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Inverted Stars, A Sign of the Times

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American Flag Inverted

Our world grows darker by the day. Not only are lies and deception reigning supreme, so is Satan and anything that relates to him. May 2014 Harvard hosted a “reenactment” of a Satanic Mass. November 2014 U.S. House Representatives bowed their heads in prayer to an Islamic leader. December 2014 a Florida City Council meeting opened with an invocation to Satan. July 2015 the Satanic Temple publicly displayed a goat headed statue in Detroit and they hope to have it appear next to the Ten Commandments in Oklahoma. (I want to make it clear Satanists are not children of Satan, children of Satan are literally the offspring of Cain.)

While these recent events are disturbing, what is even more disturbing is the fact the Republican party, our nations representatives changed the standard stars on their logo to inverted stars in the year 2000 (Historical Logos of the Republican Party). This went unnoticed by most and there has been no reasonable explanation for doing this that I have been able to uncover.

Republican Logo Pre and Post 2000Inverted stars have always been symbolic of darkness. More specifically, inverted stars are always associated with Satan and the head of the goat. The inverted stars on the Republicans logo is not some accident or mistake, this happened 16 years ago and the stars are still inverted. When organizations create a logo it is a very well thought out process, every aspect is covered. A logo is created to send a message of that brand or group. It seems very clear to me what that message is.

2000 was also the same year Skull and Bones member George W. Bush was elected President of the United States. A Republican President that set the country on a course that it has not departed from, that being the “war on terrorism“.

One year later two planes struck the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11, an event that shocked America and the world. But what was more shocking was the 132 page freedom reducing Patriot Act that was signed into law by George W. Bush days after the planes struck the Towers. We are led to believe this document was created after this attack on our nation and fast tracked through Congress to the President’s desk and signed in just 30 days?

Congressman and Doctor Ron Paul stated, “The Patriot Act was written many, many years before 9/11.” The attacks simply provided “an opportunity for some people to do what they wanted to do.

This devastating event placed our country and most of the Western world for that matter into a war on terror. A war that was launched on nations who had nothing to do with 9/11 though that was the justification used at the time. Today, no one asks why we are still at war, we just place ribbons of troop support on our cars thinking we are doing something good for our nation if we even care at all.

No one asks why building seven fell though it was never struck by a plane and no one asks why the 9/11 Commissioners admitted their own investigation was impeded by the White House nor did the Commissioners believe the official 9/11 story themselves. The rabbit hole goes very deep for anyone wanting to follow it.

Of course we know this is the method of operation for the children of Satan, never let a crisis go to waste, especially a manufactured one. It is worth noting the nations controlled by the children of Satan have adapted their own versions of the Patriot Act including France who recently declared Martial Law due to a recent “terrorist event”. Meanwhile we see the countries who are not controlled by Satan’s children continue to be attacked and brought into the globalist agenda.

Hillary Clinton Upside Down Stars FlagSeven years later during the 2008 Presidential Election, the Hillary Clinton campaign put together a large American flag. All fifty stars were present, but they were all inverted. The image was even featured on Clinton’s site at one time though it has since been removed. These individuals are making it clear whose side they are on and what their intentions are.

One thing is certain, since the year 2000 our country and the world for that matter has declined rapidly. We have seen the rise of globalism on a scale not witnessed in previous history and during the year 2015 we witnessed it escalate dramatically. We heard multiple world leaders call for the integration of governments and economic systems in order to stop “terrorism” and stabilize the world. Little do most people know the destabilization is caused by Satan’s children and by design in order to bring about a new world order government that those same leaders were calling for.

The point here is both parties are corrupt and neither party stands for our Lord Jesus Christ. Inverting stars are childish games by those who have turned to Satan and whose hearts have turned cold and dark. One of God’s most basic commandments states, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me,” (Exodus 20:3). Yet these individuals fail to listen to our Father and instead place their agenda in plain sight for those willing to open their eyes.

Instead of embracing our Father they remove Him from every aspect of our nation, even our oaths and instead they embrace Satan and his lies. This should come as no surprise to us considering the hour we are in. Satan is the god of this world and while our Father has absolute control of our world He does allow Satan and his children to fulfill the negative aspects written in His Word (1 Corinthians 4:4).

We can note on December 19th 2015 the Satanic Temple held their first state sanctioned ceremony at Michigan’s state capital. Prominently featured on their podium was the goat head and an inverted star… The speech started with,

Hail comrades. Hail sisters and brothers. Hail Satan. We are gathered here to celebrate the spirit of humanity and the dawn of a New American Era

While the line sounds like something out of a bad movie there is no doubt we have entered a new American era, I believe we documented that in our “Signs, Seasons and the Escalation of Events in 2015” article. Better said, we have entered a new world era where abortion is common place and homosexuality and transgenderism is openly accepted in most of the world’s nations while righteousness is frowned upon (2 Timothy 3:1-7, Isaiah 5:20).

None of this should scare or frighten you. Remember, we are children of light and darkness flees that light, Christ has even given us power over our enemies including Satan (1 Thessalonians 5:5, Luke 10:19, Philippians 2:13-15).

The point is you should realize neither political party has your best interests at heart. I have met many Christians who are Republicans and who understand deep truths of God’s Word yet they cannot realize their party has been hijacked as well. There are no good guys my friends. When Christ said to fish from the right side of the boat, He meant that is what we are to do as individuals. That does not mean your elected officials are doing it simply because they are called the party on the right by men, that does not make them right in our Father’s eyes.

What did Christ Himself tell us,

Ye shall know them by their fruits,(Matthew 7:16).

Passing trillion-dollar budgets with provisions to continue abortion definitely reveal the fruit of the Republicans and Democrats. So does the never-ending wars that have led to millions of lives lost around the globe.

As time marches on and we move further down the road of the end times truth will become much harder for people to see as darkness sets in. Except for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, except for those who ensure they have enough oil in their lamps and vessels to illuminate their path (Psalm 119:105).

God’s Word is and will come to pass, but we all need to ensure we understand who is and who is not on God’s side.

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  1. Thanks. The star inversion is new to me but makes complete sense!

  2. The changing of he stars is subliminal. I cant tell by looking thats why i was surprised when i learned this last yr. Thank you for the msg 🙂

  3. Isn’t there scripture on how at the end of this age or latter days; that our leaders or rulers would act like children? Or something to this affect. I mean the government is run by evil, no doubt; just thinking that there is scripture of them being childish as well? Still do not have my Companion Bible folks, sorry. I have searched and searched after reading this article in my KJV. So grateful for this WEB and the articles to inform us as it lines up with God’s Word. And very much grateful for the folks on here, brothers and sisters in Christ, with their love of God//Jesus and compassion for others to know His Truth. Thank you; you most beautiful hearts in Christ Jesus.

    • Good evening Kim, the verse you are looking for is;

      Isaiah 3:4
      “And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.”

      • Good evening, and Thank you very much!

        • Hi Kim, I wanted to give you a time saving friendly reminder, and if you also do not have a Strong’s Concordance, that you may quickly type in the word your looking for (children for ex.) above and on the right side of the screen where it reads “search the bible”. So just scroll up and try it out and see if you like it.
          Hope this helps and thanks for keeping us updated on how you and your family are doing. It sounds like your setting a good example for them to follow (when they’re ready.) In the mean time, keep studying so you’re ready when they need you most.
          Take care and God Bless.

          • Hi Driving for God, Appreciate you so much for your friendly reminder. I completely forgot about the Bible Search on this WEB. Scroll by it almost every day; goodness me. LOL Usually, after looking through my KJV; I go to that Blue Letter Bible because it does have the Strong’s Concordance, and yet still was not finding that verse yesterday and then questioned myself as to whether it was my own thinking or if it were an actual Scripture from God that I was thinking on, you know. ((was using the key words childish & foolish)) LOL. ((seriously going to finagle some bills and purchase a Companion Bible this month; cant take it anymore)) : ) Then I thought that I shouldn’t be asking as this is not the question forum. Slipped it in there in the comment section. How great that Brandon still allowed it in and answered it as well. Wonderful place this WEB is,((Wonderful people regularly as well)) and so very helpful with keeping us informed of the events unfolding as they line up with God’s Word in the Bible. I do have a dear friend that is a SC student as well and we talk for hours about God//Jesus and His Word on the telephone sometimes; real blessing’s there too. Thank you for your kind words in regards to my family; God Bless you and yours in Jesus name. May God Bless All my brothers and sisters in Christ, in Jesus name.

          • Nice DFG.

            Kim you can also download e-Sword for free which has a Concordance in it that is pretty decent.

  4. ♥ "Kandy" ♥ ✞ ♥ "Sukariya" ♥

    February 24, 2016 at 2:46 AM

    Thank you.I never saw that they changed the stars like that. This shows something is happening.

  5. Thank you Brandon, I was definitely uninformed about this subversive spiritual move on the part of the Republicans; it definitely darkens/taints their reputation they claim to have for supporting the Christian people. It’s just more proof of who or what hand really “rocks” the cradle of “our” elected representatives. I see they twisted our stars; just as Satan twisted scripture. Also Brandon, I like where you write “whose hearts have turned cold and dark”, it reminded me of Revelation 8:12-13
    where we are foretold that a third part of the stars would be darkened. This darkening is knocking out most of the Christians who are left that have not built their house on the true Rock; but instead, on sand; i.e. traditions of men. Soon, God’s elect will be just about the only ones left not shaken off from the Rock.
    (12) “And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun [light/truth] was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the *third part of the stars* [stars represent God’s children; Job 38:7.]; so as the third part of them was *darkened* [they had the truth/light obscured from them, so as, the truth in them darkened and became tainted] , and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.” (I also couldn’t help note God’s additional use of the polysyndeton between each of these three darkened parts, so this must be very important for us to recognize, and to read, and to study, and to understand.
    (13) “And I beheld, and an *angel* [EAGLE] flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound.”
    Additionally, I see that the three inverted stars appear in the blue part of the GOP’S elephant logo; particularly, that the twisted stars in the blue part, symbolically represents the heavens; and more importantly, represents America as being one nation under God. So, we now discover three stars, surreptitiously inverted in the Republican logo, why??, To deceive Christians!!
    And so, in verse 13, we have that warning EAGLE (flying free), voicing out to any and all Christians left on the earth, the coming of the three WOES! Is this timing a coincidence? For after this logo was changed; we quickly can see prophesy come to pass by seeing that release of smoke from the pit; whether it was in the aftermath of the destroyed twin towers, or the release of the locust [Arabs] armies, or ultimately; the severe increase in worldly deception by the children of Satan. So, in however you choose to look at it, these events, (set by God), occur after the sounding of the 5th trump. Many of you were already made aware of this in God’s word, thanks to Pastor Arnold Murray’s teachings, but as you can see, more and more supporting evidence to this knowledge just keeps on coming to the forefront.
    Again Brandon, thanks so much for bringing this deceptive starry discovery to the forefront! I truly appreciate your faithful watch on your site.
    God Bless.

  6. I would have to consider this as the great falling away that has been happening for quite some time. Heavy stuff to digest too.

  7. Brandon, excellent article…I think we’ve discussed before, that our enemies always like to, in a subtle way, tell you what they’re doing to you. I think this is a prime example. I think the yellow fringe that has been around our flag for many, many years is another example of this…I’d encourage those reading to research that yellow fringe around our flag. But we know, no matter of all this, that victory will ultimately belong to our Father YHVH. We’re about to enter into a time of events the like of which we’ve never seen before…But our Father has ensured us that victory is ours….or better said, victory is His. Praise his name. No matter how bad it may get, lift up your heads…because your redemption draweth nigh. May YHVH bless all of you His election. I pray for all of you daily.

    • Well stated, Jack! I pray for all of you daily too! The K’s are on the march but thanks for our Father we can see through them like when a 4 year old tells a lie! May Father continue to bless you as well.


    February 19, 2016 at 8:38 AM


  9. Also notice that the flag has been reversed although I am not sure of when it happened. That was a sign to me that our country had changed its course to one of evil.

  10. Excellent discussion, Brandon. The inverted stars on the Republican logo completely went unnoticed by me, but it makes complete sense. The two party system is nothing but a two-headed snake. Same snake, two heads. The Children of Satan are truly the ones in control of this country and have been for over a century now…maybe longer. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, who can see through all the lies and deception, who can see what really is going on, understand that this is an exciting time to be alive. Our Heavenly Father could have sent us to live in the flesh at any point in history, but He chose us to be here now. Even the disciples were interested in these last days of this Age as they always asked Christ as documented in Mark 13, Matthew 24, Luke 21. There is no reason to be concerned as this MUST come to pass and for those in the Light, Father will lead, guide and protect. I simply pray that His Will be done. Always.

    • WOW Brandon! Thank you so much for that amazing piece of work and eye opener, in God’s Service!
      You have echoed my thoughts there, eagleflyfree! No need for me to add.
      Like you…those inverted stars, “completely went unnnoticed by me” as well.
      Great Watchman-ship there Brandon!
      May God / Christ continue to lead, guide, direct, touch and protect you, and all those who earnestly love and serve Him.

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