The New World Order Is Being Implemented

It’s official.

The United States has gone full-blown communist. The Biden Administration has now dictated through OSHA, that companies with more than 100 employees must ensure they are vaccinated by January 4th.

If not, these companies will incur a $14,000 fine per employee. Of course, the lawsuits are already flying against these illegal and repressive decrees.

In case you forgot, the World Economic Forum outlined this initative.

Yet, it is continual headlines like these that indicate to me, true freedom is a thing of the past. These days, we are only allowed the freedom the government grants us. Our Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves.

I have always thought, when freedom fails in the United States, the last free nation...

Then that is when we know the beast of Revelation is knocking on our door. The beast of Revelation 13 consists of seven heads which are kingdoms (governments) that have essentially reigned throughout the ages, one in succession of the other.

Yet, Revelation 17 tells us about a sixth kingdom that reigns even today. It is this kingdom that will come together, which then receives a Deadly Wound.

It is this kingdom that we call, the New World Order.

COVID-19 And The New World Order

The COVID-19 pandemic was “the” event that pushed the globalist agenda forward. In the name of peace and safety, due to an invisible enemy, the world came to a halt. Today, the world is forever changed by this manufactured crisis.

Despite the supposed messiah vaccine, we continually hear about COVID-19. Governments continue to use COVID-19 as the reason to implement draconian agendas. Just as we were told would happen in the Rockefeller ‘Future Scenario’.

In fact, though vaccines are mainstream, we hear of record COVID-19 cases. China has just locked down once again and cases are soaring in Germany.

How is that possible if the vaccine is safe and effective?

Don’t blame it on the unvaccinated.

Not that long ago, everyone was unvaccinated, and the problem was not this bad.

That tells you one thing...

On many levels, COVID-19 has brought governments together. It unified them as the United Nations declared at the beginning of the pandemic.

COP26 Climate Change Summit

Just days ago, heads of state and mega corporations met in Glasgow at the COP26 Climate Change summit. Though Russia and China failed to show.

Here is the gist of that meeting.

Banks, insurers and investors with $130 trillion at their disposal pledged on Wednesday to put combating climate change at the centre of their work, and gained support in the form of efforts to put green investing on a firmer footing.

What you just read defines the initiatives of The Great Reset.

That is, getting nations and mega-corporations on board with the green initiative. They tell us, this is to save the planet which is hogwash. Earth will be here long after we are dead and gone.

The true reason is to control you and your family.

  • To tell your family what they can and cannot do.
  • To tell you what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.
  • To tell you what you must do in order to be a part of society.

In fact, those thoughts have escalated and been embedded into our minds by the mainstream media since the beginning of 2020. Think of COVID-19, the Minnesota riots, and so on.

We are slowly being conditioned to accept a grand new agenda for the world.

I wonder how many people actually realize that...

I wonder how many people are going to stand against it...

My friends, what is coming on the earth is evil, dreadfully evil.

How evil?

Here is a taste, a paraphrased quote from Prince Charles at the COP26 Climate Change summit.

The world needs a “vast military-style campaign” in order to marshal a “fundamental economic transition”.

Prince Charles is telling us, the world needs a military-style campaign in order to usher in a new economic era. The reason, not all nations have the financial resources to “go green”.

So going green now means militaries must be involved?

These are mad-men.

My friends, the climate change initiative is the world’s new religion. It is the religion that seeks to serve creation more than God. Scripture warned us this would happen, (Romans 1:25).

God’s Word is unfolding before our eyes.

These mad-men will stop at nothing to fulfill their own agenda.

Comply Or Be Kicked Out Of The System

We now live at a point in history where if you do not comply, you cannot be a part of society. This is already a reality in Australia, and even China, where you must scan a QR code with your phone in order to enter a business in the big cities.

The point of scanning in, is to document that you have been vaccinated.

If you are thinking about the Mark of the Beast, you are about spot on. This is not the Mark of the Beast, but it’s certainly a precursor to it. Even, the beginning stages of such a system.

It would certainly seem, we are being readied for that Biblically important time.

Since we all have short memories, allow me to remind you what has happened in less than two years' time.

Vaccination Status

Our vaccination status now defines our social status. It now defines if we can have a job or not.

If we do not comply with illegal orders by our governments, we are considered an outcast of society. In the United States, no one has the right to your medical history. That would be a HIPPA violation, something hospitals are graded on.

Yet, these days, such laws have become nuances and of non-importance. Having a past in the hospital environment, I find this shocking.

Social Credit

When we hear the term, “social credit”, we often think of China.

However, America is gearing up for its own form of social credit.

In fact, the plan is to have a “soft social credit” system in the United States by the end of this decade. It will determine if you are employable, can have a loan, or attend higher education, etc.

Let me spell it out for you...

If you refuse government vaccinations and rail against an overreaching government, your score is going to be very low. With a low score, you will have a harder time being a part of society.

Global Digital ID

Of course, your social credit score will be tied to your global identification.

This will contain everything about you.

Your medical history, driver's license, banking information. Just about anything you can think of. That is the plan, and the globalists are working hard to implement this agenda.

Yes, the same globalists who think there are about 7.5 billion to many of us, (see: The Georgia Guidestones).

Digital Currency

To compliment your digital identification, there will also be a digital currency.

We were introduced to digital currencies in the form of Bitcoin and similar digital assets. The only advantage these systems have, they work outside of the international banking system.

However, these systems are being duplicated by the globalists who will press this upon society. Government-issued digital currencies will eventually replace the paper money we have today. These digital currencies will provide the government with more control over the decisions you make in life.

While cash offers the ultimate freedom, any digital currency created by your government will come with chains.

Carbon Footprint

We have all heard the term, carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is determined by how much you consume. Food, goods, and services.

In order to reduce your carbon footprint, you need to consume fewer resources. The globalists want you to start by eating bugs and weeds.

Then, they want you to move into a garden shed.

Meanwhile, they will keep living in their mansions and flying in their private jets.

While this all sounds like a sci-fi movie, this is the beginning stages of our new reality.


The fact of the matter is very simple.

2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic kicked off a globalist race to implement major aspects of the New World Order by 2030.

That would be Agenda 2030.

Nearly every head of state and corporation is now a part of this endeavor at some level. Even the pope who just hosted an interfaith meeting to save the planet. At this juncture in world history, we can see the New World Order coming together like never before.

The sixth kingdom of Revelation is beginning to solidify as I always imagined.

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