Will The COVID Lies Ever End?

Here we are post Turkey Day.

The people are in Walmart Black Friday lines.

They are prepared to risk life and limb to save $50 bucks on a TV, and the COVID headlines are bigger than ever!

Some of them read,

I just shook my head and told the wife to read my screen.

Apparently, this is never going away.

At least, not without everyone rebelling...

Maybe even some bloodshed is needed.

It worked for the rioters in Minnesota back in 2020, didn’t it?

Hey, I just want to live in peace, but men hell bent on power, money, and a global agenda want to destroy all of our peace for their new world fantasy. So all we can do each day is spread more truth to those who will listen.

We do not conform, nor do we endorse this wicked COVID agenda.

Scary COVID Headlines

Now, some of those headlines attempt to send fear down our spines...

In fact, here are three bullet points from the Daily Mail.

  • Variant has 32 mutations, many of which suggest it is more vaccine resistant
  • Scientists warn the variant could be worse 'than nearly anything else about'
  • Only 10 cases of the strain — dubbed B.1.1.529 — have been spotted to date

Fear, fear, fear.

Christians have no place for fear and lies in their life.

So how about some truth huh?

There are only 10 cases of the new variant which is called, (wait for it), the Nu variant.

Oh, I am going to have fun with that one around the house for the next week. Remember when the new variant was the Mu variant?

I had a blast with that one too!

Just be thankful you don’t live in my house and you are not my wife. She actually has to deal with me allllll dayyyyyy longgggg.

Ahh, the joys of life my friends.

Whoops, sorry for the break in action, now back to fear and paranoia.

As I went through some of this today, I jumped into the archive.

Look what I found...

I wrote that back in May of 2020.

I said May of 2020, and they are using the same ol scare tactics over a year later.

They were scaring us back then about multiple variants. Then we had the Mu variant, now it’s the Nu variant.

You know what these hacks can do with their variants?

By the way, for those who care what the truly educated think...

Remember this one?

So do you get it yet?

Do these wise wizards in power get it yet?

According to the science community, COVID is constantly mutating into new variants which means, vaccines are absolutely worthless. It’s just like the flu at this point. The flu constantly mutates too, so each year, the vaccine is a guess.

A guess.

An educated guess, but a guess no less as to what will be the dominate flu strain that year.

So in reality, that is where we are.

Ahh, one other important note here.

The dreaded Delta variant has a 99.9% survival rate, but you already knew that as I mentioned it at least a thousand times by now. Yet, new people join us every day and they need to hear it for the first time.

Now think about this...

We have given these hacks almost two years to play their COVID game. It’s been long enough. Besides, Natural Immunity Is 27 Times More Effective Than COVID Vaccine.

So there you have it.

The fact of the matter is very simple.

We have record COVID with record vaccination.

So doesn’t that tell you something?

This is what it tells us, people are out for money, power, and control.

Listen to this cardiologist.

So thankfully, more and more doctors and professionals are coming forward.

They are explaining fear and lies are being peddled for truth.

If more of us do not step forward, we are never going to leave the dark days of COVID mandates. We just may never leave them anyway. It truly seems to me like this is all the beginning stages of the journey into the Biblical New World Order.

I think that is what is happening, only time will tell to be certain.

The big question is, how long will that journey take?

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