Is The Global Economy About To Go Kersplat?

I have read a lot of expert economic-related articles lately. I even braved a few comments on a financial blog. There happen to be some actual investors in those places who aren't talking out the side of their neck.

Well, maybe they are, but at least they have some financial experience.

So here’s the deal.

Ah Change Is Ah Comin'

It seems no one, and I mean no one really knows what’s about to happen financially speaking. Some experts say everything’s going to be okay, some experts say doom draweth nigh.

As I write this, I bet some of you are thinking, what’s this in relation to?

Specifically, the Federal Reserve’s recent announcements about raising interest rates and scaling back their massive $9T balance sheet. This is known as “Quantitive Tightening” (QT, deflating the economy).

Yes, before it was “Quantitive Easing” (QE, inflating the economy), now tightening (QT).

As it turns out, inflation is not “transitory” as the wizards in power told us it would be. Everything is shooting up in price.

Well, gosh golly gee Pah. Who saw that coming?

Well Johnny, we did, and many others. In fact, even the wise wizards in power know what they are doing. I don't think they're stupid people. I think they are greedy vile people.

Case in point, several Federal Reserve heads are guilty of insider trading.

In fact, just yesterday Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Richard Clarida will be stepping down over his own insider trading allegations.

Stepping down?

As the ol Pace Picante commercials used to say, “Get a rope”!

So these dudes are crooks.

They rig the system for them and their ultra-rich pals who all rub elbows with our government officials and other leaders of the world. The same folks pushing this Great Reset crap on the rest of us.

So they artificially fix one crisis, which causes another crisis. We lose, they win.

You will notice, the Federal Reserve, nor the banks, nor the government, or megacorps ever suffer during these economic downturns. Instead, it’s you and I.

Nope, instead, these megacorps are bailed out as they are “too big to fail”. Yet, at the same time, we are told our system of Capitalism is supreme. Hey, if it were, why do these guys always get bailed out?

I thought the concept was, “let the market work”.


Recently it was the airlines, the same airlines who tell you to mask up or get off the plane.

The whole darn thing is a sham.


  • When there is a bailout, you pay for it through taxation.
  • When they print money, you pay for it through inflation.

In reality folks, what is and has happened in our nation and around the world is legalized theft.

You worketh thy butt off, they taketh the fruits of thy labor.

Now, where have I heard that before, (Deuteronomy 28:38-45, see: A Reminder From The Bible)?

So in my mind, there are three options in front of us.

3 Points Of Economic Pain

  1. The Federal Reserve does not raise rates, and continues to inflate the economy into oblivion.
  2. The Federal Reserve raises rates (according to plan) which scales back the economy and we go through yet another cycle.
  3. The Federal Reserve does the above, but the global economy spirals out of control. Think worse than 2008. In light of the last two years, we can envision a world working together like never before to bring about a more tight-knit world; ie: globalization in order to save the system.

Point 1 seems pretty unlikely, inflation is already out of hand. The private Federal Reserve and our Federal Government can only let that go so far before the people get their pitch forks.

Point 2 seems very likely when we look at things from a historical perspective. Already, due to the Federal Reserves' new QT policies, interest rates on a 30-year mortgage have jumped from 3.25% to 3.5% in a week. That brings negative pressure to the housing market among other things.

Point 2 is also likely when we look at the stock market as a whole. Many people are saying the market cannot drop 30%, certainly not 50%.

I think it can, and it probably will.

Check this out.

So look at that drop in 2020.

Right before the COVID collapse, the market was at 29,000, then dropped 30%. Since its low of 19,000 during the COVID collapse, the market has inflated to 36,000+.

You see, a lot of financial folk in the mainstream think it's unimaginable if the market drops 30% or more. I disagree, the market should not be where it is today. In fact, it wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for all the money printing.

That’s why the Federal Reserve will most likely follow through on some of their QT and rate hike policies. It’s going to bring pain, the mainstream media will make it sound like the Apocalypse, but just relax.

Now point 2 here would be your typical artificially created cycle we have always gone through.

But what if...

World History Is Altered

Point 3 is an outside shot, in the sense that it completely alters world history. Yet, the last two years have completely altered world history. Think of the censorship, doubt over elections, political chaos, authoritarianism over a virus with a 99.9% survival rate.

I’m not talking about a single nation, we have seen this all throughout the industrialized world. It has even been well thought out, (see: Rockefeller 'Future Scenario' Becomes Reality Of Coronavirus Pandemic).

You notice that?

The third world has not been affected as much, Africa comes to mind. These sorts of nations are essentially controlled by megacorps who mine away their resources and use the people for workers. The local governments have no problems with it, they get to be fat cats too.

Think of it as modern day slavery.

So in this scenario, the world does in fact, “Reset”.

A ruined global economy means, many nations must unify and create a new financial order, something we outlined in this article, The Planned Financial Collapse Of The World. It's important to have an understanding of the history in that one to understand my point here.

That’s really not outside the realm of possibility...

How far exactly would this bring globalism to our doorsteps is anyone’s guess. Don’t expect the Antichrist to show up, nope. I believe God is going to let us destroy ourselves quite a bit more before He decides it’s time to initiate the Tribulation.

Look at Biblical history.

I mean in Sodom there was only one family out of the entire city worth saving, (Genesis 19)! All those past Biblical examples are for us, as reminders of how the Last Days will unfold, (1 Corinthians 10:11).

Then recall Jesus’ words about the Days of Noah, (Matthew 24:37-39, see: Why Is One Taken And The Other Left In Matthew 24:40?).

How many people were saved from the flood that swept the people to their death?

A single family.

In fact, it’s always been few that stood by God.

Remember Thinning The Herd?

God thinned out Gideon’s army so they wouldn’t take credit for God’s Work.

When I look back at the abomination of the Supreme Court in 2015, look at how far south our world has gone since then. Yet, it took seven years to get to this point. It all takes time.

So my point to Christians, despite what’s about to happen...

Just relax.

Talk to God about it. Talk to God about your financial decisions. Never make decisions based on fear and hype. That’s how the big boys make out.

Go look at that chart again.

When the COVID collapse happened, guess who was selling at the bottom and who was buying at the bottom?

Your typical American got scared thanks to the megacorp-owned mainstream media. Sold at the bottom and lost big time, while the big boys bought there. The big boys, as in the megacorps, the Federal Reserve insider trading boys, and your government officials.

These people are all criminals.

Yet, our media spotlights them like they are the Messiah.

That’s the product of a mixed up and fallen world.


So in all of this, no, this article is not my attempt to guess the future.

“I’m just a guy”.

I'm just a guy trying to make sense of the world by looking at things through a Biblical lens. I'm trying to give you something to think about. I try to do that as rationally as I can, and make wise decisions for my family, and hopefully, inspire you along the way.

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