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Why American Life Went On As Normal During The Killer Pandemic Of 1969

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That is a headline over at the New York Post. They explain Woodstock took place that year, and when you read about the health conditions there it would make today’s powder puffs cringe!

They explain the global pandemic that year took the lives of 1 million people, and guess what?

Schools were not shut down nationwide, other than a few dozen because of too many sick teachers. Face masks weren’t required or even common.

How about that, you mean global pandemics have happened before?

Of course people, and our parents lived to tell the tale, and create you no less! That is the problem, over the years people have become so conditioned to our cushy way of life. We have become a bunch of powder puffs, snowflakes, and marshmallows. Whatever phrase does it for you.

Folks, the problem today is we feel we always have to be in agreement with everyone all of the time. We have to be in agreement with society otherwise we feel like we are outsiders.

I have news for you.

Jesus Christ was an outsider, so was John the Baptist and every other Biblical figure. Have we all forgotten the stories from the past? Biblical figures were always kicking against the party line, the ruling government or the established religion of the time.


That is what it takes to stand for God. Jesus told us over and over, we are not of the world, (John 17:16). So that means the world will always be against you.

Big deal, so what, and who cares! I have the Lord, who needs the world?

I have more news for you, as this world continues its downward spiral, the world will become more aggressive in its hate toward you.

That is, if you stand for God.

If you love the world, it will love you, but that places God in the distant #2 spot. Standing against the world and its beliefs is not easy to do, but it can be done. Just read about Jesus, Moses, Daniel and so on. It just takes a little effort, most importantly, you have to move God into the #1 spot in your life.

As the world hated Jesus and all the great Biblical prophets of old, so will it hate you. I hope you realize that, understand that, and embrace that, (Matthew 5:11-12). Do not sell yourself short for a temporary reward, God’s Rewards are far better, and they last forever.

As we have been told,

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:9

As the prophets were beat down for their beliefs, so are we. Big deal, we were told it was going to happen, there is no surprise there.

Stand for God, stand for truth, stand for what is right, and be blessed forever.


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  1. This is man’s word, not God’s. I think your seriously mistaken Bran. I like your Biblical teachings but this is going out of the way. You are suggesting we must keep on with our lives and let the virus kills whoever finds in its way. We all are sons of God, I’m sure God suffers with every life lost unjustly. The world order and all is behind the life of the people. To me.
    We can save the life of people if we adopt some measures, even if it means losing some rights. I will do this all the days of my life. I’m sure of it.
    God bless.

    • ‘They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’ – Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of the United States

      • Sounds like you got a new student MR Bran, And you thought I was a problem. We are ALL sons of God would be a good starting place . your buddy Tom

      • Ahh we are all Bible students. Rodrigo is a good guy, he and everyone else is in our prayers. What is being waged on the world is essentially psychological warfare. Most people can only handle so much of that before they move the other direction. It is a lot to stand against. We have an article on that tomorrow.

        So we all just have to keep lifting one another up, praying for each other, and sharing that truth. If we listen to the media they would have you believe you are the only one who thinks this is overblown. Every time I drive our truck around I either get someone talking to me about my window sign, or giving me a thumbs up. Not everyone is suckered, but the mainstream media and our governments would like you to believe so.

        In the end, we all should get used to feeling lonely in our belief. Jesus said that would happen. I remember the days before the last election, those were lonely days for me in my belief. Did that bother me? Not one bit. I know to stand against the world means you most likely will have to go it alone. Except for one important thing. If you stand with God, He is with you which means you win! Call me crazy, but I like playing for a winner.

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