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Police Officer Posts Video Urging Law Enforcement To Stand Behind Constitution

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Police Officer Posts Video Urging Officers To Stand Behind Constitution
Police Officer Posts Video Urging Officers To Stand Behind Constitution

Port of Seattle Police Officer Greg Anderson posted an amazing video explaining Police, Mayors and Governors do not have the authority or power to trample on the American peoples rights. He is asking all law enforcement agents to stand for what is right.

This is what we need, more law enforcement agents standing up telling their peers to follow the law of the land, not orders. We need more doctors standing up telling us about medicine and the true effects of COVID-19. We need mayors and governors to stand up, and explain the law of the land is being violated.

If there ever was a time, now is the time to stand for what is right. Pray to God and ask Him to guide you.

Greg Anderson is a real police officer. You can find the news reports here, here and here. (Follow up video below)

The Port of Seattle Police Chief has also confirmed this, you can read his message below in the screen shot. As of this writing, that is the message found via the link above.

Police Chief Covey needs to stand with Officer Anderson who is correct. We are not ruled by men, the power of men is derived from We The People, and our freedoms are outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Men and woman of the uniform, we call on you to stand with the people. We call on you to stand for all of our rights.

Stand for the Constitution of these United States!

Port of Seattle Police Chief Covey’s Statement

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. – 2 Chronicles 7:14

This is a followup video from Officer Greg Anderson.


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  1. A rightly and admirable send! And to ALL who do the same!

  2. I sent a small email to my County Sheriff. Asking him to respect our Constitutional rights and Praying that God gives him wisdom with all this.

    Thank you for this post, Brandon.

    • We need more Agonzalez7s in the world. Thank you sir.

      As Americans, as Christians we always stand for what is right. God is taking notice, He is taking inventory of who is down to get it done.

      • Anyone who read this,

        I was never a guy to contact any heads or officials out there. I would say to myself why bother, they won’t listen. Or how is that helping? Well, I’ve seen judges and official make a stand. Police officers like this guy make a stand. People praising them for doing this. And guess what? It got a reaction from the governor. It did from my Governor. Believe me you’ll get a reaction from them as well. Numbers talk and these D & R want one thing. Your vote. But if they see enough people are not happy with this they definitely will listen or lose the vote. Once you get over that fear or whatever is holding you back, it does get easier. And then you can’t help yourself. Especially at a time like this where our Freedom is being walked over. I encourage anyone and everyone to reach out. Are your local officials stepping on our rights? Contact them! Let them know your thoughts. Are they doing a good job? Contact them. Encourage them. Either way they need to understand that We The People will not tolerate this kind of crap.
        Use Common sense and ask God for guidance. Contacting them is a great way to show your stand on this. I would hope Father would be pleased with this as well. End of rant.

      • This is a fantastic witness Gonzalez. You are going to give a lot of people something to think about.

        I know some folks feel conflicted right now. Unfortunately, there is a culture within some sects of Christianity that feel they should sit back and do nothing as God is in control.

        Hey, God has always been in control, and God has always demanded His People seek His council, and then take action. God has always demanded we do what is right. If our forefathers did not fight for what is right, we would not have a country. Today, we have shreds of that country left, but it has turned from God as a whole and is now removing the last bit of freedom we have left.

        Now more than ever is the time to try and right that wrong. I think it is dangerous to assume the Tribulation is right around the corner. This could all carry on for 5, 10, 20, 100 years or more… No one knows for sure. Yes, the writing is on the wall, trust me, I know. The people 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago thought the same as well. Yet, they stood down and watched their nation collapse morally and/or otherwise. They stood by and did nothing and allowed perversion to take place. Over time, our Bible teachers stood down, even teaching the perversion, and we said little to nothing.

        God does not appreciate that. God has an appointed time for the end, but we do not know with certainty when that will be. So today, we pray, ask God for guidance, and if we feel led… We reach out to our local elected officials, police and sheriff, and respectfully, and professionally ask them to respect our rights. To stand with The People for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is not asking for much. I have sat down with my sheriff before, in his office, and he was happy to meet me, a regular ol citizen of his district.

        You have nothing to lose, except your freedom.

    • I did the same. Emailed my sheriff, county exec, House of Representative Rep. I typed out my message, then revisited a few hours later so that I was communicating clearly and not with emotion. At that point I just copied/paste. My county exec responded but nothing from the others….yet.
      I know for the higher ups in the state capitals and DC, they may not read the message but their staff logs the message in various buckets so that they can see what overall buzz is all about.

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