The more I read the news, the more disgusted with it all I become. We passed the point of finding any real truth long ago. These days, everything has spin, even the latest fires that struck the West Coast.

Antifa Fires?

The conspiracy theorists are saying the fires are caused by Antifa. The FBI says no, then we have four arrests and the alternative media believes that means all fires are Antifa fires.

Folks, here is a Cal-Fire map of the fires taking place in California, Oregon, and Washington. Those four guys did not start all these fires.

Do we have some arson happening, sure.

Did arsonists start all of them?

No, but that all depends on who you ask.

Global Warming Caused The Fires!

Everyone has an opinion, just ask California Governor Gavin Newsome. Yes, the same Newsome who just signed a sicko pedophile bill into law. Then we have former President Barack Obama and they tell us…

If you are still laughing at that propaganda, don’t feel bad. So am I.

Forest Mismanagement?

Notice, the first tweet blames lefties, arsonists, and of course, “forest mismanagement” which translates to a state of California problem.

Folks, this is what I am talking about. The mainstream media and those we allow to do our thinking for us have conditioned us well over the years, we have these auto-responses.

Yes, “forest mismanagement” is the root cause of all these fires, that is what the folks on the right say, blame the lefties as well. In reality, I wonder how many of these people have ever been to a forest?

How many of them actually walked through a forest, I mean a real one. The rugged wilderness and spent time there? Probably none of them. State and national forests are enormous!

Remember that Cal-Fire map?

You will notice one of the fires is in Trinity National Forest. That forest consists of over 1 million acres! You cannot manage 1 million acres, (unless you plan to cut it down). Sure, you can manage by the roadsides, but you are not going into the backwoods and picking up all that brush, downed trees and limbs.

Mendocino National Forest is also burning and it consists of over 900,000 acres. Oh, by the way, those are NATIONAL FORESTS, not state land. So who mismanaged what for those even attempting to use such an argument?

Record Heat Wave

When these fires first started, there were reports of thousands of lightning strikes. Add to that the record heatwave everyone seems to have forgotten about and we have a recipe for disaster!

Many of the fires are burning in areas where it is extremely dry in the summer. There is no summer rain like in the southern states. The grass turns brown in the summer and when it burns, it burns hot, HOT, HOT!

Do not forget, California has basically had record fires for the last three years now.

Don’t give me that climate change line either. Go visit Glacier National Park and then come back and tell me about climate change. Those Glaciers have been melting for at least 12,000 years folks. Long before you and your SUV wandered the roads.

Think For Yourself

The point of this post?

Stop believing what you are told without analyzing the facts. People tend to think like a herd. If you are a lefty, you pick up on the lines of the lefties in power, whether they are politics or mainstream media personalities. The folks on the right do the same darn thing.

Just stop, think for yourself, and analyze the facts you are presented with. If we all did that and shared with family and friends, this world would be a lot better off.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
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