This Is Why A Record 4.3 Million Americans Just Quit Their Jobs

A record, 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August.

If you ask CNBC why, they will tell you,

The quits rate hit a new series high, surging along with the rise in Covid cases and likely growing concerns about working in the continuing pandemic.”


We are 18+ months into this supposed pandemic.

Either you are scared of it or you are not.

People are quitting as they are sick of the mandates, vaccines, and face masks.

It’s no secret, companies the nation over are requiring employees to get the jab or lose their job.

Boeing is the latest to demand employees get vaxed or axed.

What’s Up With The Airlines?

By now, we have all heard about the Southwest flight cancellations. It’s been blamed on weather, the FAA, the boogeyman, etc.

The rumor mill has kicked into high gear...

It tells us, there is a great sickout, a worker strike due to Southwest caving to the so-called Federal vaccine mandates.

Yet, there is not a single shred of evidence to support this.

The best explanation I have found comes from an article by American Greatness.

In that article, a pilot discussed pilots calling in sick,

“Let’s say I was supposed to work this past weekend after this vaccine mandate, and you know what, I’m going to lose my sick days in a month or 45 days, so I might as well just use them now and stay at home and help potty-train my two year old, you know what I mean?” the pilot said. “These are my sick days, and I own them, they’re mine.”

The pilot explained, Southwest relies a lot on overtime hours for their pilots in order to keep operations flowing smoothly. However, with many facing termination for failure to comply with the vaccine mandates, many are calling in sick to use up their sick time.

You know, “use it or lose it”.

He stressed that there was no “organized sickout,” or even unofficial talk amongst themselves about calling in sick. “Nothing like that is going on,” he insisted.

In fact, coordinating anything like that would be considered “illegal”.

Watch this quick clip.

Another pilot even mentions this, he simply said, we just say “no” to the vaccine mandate.

Notice what the pilot said in the video.

If these companies fire 30% of the workforce, there are going to be shortages and delays in this nation.

More than we already have...

Supply Chain Crisis Becoming National Emergency

Bob Nardelli, former CEO of Home Depot and Chrysler is warning of a national emergency.

He said,

Many of my colleagues, both in the public and private sector, are getting increasingly frustrated that we keep reporting an increase in the number of vessels. We keep talking about gas shortages. We keep talking about supply chain problems.

Nardelli went on to say, the United States should consider using the military to iron out these problems.

Hey, these delays are cutting into the profits of the big boys.

Everyone is starting to get upset.

Nardelli added,

If we declared some type of national emergency, we'd put these men and women on the ground and break this problem. Inflation is going to get worse.

Ahh yes, everything sounds peachy on the home front, or “homeland” if you are a communist.

Notice, we opened this article with CNBC saying the worker shortage is due to people’s concerns about the pandemic.

Yeah, sure.

The concern of the people is with the out-of-control Federal Government who now resembles a globalist empire. People are no more scared of COVID than they were last year.

If anything, they are far less concerned about COVID.

The scare has warn off.

Instead, people are psychologically distraught over this crisis that will just not go away.

Treasury Secretary: Shortages Of Goods And Services Coming

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen cautioned that,

Due to the U.S. economy being in a state of recovery, “there may be isolated shortages of goods and services in the coming months.”


There may be shortages of goods and services in the coming months...


‘The United States is in a state of recovery.’

That is utter bull!!!

If we were recovering from this manufactured crisis, then why in the H-E double hockey sticks are people quitting their jobs in droves?!!!

Ohh, But There Is More!

Gas prices have doubled since April 2020.

Kraft Heinz says people must get used to higher food prices (don’t forget shrinkflation).

Rent prices increased sharply.

Consumer price index rises again.

You can thank your Federal Government for all of those links.

They made this possible by responding to the pandemic the way they have. Through spending money they do not have. By forcing Americans to get a vaccination they do not want, which is causing a lot of this chaos.

Inflation will continue to rise.

Just last night, my daughter wanted to buy a new laptop she has been saving up for. We were clicking through the options and noticed the price of memory went up $20 bucks overnight.

No joke. She is going to hold off.


So we have backed up shipping ports.

Not enough truckers.

Meanwhile, millions of people are quitting their jobs, while house prices continue to soar along with everything else.

It almost sounds like it’s a planned financial collapse...

Nah, couldn’t be.

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