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IL County Sheriff: “I Am Not Going To Be Anybody’s Boogeyman”

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DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick said he will not “victimize” lawful residents “trying to put food on their children’s table.” This Sheriff presides over a county one of our readers lives in, our reader wrote this Sheriff to tell him how he feels about the lockdowns.

Our reader dropped me this news article and seemed to be pretty inspired by the success here. It feels good when our voice is heard and on the local level, we still do have a say.

Sheriff Mendrick stated on social media,

“We are dealing with a serious rise in crime, new challenges in our correctional facility and a massive upsurge in our courthouse when everything opens back up. We will rise to the challenge. This is not the time to introduce fear into our society by threatening class A misdemeanors.”

That is it, we do not turn law abiding citizens into criminals. When we see wrongs, it is our duty to speak against them. Thanks God for Sheriff’s like this guy, and for people willing to make a stand for what is right.


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  1. Yes, fantastic job! I also live in Dupage County and wrote to my mayor and police chief, expressing the same views and concerns. Let our voices be heard. I keep saying it…what a time we are living in!

    Stand strong everyone. Romans 8:31

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