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MSNBC: Question Official Narrative, You Are The “Bad Guy”

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MSNBC: Question Official Narrative, You Are The "Bad Guy"
MSNBC: Question Official Narrative, You Are The “Bad Guy”

The boys at MSNBC went into overdrive to label people pointing out truth and facts as the “bad guys”. MSNBC reporter Bill Collins explained, social media is not doing enough to stop the spread of “conspiracy theories”, and they “reward hostility”.

Translation: Anyone disagreeing with the government or mainstream media is a “conspiracy theorist”. That is an attempt to discredit an argument. We will explain, thousands of doctors are questioning the official narrative at this point, including Donald Trump’s Task Force!

Mainstream Media: You Are The Bad Guy

MSNBC reporter Bill Collins claims a doctors reached out to him and said, “he cannot deal with this”. Collins went on to explain the doctor was upset as he got into an argument with someone on Facebook over COVID-19.

Now let me tell you something. Any doctor willing to engage in an argument on Facebook is not a very smart person. No professional should waste their time in such behavior.

Collins never considers such a thought. Instead, he uses it to launch his next attack by saying,

We have these systems (social media) setup that reward these bad guys going after these doctors. There is no real way to stop this. Because these bad guys have rigged this system to make it so those messages that they use to push things like supplements or just political go to the top.


Suddenly the people control social media. Suddenly the people control what is, and what is not banned by social media. I find that odd since YouTube has gone on a banning spree lately.

If doctors are being verbally attacked on social media, which is wrong. Are they not mature enough to turn it off?

Collins added,

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube reward engagement, and they reward hostility.

Social Media Is Banning The Truth

Did social media reward “hostility”, better said truth when they banned these videos?

Essentially, MSNBC is explaining, anything that goes against the official narrative is a “conspiracy”. I would say the exact opposite is true. The mainstream media’s job is to present both sides of an argument. Do not laugh, we all know this does not happen, that is exactly the point.

Doctors Are Being Silenced

If there is any conspiracy here, it is the fact that the mainstream media, government and social media are concealing the truth. Truth from real doctors who are providing real facts.

What doctors?

Watch the two videos above to start off with. They represent thousands of doctors that are being silenced.

Then read these articles, and the professional advice of these doctors.

Dr. Birx Cannot Trust CDC

If that is not enough truth for you, then we have Dr. Birx. She is on the White House Coronavirus Task Force. She is the lady doctor you constantly see on TV during the White House press briefings.

According to two sources, she stated,

“There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.”

Does this make Dr. Birx a conspiracy theorist as well? If she cannot trust the CDC, should we?

The President of the United States trusts her enough to place her before America, and he uses her professional advice to guide his decisions.

Hey, this is big time. The truth is being silenced, and not even the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force believes the current state of affairs, so what does that tell you?

You want facts and truth?

Here are some facts and truth.

COVID-19 has a mortality rate of 0.1%

Now back to the mainstream media…


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