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George Soros: We’re In A ‘Revolutionary Moment’ Allowing Us To Achieve The ‘Inconceivable’

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Like Bill Gates and his vaccines, George Soros is a front man, a mouth piece for a much larger agenda.

Billionaire George Soros believes the Coronavirus Pandemic has paved the way for changes in society previously thought impossible. He called it, “the crisis of my lifetime” and went on to say,

“Even before the pandemic hit, I realized that we were in a revolutionary moment where what would be impossible or even inconceivable in normal times had become not only possible, but probably absolutely necessary,”

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Of course, Soros is talking about is implementing a new world order. The Bible clearly talks about this, you can read about it in Revelation 13. The Scarlet Beast is a government system, one that spans across time. In Revelation 17 you will read five kingdoms have fallen. That means, those are kingdoms from the past that no longer exist. One kingdom still stands, that would be the sixth kingdom that will one day receive the Deadly Wound.

There is no doubt about it, George Soros is a globalist pushing the global agenda, but he is not the root, just as Bill Gates is not the root. The enemy of the people is the cause called globalization and its ring leaders hide behind a curtain. Jesus told us about a group of people who would cause the world problems, He called them the synagogue of Satan.


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