The world’s financial situation is looking very bleak these days. Yes, I know, the U.S. stock market is not that far off from its former record highs. However, I feel those numbers are not real, but a figment of our imagination.

Federal Reserve and IMF

In reality, the Federal Reserve continues to buy bonds, mortgages and I lost count of what else. They are propping up the market. This is one of the many reasons why you hear more and more groups saying the U.S. dollar is going to crash. Our government cannot stop printing and spending those artificial dollars which makes the dollars already in existence worth less. Our conservative government I might add.

Now I do not want you to lose track of who is who and what is what during this time. Remember who funds the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The United States to a large degree. So the United States is also bailing out the world.

We all know the world cannot continue on like this forever, now more than ever before we know that to do true. Ensure your financial houses are in order. That is a subject we have covered for years now.

Missed House Payments

We all know 30 million Americans became unemployed due to governments locking down over COVID-19. We also know there were anywhere from 80-90 million Americans unemployed before this mess. It begs the question, who is working?

Regardless, lump those two numbers together on top of the fact that 30% of Americans missed their house payments for the month of June.

Do you know how damning that is?

Taken together, experts warn of a coming housing “apocalypse” unless the government intervenes. Some 37% of renters and 26% of homeowners are at least somewhat worried that they will face eviction or foreclosure in the next six months.


My point to you, do not think America cannot be shaken financially and or otherwise like those other nations we just talked about. If a new world order government is beginning to present itself, it will encompass everyone and every nation.

The current global structure of today seems to be running out of time.


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