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Trump To Terminate Birthright Citizenship

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We have been screaming about this type of action for a very long time. Cut off the benefits to illegal immigrants and they will deport themselves to a large degree. Unfortunately, Trump wants to go about this the wrong way. Our so called leaders do not understand the law they have sworn to uphold. Read the quotes below.

Executive Orders are dictatorship actions, they are not the actions of a free people. When we become relaxed to the idea of our President signing Executive Orders, orders will be made that we do not like and we will find ourselves without much recourse, because we have “accepted” these illegal actions as legal.

Essentially they are null and void.

A President must go through Congress and with a stacked Republican House and Senate, this route should have been chosen along time ago instead of wasting time on expensive “border wall” talk.

But of course, distractions are the name of the game.

Read these quotes from President Trump.

It was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment. Guess what? You don’t,” Trump said, explaining he can stop illegal immigration with an executive order. – Axios Trump Quote

So he rules by what he is told instead of what he has read for himself. That is not a ruler, that is not a leader, that is a sheep.

When Trump was told that is debatable action he said, “You can definitely do it with an Act of Congress. But now they’re saying I can do it just with an executive order.” – Axios Trump Quote

Who is “they” and why is our President, our elected official who is supposed to lead this nation listening to other people tell him what the law says?

Does he not know how to read for himself?

This is nothing new and not a special circumstance, our leaders have been doing this for years and years.

They are merely puppets on a string and do as they are instructed to a large degree and this is just a little more proof, right from the horse’s mouth.

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  1. I think he (Trump) meant the “lawyers” (not scripture lawyers, but similar). When I read this, and include the true meaning from when it was written, it would be correct to NOT allow an illegal immigrant’s children born here, have automatic citizenship. Why? well, the child sure can’t make the decision, so it falls to the parent(s), who is/(are) already practicing NOT being under the laws of our land (ie: by choice and virtue of their illegal status are practicing not being “subject to the jurisdiction”—therefore stating their choice quite literally by their action). Know the court will knock it down, I still think the pres ought to pursue it—mostly likely knocked down by court. But then, what’s the difference?

  2. My votes in. ” Please cut the benefits of to them”. I agree with you Brandon. I back up cashier at my job, you should see how much they get. Example a little over $400.00 groceries and it wasn’t all healthy stuff too. I praise God for my homemade potatoes soup or chili I make in advance and freeze. I’m content really. Just urks me that they get so much, and don’t appreciate it either. Come Jesus Come.

  3. The current US President, amongst other things, has starred in his own reality television shows…. how this man could even lead a country is seriously beyond a joke.

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