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The Epitome Of Fear

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The Epitome Of Fear
The Epitome Of Fear

Is that picture not the epitome of fear? I mean that gal is out in public drinking a tea that is completely exposed to the air. Her tea does not have a mask or guard, what if her tea has been exposed to COVID?

She is in public after all, look at all those people around. People breathe you know, so that means their breath is swirling around in the air, and those breath particles are probably landing in her cup of tea.

What if someone sneezed, like the bearded guy off to her right?


Anyone ready for a tea!

You can thank your government and mainstream media for creating such fear. That is paranoia, that is fear without thought. That is all fear does, it causes people to make irrational decisions. That is why we are constantly presented with fear. It keeps us in a constant state of panic so we cannot think, and properly assess a situation.

That allows the government to take more of our rights away, that is never a good thing, never acceptable. As the ol adage goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The more you bend, the more government takes and the more corrupt it becomes.

Speaking of corruption.

Vaccine Czar

Trump’s Vaccine Czar just saw his bottom line jump $3.4 million. He is a former board member of GlaxoSmithKline, a major pharmaceutical company. Of course, this “Czar” still owns stock in GlaxoSmithKline, and this company just may produce the COVID-19 vaccine.

No conflict of interest there!

By the way, when did we become so comfortable using the word Czar for American appointees? I suppose it was around the time of Obama, and no one thought to get rid of it.

Where were we?

Oh yes, government corruption and fear.

Government Propaganda

While the government and mainstream media keep telling you, and that ol gal drinking her tea what to believe, they ensure they block any opposition to the official narrative.

Speaking of opposition, the Federal Government just spent $1.6 million on riot gear, aka: jack boots, to quell any dissidents. By the way, its not just the U.S.

Russia just asked Google to block an article questioning the COVID-19 death count.

Now ask yourself…

If we were facing an open and clear cut problem, why would the voice of opposition be a problem?

Maybe someone should ask YouTube who continues to ban doctor after doctor who keeps speaking out. The latest healthcare professional I have seen banned is Epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski. He recently spoke to doctor Erickson, you know, the California doctor that was banned.

On and on it goes, but still people cannot see through the lies. I think this KGB fellow said it best,

Even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still cannot change the basic perception and the logic of behavior.

So there it goes. The propaganda and lies are so thick, people just cannot cut through them. Then for many of those who do, they still get sucked into the lie as its a bit too much to stomach and stand against.

That means the government and mainstream media win, and when that happens we get the next leg which is…

Contact Tracing For All!

That’s right, when you give up and let the beast win, the beast uses the ol boot on your hind end. The Trump Admin has already said, there is no downside to contact tracing.

Germany and Britain have already done one better. They are launching their contact tracing program, and I am sure the folks like the gal in the picture have already downloaded the app, and signed up!

More power for the beast called government, and less rights for the people.

Coordination By All

As we pointed out a million and two times by now. When the 2008 financial crisis hit, it mysteriously hit the entire world, all at the same time. The world took the exact same measures. They printed money when they could, and borrowed when they couldn’t. They decided to call this, “bailouts”.

This time around, we have more coordination all across the globe. The nations all locked down their towns, cities and states. Businesses were closed, and governments and the mainstream media adopted these buzz words, “social distancing”, and “contact tracing” the world over.

Does that not seem odd to you?

Doesn’t that level of coordination among “sovereign” nations seem planned?

It does to me, and I find it as disturbing as that gal drinking her tea with a face shield on.


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