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ISIS News and World Leaders Calls for a United World Against Terrorism – Video

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In this video we discuss the terrorist organization ISIS, who they are, who is backing them and the refugee crisis unfolding in Europe. We briefly touch on Biblical prophecy that is unfolding with respect to world leaders calling for the world to unite in order to fight a common enemy (HD Available).

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ISIS News and World Leaders Calls for a United World Against Terrorism – Audio


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  1. Spot on with your assay Brandon, really enjoyed your video, very informative and in my opinion very accurate.
    I hope in the future you can present more educational and informative videos like this, to help us better understand current events in our world and GOD’S word. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Brandon for helping us to understand the confusion of what’s taking place – 28000 or so ISIS terrorists and the leaders of the world joining together to fight… Total confusion unless you understand the Kenites and the overall plan as written in the Word! May Father continue to bless you with Wisdom! I hope you, my brothers and sisters on this site, and all your families, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

  3. Most excellent WEB! YHVH in Hebrew on the bookcase and Companion Bible on the desk, I hope it reaches a lot of people.

  4. I’ve been so busy lately I just today had a chance to watch the video. Just wanted to say outstanding work, Brandon, as always. Hope we see more vids in the future. And I’ll just echo what eaglefly said…we appreciate your dedication in doing our Father’s work and I pray for you and for everyone who reads this site daily. It’s easy to think “these are scary times we live in” but when you consider our Father has foretold us all things and that we already know the outcome, these really aren’t scary times at all. We’re seeing prophecy unfold before our very eyes. All we have to do is prepare for the times ahead and stay true to our Father. He will do the heavy lifting.

  5. Fantastic study and I really enjoyed the format! Your site is my #1 source for news and topical Bible studies. When you have eyes to see and ears to hear, it is so obvious what is going on and who is behind it. I’ve had eyes to see for about 10 years now, but your knowledge and wisdom has cleared some of the fog that was blurring my vision on certain topics and world events. Thank you Brandon for all your hard work and I thank our Heavenly Father for His word and His plan. Keep up the great work and I will continue to support you and pray that Father will always lead, guide and protect you and your family.

    • Thank you for the kind words and prayers eagleflyfree. We truly appreciate it and we know none of this would be possible without Him.

      • Wow! I’ve read most all your work on ISIS…it’s where I get most Educated on them, from a Christian perspective….right here on WEB. I never thought….. that I would be at a lost for words….but there is a FIRST time for everything right?
        In other words, I’m just plain FLABBERGASTED to actually see you on video Brandon! I’m still trying to get past that, I guess! I was thrilled to actually have a ‘face’ to go along with your wonderful work in God’s Service! Great job! I thought you were pretty young, but *not that*…young….LOOKING! You could be my son! It’s truly a blessing when you can get ****IT**** that young, getting deep into God’s Word, and keeping such good a *Watch*! Truly amazing to me! Thank you so much for sharing, caring and putting that *LIGHT* out on a Stand! Truly appreciated…and it *does* make a difference! I feel blessed!
        May God / Christ continue to bless, lead, guide, direct, touch and protect you, yours…and all those who love and serve Him!

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