OSHA Suspends Biden's Vaccine Mandate, But A Real Crisis Remains

Biden and his ilk are power hungry and border line evil in my book.

Hey, when you force your beliefs off on someone else, even though law prevents it.

It means, you do not care about the common man, you only want them to submit to your order.

I think that’s evil.

OSHA Puts The Kibosh To Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

So here it is, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has suspended all work on Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate. This is a big victory for the people. Just days ago, a Federal Court put a halt to Biden's vaccine mandate.

Despite that, Biden is already pushing Americans to get the booster shot. Ahh yes, a never-ending cycle of vaccines all to stay in compliance with the government's directive.

After all, what’s better than two vaccine jabs?

Three plus, if you are Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna...

It’s About Control And Profit

Do you realize, the big three pharmaceutical companies are making $1,000 dollars in profit every second?

$1,000 dollars every second to stick a dose of their product into your arms.

The government's illegal mandate essentially dictates massive profits for a select few companies.

As citizens, we are told, getting the vaccine is the right thing to do. The television and online media tell you this 24/7, and in turn, your boss at work repeats the line over and over again.

No one can think anymore.

You can thank the media for that.

Now let me tell you something...

If these pharmaceutical companies cared so much about your health and fighting the pandemic.

Then why don’t they offer these shots for free out of the kindness of their liberal hearts?

Come on folks!

According to the government and the spin doctors on TV, the world is in a crisis, we are all facing imminent death due to COVID and the cure is the vaccine.

Ohh Lord save us all from the delusion of the Last Days.

Every time I see a younger person wearing a mask, I cringe these days. It makes me lose faith in people, faith in their ability to use the brain God gave them.

By the way, Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna will never provide the vaccine for free. That would mean there is no money in it, and if there is no money, well, to heck with that venture. Ohh yeah and remember, Vaccine Manufacturers Are Exempt From Liability.

Even The Government Doesn’t Want The Vaccine!

The good news is, despite the masked bandits I see daily, there are a lot of people who are refusing the COVID-19 vaccine. These are people who have made the decision for themselves. They looked over some data, maybe they looked at the situation and said,

“I am not going to be forced into anything.”

I love those kinds of people.

Ironically enough, that kind of people includes 40% of the TSA who have not been vaccinated.

The TSA?

Why, that would be a government agency.

That reminds me of Fauci and friends when they were asked how much of their offices had been vaccinated.

They didn’t know and suggested it was around 50%.

Yet, these same goons are telling you to get the perpetual jab.

In fact, just the other day lord Fauci said,

“There is a misplaced perception about people’s individual right to make a decision that supersedes the societal safety net.”

Dr. Fauci

Yet, Fauci didn’t always feel that way. In fact, the guy is a flip flopper.

You know what kills me?

Everyone forgets the fact that Fauci Risked a Pandemic For Gain-Of-Function Virus Experiments.

I mean, how is that one not viral?

Rand Paul has been talking about it for a while now.

I will tell you why, the sheep have not been told enough about it.

All they hear is,

  • Vaccine
  • Comply
  • New Normal

Now here is the best part in all of this...

The Vaccinated Still Get Sick Or Die

We keep hearing the vaccines are the saving grace of the world.

I mean, if you just inject that puppy into your arm, it’s going to be like a country song...

You’ll get your; wife back, house back, car back.

You get the idea.

In reality, it’s quite another story...

This isn’t just happening in the United States. In Europe, there are record cases of COVID-19 and new lockdowns in some countries.

Now if these vaccines really did their job, then why do we continually hear about record cases?

“Well Brandon, you don’t understand. The vaccines are waning.”

I love that line! I know someone is thinking it.

The vaccines wane with time right?

Well here’s the thing Bubba...

Natural immunity is 27 times more effective than the COVID vaccine.

Woah nelly say it ain't so!

It’s true, go ahead and fact check it, you fact checkers you.

There Is A Real Crisis

Now there is a real crisis in our country and around the world, but COVID-19 isn’t it.

The real crisis is that our nations are being overrun by globalist monsters. This has manifested itself via their overreaching policies, some of which we already covered.

Now, these policies are leading, and have led to financial ruin for many people, in the U.S. and around the world.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about the financial catastrophe that has been unleashed on the entire world.

That is the real crisis, a crisis brought to us by governments who have instilled fear into the people. They point to a virus as the real problem, but that is only a manufactured one.

I mean,

  • How many more years are people going to play the mask and vaccine game?
  • How many more years until they realize this is a big con to bring about global change?

I am talking about the Great Reset.

The fact of the matter is very simple.

The real crisis is one of civilian rights, one that concerns rights over our bodies and the economic resources we produce.

Hey, when you go to the store to buy anything, whether you are vaccinated or not. You are going to pay more for everything. If you have cash sitting around, it’s diminishing thanks to inflation.

Thanks to the Republicans and Democrats who keep voting for all of these spending bills.

That is the real crisis.

At this point, we can only wonder how much longer this will last...

Or, will this carry us right to the end of the Last Days?

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