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Spread Coronavirus And You Could Be Charged As Terrorist

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Spread Coronavirus And You Could Be Charged As Terrorist

Spread Coronavirus And You Could Be Charged As Terrorist

This all stems from a Justice Department memo that states, the “purposeful exposure, and infection of others” would be considered an act of terrorism. So what then defines “purposeful exposure”?

If someone goes into a store, walks the streets or some other regular activity, could that be considered “purposeful exposure”?

What if the person did not know they had a virus?

Surely, that would not be considered, “purposeful exposure”. One can never know for sure these days. The Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen said the virus “appears to meet the statutory definition of a ‘biological agent’ “.

So now our government is calling the Coronavirus a biological agent, and your government will consider you a terrorist if you spread the virus. This simply means, you must comply with their directives or you have now become an enemy of the state. This all happened in just 2-3 weeks.

Chicago Mayor Becomes Dictator

The Mayor of Chicago threatened citizens with arrest if they do not comply with her demands which violate the Constitution of the United States.

So the city will now arrest law-abiding Americans who work and pay taxes if they fail to comply with illegal laws, but they will release prisoners from jail who have been tried and convicted to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Ahh, yes that makes perfect sense.

Coronavirus Pandemic Creates More Surveillance

Governments around the world have and will use the Coronavirus Pandemic to remove more of your rights. Here are a couple highlights that have already occurred in other nations.

CNBC provides the quotes.

In China, government-installed CCTV cameras point at the apartment door of those under a 14-day quarantine to ensure they don’t leave. Drones tell people to wear their masks. Digital barcodes on mobile apps highlight the health status of individuals.

One more quote.

We have absolutely no reason to believe that the government agencies that are eager to expand their power in response to COVID-19 will be willing to see those authorities lapse once the virus is eradicated. – Albert Fox Cahn Executive Director, Surveillance Technology Oversight Project

Visit the CNBC article, radical measures have already been taken by numerous nations. All in the same of peace and safety.

Americans are thinking, oh that will never happen here…


Have your forgotten about the TSA already?

They check out your whole family via their naked body scanners before you are able to board a flight.

Why do they do that?

In the name of fighting terrorism. Yes, “Terrorism” has become a tool used by globalists to push their agenda on the nations of the world. America is the last free nation, removing her rights is slower than most other nations, but it is occurring little by little each day.


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