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Flashback: Parents Ordered To Vaccinate Children Or Face Jail

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What is happening in our world is only slightly new. There have been isolated cases, and reports long ago that many of us never knew about or long forgot. Back in 2007, a Maryland Circuit Judge ordered parents to vaccinate their children or face jail time.

Circuit Court Judge C. Philip Nichols ordered parents in a letter to appear at the courthouse yesterday and either get their children vaccinated on the spot or risk up to 10 days in jail. They could also provide proof of vaccination or an explanation for why their kids didn’t have them. –

As you read the rest of that article (also see NY Times), most of the report cites parents who were upset having to get out of bed and prove their kid already had shots. Yes, the American people are tough as nails.

Only one small voice was heard in objection, at the very end of the article.

“People should have a choice” in getting their children immunized, said Charles Frohman, representing a physicians’ group opposed to vaccines.

Not much has changed today, other than our resolve has become even less.


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