Riots, looting, and mayhem have been unleashed on Minneapolis. At least 170 businesses have been looted and burned. Now the police department has been torched. This is no accident.

This all comes on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic. People have been illegally locked down in their homes for roughly 3 months now. Do you not think people are easily agitated or upset now?

Race Card

Of course, they are. Then we have other vermin who do not need a reason to cause trouble. The cause of the riots is over George Floyd (black) who was killed during an arrest (white officer), yes it’s a travesty.

White cop kills black guy, so the race card naturally comes out.

However, this sort of thing happens every single day, across various races. We just do not hear about it. If you think the only guy to die in the hands of law enforcement was Floyd, you are greatly mistaken.

Cue The Next Crisis

It was simply the cue to the next crisis our nation now faces. As I was working on this article we got word from a family member near the riots people are being bused into the city to ignite the riots. A quick internet search confirms at least part of this report.

The police chief confirms rioters are coming from outside of the city. That means the riots are not genuine, but a fabrication that is causing very real damage, and spreading hate throughout our nation.

More Riots

In Kentucky, 7 protestors were shot, not by law enforcement though. This protest is over the death of a woman from back in March. Since the riots erupted over Floyd, now they are resurrecting her death. The Floyd riots have even spread to Columbus Ohio.

The Setup

Anyone who lives in Minneapolis knows the city is home to tons of Somali’s. They were brought into the city years ago, even to this day. They were refugees which come from a nation where riots like this are common, accepted, and normal.

That is why illegal immigration and refugee programs are a horrible idea. It changes the culture of a city and nation. If you were looking for a city to cause unrest in, Minneapolis is the perfect place for the reasons already outlined…

The plot unfolds as the COVID-19 lockdowns being to lift. ‘White cop kills black guy’ is promoted by the mainstream media. Rioters are coming from outside of the city, in a city filled with Somali’s who are used to violent riots.

The riots have spread so far and wide, that emotion has gripped the city. Now all races are taking part in the riots as if they can stop injustice in this manner. Meanwhile, the Mayor of Minneapolis is a snowflake who refuses to put the boot down which is causing the riots to make more headlines and spread around the nation.

We are a nation in crisis.

Blessings Removed

The people have not adhered to 2 Chronicles 7:14. As we have discussed for years, the people have not fulfilled the first part of Deuteronomy 28, so the blessings continue to be removed.

What happens when God’s Wall of protection goes away?

Ask Job.

Always remember, when you remove yourself from God, He removes Himself from you. Our nation has removed itself from God, so naturally, He has removed Himself from it.

While our nation and world continue to crumble, that does not mean you will. If you stand by God, He will stand by you, (James 4:8). He will divide you from the trouble just as He divided His people from the Ten Plagues of Egypt.

And I will put a division between my people and thy people: to morrow shall this sign be.

Exodus 8:23
Temple of Baal
Idols & Gods

The Temple of Baal Comes To The United States

The United States escalated their march down the road of perversion after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of homosexual marriage last year. Continuing that march, now a replica of

Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death.
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1 month ago

Brandon, The Covid-19, the decision of Nancy to gather her favorite 20 to fully represent the entire House of Representatives, now the rioting, all by design to take focus off and cripple Justice System from making arrests and prosecuting those guilty of crimes in Ukraine. The list is long and involves prior Executive Branch members. We have to look through the smoke and behind the mirrors to see why they are making the moves they are making. We, my Wife and I, have been praying for this country to survive and return to what our forefathers had put in place nearly 250 years ago. But at that time we were based on a Judaeo-Christian belief. They knew that as long as we would be self-governing that this Country would thrive. With the ungodliness this country has demonstrated through public education, ungodly movies, tv, and every outlet imaginable you know that God is saying to the faithful be strong and have the patience of Job. He says he will make all Right!

1 month ago
Reply to  Wendell

The distraction for Joe Biden and his Quid Pro Quo to give Ukraine a billion dollars after they fire Ukraine’s State Prosecutor who was looking into Barisma where Joes’s son Hunter was on the Board of Directors. Joe Biden was bragging about the quid pro quo on video tape.
There is many other actionable things associated with all this affair that has not yet come to light. Most especially with MSM. The corruption runs very deep in that administration! Most of the impeachment was a dog and pony show so others could get their ducks in a row! Saul Alinsky yes and I agree with all that you say. We actually prayed that we know many Christians are still faithful unlike Sodem, and we know his plan for us in the not to distant future. Thank you so much for what you do with this site. God Bless You!