There Are Smart Grown-Ups, And Not So Smart Grown-Ups

When you were a child growing up, you thought most grown-ups were pretty smart. I mean your ol Pa knew how to fix your car anytime it broke down. Ma could fix up anything in the kitchen.

Then you saw the President on TV, and thought, man that guy must be smart...

He runs the whole country!

Then you grew up and this reality began to change.

Ma and Pa are still doing their thing, but you begin to learn about politics. You learn how our leaders are not so smart after all. You learn that, not all grown-ups are as smart as you once thought.

I bring this up due to corporate America siding with President Biden, and decreeing that Americans either get the COVID-19 vaccine or lose their job.

Why did the grown-ups in corporate America side with Biden?

He is the President and what he says goes in their mind.

Unfortunately, this tells us, the leaders of corporate America are not very smart grown-ups.


While Biden’s mandate went through just days ago, a Federal Court of smart grown-ups halted the illegal mandate.

That which is illegal, is illegal.


So how smart are all those grown-ups in suits serving on boards in corporate America?

Not very smart my friends.

They have not thought much during the entire pandemic. Instead, they let others do their thinking for them, or, they let greed kick in. They conform to whatever agenda is unfolding in our world.

You know why?

It’s the popular thing to do, and no grown-up wants to buck the trend. It makes them an outcast. It makes them unpopular.

However, being a follower is not using the thinker the Lord gave you. You know, the thing we call a brain.

People who think are those who question what they are told, and they make decisions based on real facts. Smart grown-ups never make a decision because they were pressured to do so. Those are the worst grown-ups of all.

A smart grown-up will always consider all sides of an argument. A smart grown-up will learn about the law and make decisions based on it. Whether we are talking about Biblical law or Civil law.

Wise grown-ups never run with the pack and automatically decide to make the popular decision.

Do you remember what Jesus told us about the easy route, the narrow path?

It leads to destruction, so you always want to remember that.

Something else led me to write this today.

It concerns an interview of former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

He said,

“I think the bottom line is the end of the end of the pandemic‚ as least as it relates to the United States, is in sight right now — given that we have the tools to combat this disease.”

You know why he said that and what tool he is talking about?

Covid pills.

There is now a COVID-19 pill from two separate pharmaceutical companies. Soon enough, these will be ready for purchase (follow the money), and they will provide an even better form of protection against COVID-19 than the vaccine.

At least, that is what most of the grown-ups will tell us.

On the other hand, there is and will continue to be a small voice of grown-ups who speak against the grown-ups in power. These grown-ups tell us, God provided us with an immune system to fight off infection.

Of course, this is true.

In fact, considering how mild of a virus COVID-19 is. We should have never been in this mess. Yet, the grown-ups in power do not think, and those who are, have very evil intentions. This agenda unfolding before our eyes is a power grab and a consolidation of power.

The grown-ups at the top (government) are pushing this agenda on the rest of us. The next-tier of grown-ups, ie: most of corporate America are not so bright. They let others do their thinking for them which pushes tyranny on the rest of us.

I mean for your average Joe, we just want to be left alone. We want to go dig our ditch for 8 hours and go home to see what the wife is cooking and what the kids are up to.

Unfortunately, not all grown-ups have the same concerns.

The grown-ups running our world care about two things.

  • Money
  • Power

Interestingly enough, these are the same two things that led to Satan’s downfall.

So as God said long ago, there is nothing new under the sun, (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

So for all the younger folks out there. Don’t be so quick to embrace what the grown-ups in government, academia, and finance have to tell you. They have gotten the world into more messes than your Ma, Pa, and Grandpappy ever could.

Instead of listening to the grown-ups the world tells us are important...

Maybe it’s time to listen to the grown-ups in your life who actually care about you.

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