Americans of all shapes, sizes, and colors. NASCAR will now allow protests during the National Anthem and they have also banned the Confederate flag from the races.

If you are okay with that, then please continue to show up to the race track, tune in on TV and buy all the NASCAR gear you can afford.

However, if you are offended that NASCAR just placed America in second place, and placed radical left-wingers in first place then do not show up, do not tune into their race, and do not buy their crap.

An American icon, NASCAR pushing America into second place. That means America is a LOSER in the eyes of NASCAR. If NASCAR fans do not voice their concern and voice it loud, then those people are not very good Americans. If you are not going to stand up and put your money where your mouth is, then just be quiet and enjoy your chains.

Wake up people, what the hell is wrong with you?

Look at all the companies supporting the riots in this country. Look at Disney and T-Mobile who just dropped their ads during Fox’s Tucker Carlson show. Fox News is mainstream, and Tucker spins a web just like the rest of them to cause division and make you think a certain way. It’s clear as a bell when I tune in the manipulation being used. Even so, they dropped support of his show.

You do realize why these companies have so much power?

Because you buy their crap. Over and over you buy their crap. Stop buying their crap! Then they will change their tune real quick when their coffers run dry.

We have gone so far left as each and every one of us rather look the other way. It is much easier than making a stand for what we believe in. We have gone so far left now, you have no choice but to pick a side.

So pick one, and stay there.

If you do not mind your rights being stomped on, then buy all the crap you can get from the companies supporting the riots.


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