You remember hearing about the Army Corps of Engineers building up field hospitals for the big Coronavirus surge. Well, it never happened, and that project cost tax payers $660,000,000 dollars.

In fact, most of the facilities never saw a single patient! Let’s break the numbers down. There are a total of 17 field hospitals, however, four of them are not yet complete. That means there are 13 operational. Out of those 13 field hospitals, 9 of them have never been used.

All in all, only 1,177 patients were admitted, a stunning waste of resources.

Overrun Hospitals?

We have all heard the reports that hospitals have been overrun with patients. Maybe that was true in New York where people quickly spread disease via the subway, but in other parts of the country, overrun hospitals is simply not true.

I talk to people. I have talked with nurses and people who work inside hospitals in various places. One told me, they prepared for a surge and it never happened. Another told me they had a few positive tests for COVID-19. I said a few tests, not even deaths.

It is a fact, hospitals have laid off staff and/or furloughed staff as entire floors are closed, (another source: Michigan Radio). They are losing money as they cannot perform elective surgeries for people who need it due to COVID-19. That is why doctors, etc are being laid off. At a time when we are told the hospitals are packed with patients. Lies.

We Fear The Unknown

Our government and mainstream media has built the public up into this massive scare. There is nothing to fear, and these U.S. field hospitals are yet more proof.

Look folks, human nature is to be afraid of the unknown. That is why we all must learn the facts about things in life. As soon as we know the facts, then we are not afraid, then we do not act out of fear.

When you react out of fear, you do not make wise decisions. We have known for months now that COVID-19 is not the killer we have been told. It is much more mild than we have been led to believe.

Learn the facts, share them with your family so you can make smart decisions for your family, which trickle through the rest of society.

We face a big monster, but with God, and each of us standing together, we can make a difference.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
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