand, then use it to help them. Use your mind to try and help them and above all ask God to help you with that. You just might win some, and those you don’t may remember what you said later down the road.

  5. Allow me to pick your brain Brandon T. Ward…

    First off, I know what the end goal of this thing is for the powers that be. You know me well enough to know I know that. But my question to you is Do you feel that this virus was released on purpose by men…not necessarily just in China, but with the scientific knowledge that it would spread the way it has to scare people? Or are they just taking advantage of something that happened organically?? Also, do you feel that common sense protection like wearing gloves and keeping a distance from people is silly? Truly would like your thoughts on these things.

    My thoughts are, however real or unreal this thing is….This is a warning to those with eyes to see….You now see for the first time in your lives how people act during a national emergency. And how do they act?? SELFISHLY!!!!! If you haven’t secured the provisions you will need for that 5 month period we all know is coming, it’s time to act! Of course if you don’t have the means to do that, take no worry…God will see you through if your heart and mind know the truth. HE will see you through. Never EVER have any doubt in that. Also, don’t panic! Many things still need to happen for the END to occur. You have time, but how much nobody really knows. Something of this scope doesn’t happen by accident so take heed. But always ALWAYS have faith in your Father YHVH! I don’t give a flying bat what the news media says…Your LIVING father is very much in control and as long as you are in HIS will, you’re gonna be fine folks. We come from sturdy stock….somewhat sottish stock, but sturdy nevertheless. Trust in your Father, seek his Will, do as he instructs you. God bless every one of you!

    • Hey Jack. It could have been released, however, for that to be the case I would have expected a high kill rate virus, that is not what we have here. This was an article we posted today, 99% Of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says. I mean that is right from the government of Italy, people need to pay attention.

      We know the Coronavirus is a common virus, the CDC told us that which I outlined in this comment the other day. So I think the virus has been around this entire time, Lysol has it on their label.


      Because it is a common virus.

      So the Coronavirus has been around, people have died from it for years. No problem, because the death rate is not that high. It kills similar to the flu so that is why we never heard about it before. Seriously, over 45k Americans have died of the seasonal flu, the Coronavirus has killed 6,000 Americans and we lock down the globe. Come on. That just stinks to high heavens. So we know there is more to the story here…

      However, the evil powers of this world were able to call such alarm over this virus is beyond me. As you said, it shows how well people respond to the crisis. They are herded like sheep, something the synagogue of Satan knew they could easily do. Think about the distractions, think about social media outlets, think about the conditioning that has been done, and then you have the shills!

      As for your last question.

      Well, I do not call it common sense. It has been drilled into our mind as common sense though. When people wear gloves, masks and all that, they are playing into the hype. Now the Trump Admin is recommending people wear masks. So more hype, it makes it look like a real crisis. The more they can do that, the more they can scare you into accepting whatever it is they are doing.

      Like what?

      Like locking you in your home and destroying your way of life, destroying everything you ever knew. Yeah, we seem to be headed that way, all we can do is watch. For the record, no one in my household wears gloves, or masks in public. Nor do we walk away from people. If anything I have walked toward some people just to see their reaction. Yeah, I can be that guy at times.

      I will say, older people are more susceptible to the virus, just like the seasonal flu. So many they might want to wear a mask or gloves. But if they decide to do it, you better go ahead and do it every single year from this day forward.

      Before I close this one, please bear with me…

      Here is the CDC’s updated page on seasonal flu deaths. If you average their numbers it comes out to 43,500 deaths as of today due to the seasonal flu. The Coronavirus has killed 7,400 people rounding up.

      The US Population is 330 million. So when we average these numbers out, this is what we have.

      .00013% of U.S. Population killed by Seasonal Flu
      .00002% of U.S. Population killed by Coronavirus

      There are the numbers, using the CDC’s own information. BY FAR the seasonal flu has killed more Americans than the Coronavirus. It is not even close. Further, let’s not forget this crisis happened when only 50 people perished in the U.S. that was the day Trump declared a national emergency. People just cannot believe such an evil thing has been perpetrated upon them and the world.

      I have to add more.

      There are reports the hospitals are loaded with people. I am sure this is true, why?

      The President was on national television in the beginning and said they are rolling out tests. He said, ‘We are making drive through tests for everyone. Go get tested.’ So people did. People are panicked, when they get the sniffles they go to the good doc and sure enough they just might test out for Coronavirus, Lysol has it on the label for a reason. ITS COMMON and the CDC said so as well.

      So because Coronavirus is now the devil, if you have Coronavirus its policy to be placed into the hospital, it is policy for people to be quarantined. So, of course, the hospitals are going to be loaded. Your President set the precedent.

      • As usual, you and I are mostly on the same page my friend. As I work in retail, I do wear gloves during this thing, but not a mask. It gives my customers a sense of safety. I’ve of course asked God for protection, but that’s not unusual at all for me. I ask for His protection all the time from many things. You’re guiding folks in the right direction, making them think. You and I have talked, we know what’s out there even from like-minded folks. For anyone new to this site, my reccomends are to stay off FB…focus your questions here. Brandon uses God’s Word, not CNN or MSNBC. Still, I know this thing has caused an interruption in our lives. Just hang in folks. Life will return to normal for awhile…But do learn the lessons Father would want us to learn during this time. Thanks Brandon!

      • Hey, everyone has different circumstances Jack. So just do what you feel is best, and most comfortable. You also have a job you need to keep, so keep it. You know what to do.

        I cracked up about your comment concerning Facebook. I can only imagine, you would not believe some of the “enlightened” individuals who reach out to us here, then again, maybe you would. Folks, all I can say is most internet forums and Facebook groups are a disaster. Concerned readers have reached out to me about this as well.


        Because they care.

        Lots of folks are being spiritually destroyed before the big show. Stay grounded in the Bible. I said the Bible, not this person’s opinion, and that person and Joe, Bob and Billy.

        You know why?

        Then you forgot about God, sort of like the first 37 chapters of Job.

  6. Good article and I especially like your input. It is ridiculous as anyone who studies or even looks over the numbers can see! 60 million US swine flu infections in 2009 and hardly a peep. I am very concerned for our personal freedoms; I’m not a criminal and yet I’m locked up like I’m on house arrest.

    • Susie, I am so glad you are asking questions and looking at the numbers. This is not hard to figure out as long as we ask questions and look at the numbers. It does not add up. Good job!

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