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This Is How We Educate Strangers For $4.50

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This Is How We Educate Strangers For $4.50

This Is How We Educate Strangers For $4.50

Each time we drive to the store, I see more and more people wearing masks and gloves. This is due to government and mainstream media propaganda concerning the Coronavirus Pandemic. A virus that has killed fewer people than the Seasonal Flu! So I came up with a rather bright idea.

Full disclosure, my idea is not bright, but the markers sure are!

Educate By Window Markers

A couple of days ago when we went to the store I said,

“Let’s go check out the auto parts section”.

So we walked over and wouldn’t you know it, there were the window markers I was thinking of. Look guys, all they had was fluorescent green and pink honest, and I needed two colors.

Hey, for $4.50 I figured I am not losing much here. I must admit, I thought to myself, “my wife probably thinks I am crazy” (the jury was out on that until yesterday), but the thought vanished as quickly as it popped into my mind. We grabbed the markets and off we went.

The wife hopped in the truck, and I opened my markers.

She said,

“You are going to mark the windows right now”?

I said, “Sure why not, we have an audience,” as I looked around the parking lot.

So I wrote out the phrase in the image above on the window of our truck. My wife made a comment about my penmanship, good or bad I refuse to tell!

As we drove home, we talked about the current state of affairs and the marking on our truck.

The Next Store Run

The next time we went to the store, apparently, the jury decided…

As I walked out to the truck, it was official. The wife joined Crazy Town USA (inside joke) by marking the window on her side of the truck. For the record, my wife’s writing is displayed in the image.

As we pulled up to the store, I had to make a pass in front of the store to see if anyone would take notice. Sure enough, people took notice. I dropped off the wife and went to the back of the lot. Hey, she likes to shop alone sometimes!

As we left the parking lot, of course, I drove right past the front of the store and people started taking notice. At stop lights people looked over, even the guy at the cross walk took a long hard look at the truck. Hey, those fluorescent green and pink markers really stand out on our white truck.

So how many people will it help?

I will never know, but for $4.50 and a good laugh. It has been fun, and worth it in our opinion.


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  1. So we gave our truck a facelift. Enjoy and keep spreading the word!

    99.9% Recovery Rate From COVID-19

  2. Great sign! This helps me to “shout” out my beliefs in this virus as well. I can do this. I have spent days on Facebook trying to educate people on the numbers. I’ve been in numerous sites commenting how the numbers never added up to what the media is “scaring” people into believing. I’ve been called so many names because of my beliefs. As soon as you open my facebook page there is a picture of the bible and it states it is “Not just a book, it is God talking to us.” Because folks on FB will turn to one’s FB page to see if they can see anything about the one making the comments, they see that & I get called a Jesus-freak. So many blind people out there. I have also wondered how I can make more people see how we are being trapped in our homes and unable to return to life as we know it. I love your idea. I will adopt it! Thank you so much for sharing your genius thought!

    • Morning Karen and welcome. You know, all you can do is share what you know tactfully. Sometimes even subtly like our window. If you shout from the rooftops, people will tune you out. Not everyone is going to understand, there is too much noise out there. Those who want to learn will, just be a voice. Hey, do not become frustrated we can only teach those who want to be taught.

  3. Does everyone remember that cruise ship. Well 60% of those that tested positive had no symptons. We only test those with symptons. Death rate is much lower than the numbers.

  4. We had a business owner and a neighbor both make comments about our window today. Not everyone is asleep folks, the protests taking place are proof of that.

  5. Well if I ever need any illustrations done, I’m definitely hiring Mrs.Ward, not Mr.Ward!!! I don’t know what it is, but the ladies are definitely better at that sort of thing. I use chalk boards as selling points at work…But it’s not my writing on them! I have a lady co-worker who loves to make fun of my “boy writing”, lol….But yeah, hopefully those brightly colored messages will wake some people up. I’ve mentioned the numbers to a few people…They don’t argue, they seem to be curious…But they don’t dare question the propaganda on their televisions. Just like most Christians won’t question the propaganda from their pulpits. This post made me smile, and I need to do that. Thanks Mr. and Mrs Ward!

  6. what a cute story, you make me laugh at what your wife said. such a great idea though. how people have bought into this big lie is beyond me. i saw a video of rubber gloves and masks all over a parking lot the other day, now they will probably start charging us for clean up, people are not even considerate anymore. just a throw away society where ever.

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