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U.S. In Syria Until Iranian ‘Commanded Forces’ Leave

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This was a headline I found today and do you see how the narrative changes? Some folks just coming around are thinking, what narrative? Years ago the US almost invaded Syria under the false guise that Syria used chemical weapons against their own people. Even the UN said it was a lie, so war was adverted literally in the last moments…

Months to a year went by and the “Arab Spring” bloomed into a war that covered the middle east. We were told this was a revolution of the people. Yet, we found all the rebels in Syria were not Syrian at all and their arms came from other nations, including the United States.

The US started bombing missions in Syria a few years later and continues to this day despite Syria’s sovereignty. The US admits to having troops in Syria as well, openly these days that is.

ISIS, remember those guys?

They were the main reason why the US “took action” in Syria, despite the fact the US helped to fund and create ISIS. Tough to swallow for some, but it is true.

Now, the narrative changes once again.

The US government now says, US troops are not only in Syria, but they will remain there until Iran removes its own troops from Syria.

So all along, the goal has been not only to remove the government of Syria from power, but Iran as well. Terrorism was simply the method the globalists are and will continue to use to bring about regime change in the middle east and we see the crosshairs beginning to focus on Iran.

Are you awake?

Do you know what comes next?

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