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How Do You Feel About The Coronavirus Now?

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Mary asked how we feel about the Coronavirus situation now. We have had much to say about this overblown affair, and that trend continues in this video while providing CDC documentation for our perspective.

All CDC documentation can be found in this article with links to their website.


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  1. Hi Brandon,
    I feel like I’m the only one that believes this is blown out of proportion. My family thinks I’m crazy. I have a relative who works at a funeral home and says in New York
    there are refrigerator trucks full of people for they are over whelmed with so many bodies that cant be held at the funeral morgue. I just need to hear that I’m correct.

    God Bless,

    • Well, you are in good company here Heather. As the days move forward, people are going to feel more and more alone. There is an enormous division taking place right now. Actually, it has been going on for years, however, it is rapidly escalating at this point, (The Division Of A Nation Escalates).

      The mainstream media is saying all sorts of things, but where are the dead? It is a fact, Coronavirus has a 0.1% mortality rate, which means those who get COVID-19 have a 99.9% survival rate. That link documents a study done by USC and LA County.

      They tell us around 54,000 American’s have died due to Coronavirus, yet we know that is around the same number who have died from the Seasonal Flu. Not to mention, half of the people who had Coronavirus, also had Pneumonia.

      It is a fact, around 230,000 people have died from Coronavirus around the globe, yet the Seasonal Flu kills 650,000 globally.

      Those are the facts.

      Remember, this madness started when the President declared a national emergency when just 50 people died. That is not normal, that is unprecedented.

  2. Barbara, one of our readers asked,

    What I would like to know is, what do you think will happen to those who don’t want the vaccine shot thats coming in the future? I personally don’t want it!! And will this vaccine be mandatory?

    Really, no one knows right now. I think by May we are going to know how the country will be opened back up, and under what measures.

    We do not want a vaccine either. I played that game at the hospital, and had to wear a mask for refusing. Masks did nothing, it was all about shaming people with masks. Didn’t work for me, it only lasted 5 months.

    What we do know is this:

    Those are the headlines, those are the reports. So it makes one wonder exactly what will happen. It seems pretty obvious what could happen at this point. The question is, will it?

    If it goes that far, then we are in for a world of hurt, but, it will also be a very exciting time. Hey, no matter what happens, remember God is there for us. No worries, He can make anything happen to protect you and your family. God is always in control.

  3. Talked with a couple people yesterday. They seemed like average people. Talk got around to the virus and they got offended about the numbers of dead. Refused to accept it. They want this to be terrible. I think they were angry that I pointed out the CDC web site to show the numbers.Their reaction to the math was strange. I was not pushy. Maybe they will think about it and search for themselves.Strange.

    • We have observed the same exact thing Jerry. People just cannot accept the reality you are presenting to them. They suddenly suffer from cognitive dissonance. I have wanted to write about that topic for a long time now, after reading your comment it makes me realize now is such a perfect time for it.

      • I have had time to ponder what I saw in people. They are chasing the rabbit. They dont have God to stop them. Im sure my most important blessing have been God stopping me from going where I wanted to go. I have chased the rabbit and ended up lost and a long way from home. Been times when God jerked the leash hard. It was to keep me safe.

      • Where we want to go, is not always where we should go. Thanks for sharing Jerry.

  4. Thanks Brandon for reporting facts and not hype. I work in the retail grocery business…This is what I have seen over the past few weeks. People began hoarding items like toilet paper, paper towels, anti-bacterial wipes and sprays…..Among other things like hamburger meat and potatoes, sort of the staples of the American diet. But why? They were conditioned. Conditioned by the news media. People believe whatever comes on television. It’s an old trick but one that keeps working for the enemies of our people. I did notice a new product that came along RIGHT at the same time of the virus….MICROBAN……and it has coronavirus listed as one the of the things it kills…It’s in multi-surface form, bathroom form, etc….I did happen to buy some of this as I needed a multisurface cleaner and all the ones that I normally buy were OUT…I’ve noticed my immediate family’s reaction. My mother…a good Christian woman but not necessarily as deep in the scripture and the times we live in….She won’t allow anyone in her house…I’ve been bringing her her groceries and supplies, leaving them on the porch. Since I work in retail grocery, my extended family has depended on me to supply them with TP as they can’t find it anywhere…But I’m banned to leave it on their porch. I suppose my overall observation is this….These people, and I say this without judgement…they’re good people…But they believe whatever they see on tv. They’re totally not concerned with facts. Much the same way as they believe in their Bible…they believe what their local preacher tells them…or what their favorite televangelist tells them…But what the true Word of GOD says??? Not so much….They have a herd mentality….They like safety in numbers. Much like our ancient Israelite ancestors, TBH…..This is a TYPE of things to come!! I believe that with all my heart. Each of you reading this can decide what’s best for you to do to prepare for what’s to come. I pray for myself and for all of you daily on God’s direction in these times. And He will!! Don’t ya ever doubt it.

    • Great report Jack, and you summed up so much there. Your point about them being good people, but stuck in herd mentality is so true. It’s really sad actually. Today, this all brought about a whole new thought for me. I might have to put something together on it. It is just amazing how easy it has been for the wool to be pulled over people’s eyes.

      I see adults making sure to stay away when I walk by, yet all of our kids are out playing together. If you are really concerned, why are you letting the kids play together? That right there is just mind-blowing to me. It’s like, they need someone to tell them, ‘hey your kid can get a germ from that guy’s kid and pass it to you’…

      It just shows how media is a very dangerous thing, we outsource our thinking. Mainstream media, and the TV in general is a conditioning tool. This pandemic has only proved those words to be true.

      By the way, I give you much respect for helping those people out. You are setting one heck of a Christian example buddy. I am proud of you.

  5. Hell Brandon
    This is my take on this so called virus, it’s a coverup for to control the world and it’s working, the NWO is coming to full fruition
    I can see all the deception in this mess. God is in control and still on the throne. His plans are always on time.

    • Morning Mark. It would appear so, that is what we have been trying to communicate, maybe we have done a poor job at that. It’s all in The Planned Financial Collapse Of The World though. Thanks for reading!

    • Antonio Gonzalez

      April 11, 2020 at 10:55 PM

      Hi Brandon, I work at one of the major bulk retails. What I’ve experienced can be a book. I’ll say that there is a lot of confusion and fear. One of the problems is that the media doesn’t help one bit. They will report how many are confirmed cases and then death. But never talk about the recovered. Which still makes people nervous because we are told that those numbers could jump higher. Sure, ok. But do you understand based on that thought how much fear is driven into people’s mind? Mind you, as you posted from the CDC 95% recover. The people are fixated on the worse case scenario and that doesn’t help anyone. And my last thought, let’s say we use mask and all this 6ft distance. What is stopping us from other viruses that are just as harmful. Corona virus is not the only virus out there. So I say to people. Good hygiene, wash your hands, and no stress. The mind is connected to the body so take care of your self. This does give us opportunities to plant seeds for God. Which is weird to say. People need something positive. Why not a little seed of simple truth. Saying I’ll pray for you. Or Try not to worry God has our backs. Thank you for posting this. God bless you. End of rant.

      • Love the book, and love your positive attitude. Your planting of God’s truth is perfect, just perfect. Thanks so much for sharing.

      • Antonio, I think you’re exactly right. The truth will fall on mostly deaf ears, but at a time in our history when a lot of people have questions, it’s a great time to be planting seeds of truth. If God wants those seeds to grow, then they will. This “crisis” could well wake up someone with eyes to see. God bless ya brother.

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