Confession, my Lysol will not kill coronavirus, but my sisters will! She purchased her can 2-3 months ago when her kids were ill. She was nice enough to snap these photos for us.

Clearly, in the image below you can read all the common, I said common viruses and bacteria the “Professional Lysol” kills. Wouldn’t you know it, coronavirus is listed among them.

Lysol Kills Coronavirus

Professional Lysol Kills Coronavirus
See the yellow box I highlighted for easy reference above the thumbnail.

Governments Are Driving Fear Of Coronavirus

Yet, we are being told by our governments and the mainstream media the coronavirus is just hitting our coasts. We are then told the coronavirus posses a significant threat to our communities. That point is driven home when they explain a few deaths have occurred. When you look at the data, most of the cases are the elderly who are more susceptible to illness in the first place, and in some of the cases, these people were already ill.

They use this to build up the scare even more, explaining the coronavirus is so widespread and dangerous, that it is collapsing the global economy. We now see the stock market swing up and down worse than back in 2008 during the last financial crisis.

This is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy.

The truth be told, the coronavirus has been around our communities for years and years. The coronavirus is so common and known, Lysol has it listed on their label!

God Created The Coronavirus

Further, God created all life which means He created this virus that has been circulating the globe since Creation. The coronavirus did not just blossom out of nowhere, unless they would like to admit they modified God’s Creation…

Stop And Think

So just stop for a minute.

As a thinking human, I want you to think why are you being scared to death by our own governments and the mainstream media.


All reports indicate the coronavirus kill rate is merely double the common seasonal cold/flu being 2%. Not 20%, I said, the coronavirus kill rate is just 2%.

So why is the entire world being scared to death over this virus as if it is Black Death?

The answer lies in the actions of central banks and the governments of the world.

What are we seeing?

Yet, the CDC cannot get their facts straight concerning the seasonal common cold and flu, but we are to believe them about this obviously hyped coronavirus?

All the actions by governments the world over are removing people’s rights, quarantining people, and bringing interest rates to near zero in an effort to take more from the people.

All of this is an excuse.

An excuse that provides a reason to protect the people, from themselves of course. To protect the people from the coronavirus which is a common virus listed on Lysol’s label.

For years they have been scaring the world over about various viruses; SARS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Ebola, etc. It has been one after another, so many that I have lost track. That scare has built up over the years, and they have increased the level of the scare with everything we included in this article.

If this is not fear and hype, and if these are not the signs of a larger agenda, then I do not know what is.

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Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
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