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Trump: ‘Vaccine For Everyone That Wants To Get It, But Not Everyone Wants To Get It’

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Many people have been concerned there will be forced vaccination on the American people. That seems highly unlikely, Trump helped to calm those fears by saying,

We’re looking for a full vaccine for everyone that wants to get it, but not everyone wants to get it.

A forced vaccination on the American people would be the biggest civil rights violation in history. That seems to matter little these days considering the lockdowns.

However, with the numerous protests taking place already, any forced vaccination would certainly trigger a response from the American people.

Most will accept the vaccine, most want the vaccine. We know the government is working to produce over 300 million doses, and the military will be involved with distributing it. We also know it will be the fastest vaccine ever produced.

In my opinion, this means it is not properly tested. The previous record vaccine to market took 5 years, that was the Ebola vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine will be produced and administered in less than 1 years time.

Long term health effects will never be known. This reminds me of the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine that harmed many people.

While I have always doubted the vaccine would be mandatory for the average American, I do feel some companies will force their employees to receive the vaccine. For years now, hospitals have fired nurses and other staff for not accepting a vaccine. In other hospitals, those who refuse a vaccine are forced to wear a mask while on shift. We will have to wait and see how this all plays out.

No one should make this decision for you, you should pray about it. Talk to God, and go from there.

In related news…

Sailors On Sidelined Carrier Get Virus For Second Time

Navy personal caught COVID-19 a second time. That goes against common medical knowledge. People typically get sick, build immunity beating the virus, and any future encounters with it.

For these Navy men to catch COVID-19 again means the virus had to mutate. From all the literature I have read on the subject, that would render even a perfectly matched vaccine useless.


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  1. reminds me of the saying they use to put in stores, i think it was in the 70’s, “no shirt, no shoes, no service

  2. Hope Ross-Ellis

    May 17, 2020 at 10:18 AM

    All I can say is watch and pray. For we know not when the son of Man returns.

    • Thanks Hope, I agree. If we lived out in the woods and never turned on the TV we would all be much better off. Calamities only seem to happen when we let the world into our life. Jesus will certainly return one day, until then, we can rest in the Word where there is much comfort and peace.

  3. yea, yea, i have heard it all before, you believe what our dictator in chief says???yea you just watch what happens, if you don’t get the jab, you cannot work, go out of your house, buy grocery’s, go to the park, go anywhere, you will be confined!!! in new york they are doing mandatory testing in the nursing homes now, that tells me if you don’t get the vaccine, they will be testing you and if you test positive, and don’t get the shot, you will be confined!!

    • I would agree that does not mean it will not happen. I do feel it is not likely right now, that would be quite the escalation.

      Every little bit is conditioning the public. Unfortunately I know folks who want the vaccine. This thing is already breaking people. Some who know this was overblown have now embraced it. Sad times.

      I will say, if they play the second wave game we talked about in This Is Not Going Away that will change everything.

      • Just an update for you Brandon, my daughter just told me they sent her boss, by email, a 5 page document that he has to fill out in order to open up which they are in the phase 2. she couldn’t remember a lot of it, but i bet it is not good, one of the things that was in there, is they would have to take temperatures, i am sure it would be for customers and employees. to keep everyone safe, hahahahahahahaha! so they are not going to open up without a lot of restrictions put on company’s. i tried searching the internet to find out more information, but no luck, maybe you will have better luck. oh by the way this is the state of new york! figures!

      • Yes, that is exactly what we are seeing all over the globe. We covered some of that in This Is Not Going Away. I know we have some other articles on this as well. There was a restaurant that did exactly what you just said. I am sure if people chimed it, we would see it all over. We could pull up each states illegal rules to see how they are handling it, but I am not going to spend the time doing that. We already know for the most part.

        All of this is a massive brainwashing exercise, it is conditioning the public and it comes down from the top. While most people are going along with it, that does not mean they agree with it. When I worked at the hospital before they mandated a flu shot, they had 40-50% compliance. Which means, when the flu shot was voluntary, only half of the people took it. Most people did not want it, did not think they needed it etc.

        When they mandated it, then it became a psychological game. It was, wear a mask for the duration of the flu season, or take the shot. Flu season went from October to April. It is embarrassing to wear the mask, you are an outcast all alone. No one wants that. So, all of the sudden, everyone took the shot. There were only a hand full of people out of thousands who did not take it, and most of the handful refused for medical reasons. I was one of the rare fools who refused because, well, I do not accept something just because I am told too.

        That same scenario though is present today. Most people do not want to wear a mask, but they are willing to. If restaurants require it, I will not be eating out. Heck, just yesterday me and the kids went into the gun store. The sign on the door said only two customers at a time. I peeked in the door and there were 3 inside. I rolled my eyes and we walked back to the truck. I told the kids, watch this, we are about to be first in line. I pulled out my phone called the store and got my question answered in less than a minute.

        There is always another way to get what you are after without jumping through their hoops. I have an article on my screen right now. The business has a sign, no mask, no service. That’s one place of business I would not go to, and I am more than happy to let them know that as well.

        Thanks for the update Gwen. It was much better chatting with you this morning than doing news. I might just keep it that way today.

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