Will This Photo End The Mask Hysteria?

As history tells it, back in 1918 during the Spanish Flu, there were also face mask mandates. People were shamed and conned into wearing face coverings in order to protect themselves and society.

You know, the ol psychological guilt trip.

It worked for awhile, until a photo appeared...

Credit: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library

In that photo, San Francisco Mayor James Rolph and the city's public health officer, Dr. William Hassler both were present...

Without a mask.

The two men were given fines by the local police department. However, just days later, the Mayor dropped the mask mandate (ordinance), though there is more to the story.

I can imagine, the public outcry must have been immense.

I mean, political leaders that were in power demanded the people wear a mask, while they were unwilling to do it themselves.

Such hypocrisy!

Thankfully, hypocrisy does not exist today...

You know, in the modern era, where we know better than the people of the past...

Yep, no hypocrisy today, unless, you are President Joe Biden that is.

You see, he wants you to get a couple of shots, a booster shot, in addition to wearing a mask. Yet, he is unwilling to do what he is asking you to do.

Want some proof?

It doesn’t become anymore obvious than that.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden shops inside of a store that clearly asks for patrons to wear masks. Yet, Biden thinks he is exempt from such requirements.

Requirements that he demands from you as well.

Yet, Biden just like Mayor James Rolph couldn’t give a rip.

They just expect you to comply with their directive, and make sure you don’t ask any questions either.

You know, this also reminds me of President Biden’s vaccine photo op. He wanted to show America that it was okay to get the vaccine.

So on national TV, he got the ol COVID jab.

Yet, it turns out, it was just a prop...

As the story goes, Biden did get the vaccine and maybe he did.

Yet, why put on the big ol show?

Psychology my friends.

You are always being psychologically conditioned to accept something.

Sometimes, it’s to purchase a product or service.

Other times, it’s to comply with whatever the government wants you to do.

In this case, wear a mask and get the jab.

Call me crazy, but I am a non-conformer.

I do not conform to whatever people tell me. I look at the facts and make up my own mind. I consult Scripture, talk to the Father through prayer and then come to a decision.

I never, ever, make a decision because someone told me to do something. Certainly not the hypocrites who pass themselves off as our wise and powerful men.

After reading this, and seeing these pictures, I wonder what you are going to do...

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