Yale University has a new study aimed at conditioning the public to accept a future COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, the entire point of the study is to discover the best method to persuade someone to accept the vaccine!

You can find all the details at Clinical Trials where the opening statement reads,

This study tests different messages about vaccinating against COVID-19 once the vaccine becomes available.

That might sound a little vague to you.

Unfortunately, we are going to learn the term “messages” actually means brainwashing. We are going to discuss several of the “messages” that will be communicated to participants of this study.

Accept The Vaccine To Obtain Personal Freedom Again

This “message” prey upon our need and desire to have personal and economic freedom. Yale’s “message” to participants of this study reads,

A message about how COVID-19 is limiting people’s personal freedom and by working together to get enough people vaccinated society can preserve its personal freedom.

The sole purpose of this statement is to convince participants that COVID-19 has caused our loss of personal freedom. The only way to regain that freedom is by getting vaccinated.

In reality, it was the government that removed our personal and economic freedom. It is a fact, COVID-19s mortality rate is anywhere between 0.1% and 0.4%. It was not COVID that forced us out of our jobs and closed our businesses, it was the government’s response to COVID that cause it.

Yale Changes The Wording To See Which “Message” Is More Convincing

Yale took the message above and swapped the word “personal” with “economic” to see how successful this variation will be in convincing people to accept a COVID-19 vaccine.

Here is that example.

A message about how COVID-19 is limiting peoples’s economic freedom and by working together to get enough people vaccinated society can preserve its economic freedom.

This study makes it increasingly obvious, they do not care about our “personal” or “economic” freedom. Their only concern and goal is to get participants to accept the vaccine.

Accept The Vaccine To Protect Your Loved Ones

If preserving one’s “personal” and “economic” freedom is not enough for participants to accept a COVID-19 vaccine, Yale figures participants might be convinced if it affects the health of their loved ones.

Yale’s next message reads.

A message about the dangers of COVID-19 to the health of loved ones. The more people who get vaccinated against COVID-19, the lower the risk that one’s loved ones will get sick. Society must work together and all get vaccinated.

Yale is preying upon the affection we have for our loved ones, as if without a vaccine, we place ourselves in danger of harming them. That is absolutely sick and disturbing to condition people like this.

These messages have not been crafted out of concern for our well being. That is obvious as each message varies focusing on a need or desire of the participant with one stated goal. Getting the participant to accept the vaccine. That is the only true concern here.

These messages are brainwashing experiments that are based on communist ideals and thoughts. These messages change slightly at times to test the thought process of participants and condition them to the idea of mass vaccination, as if that is the only way people can fight infection.

Imagine The Guilt If You Spread COVID By Not Getting Vaccinated

If the first examples were not bad enough, Yale’s next message varies slightly by focusing on the emotional pain and anguish we will feel if we spread COVID because we did not accept the vaccine.

A message is about the danger that COVID-19 presents to the health of one’s family and community. The best way to protect them is by getting vaccinated and society must work together to get enough people vaccinated. Then it asks the participant to imagine the guilt they will feel if they don’t get vaccinated and spread the disease.

This massive brainwashing experiment preys on our hearts. These people do not care about our family, friends, and community. The agenda and goal is clear, condition the people by whatever means necessary in order for them to become vaccinated.

We should note, Yale created three variations of this message. The next two messages read the exact same, except for the last sentence which they modified to test the acceptance rate.

The second variation:

Then it asks the participant to imagine the embarrassment they will feel if they don’t get vaccinated and spread the disease.

The third variation:

Then it asks the participant to imagine the anger they will feel if they don’t get vaccinated and spread the disease.

In these three messages, Yale focuses on emotion and tries to persuade the participant to accept a vaccine by shaming them and using our natural emotions against us.

If You Refuse The Vaccine, You Don’t Understand Science

The brainwashing continues as Yale’s next “message” attempts to insult participants by using “science” to persuade participants to accept the vaccine.

Message about how getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the most effective way of protecting one’s community. Vaccination is backed by science. If one doesn’t get vaccinated that means that one doesn’t understand how infections are spread or who ignores science.

Yale blatantly insults the intelligence of participants in order for them to accept the vaccine. Naturally, no one wants to be left out of feel like they are not smart. So using the word “science” makes their message all the more convincing.

The truth of the matter, even the CDC explains the flu vaccine is not that effective. In fact, flu vaccines are based on what is expected to be the most common flu strain that year. In reality, it is only an educated guess.

Nevertheless, a vaccine is manufactured for the selected flu strain, if the scientists turn out to be wrong, then the vaccine that year is extremely ineffective. Even a good match is not that effective in preventing influenza.

Regardless, there are many scientists and doctors who are against vaccination. Yet, Yale presents this message to its participants that vaccination is an acceptable and foregone conclusion in the scientific community. A blatant lie.

Recovery From COVID Does Not Guarantee Immunity

I want you to remember, according to “science”, many who have been infected with COVID-19 and recovered became infected again.

That goes against what we have been taught about illness, which is, once we become infected and recover from a disease we have immunity. According to the latest “scientific” data on COVID, that long-held belief is not true with COVID and reinfection is a possibility.

This actually backfires on the vaccine pushers, as any vaccine, even if effective would last mere months before the individual could become infected by COVID once again.

You Are Not Brave Unless Vaccinated

We are going to cover one more message from Yale’s brainwashing study. You will not appreciate the boldness and audacity of Yale until you read it for yourself.

A message which describes how firefighters, doctors, and front line medical workers are brave. Those who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are not brave.

Yale University concludes you are not brave like firefighters, doctors, and medical workers unless you accept the vaccine. They are treating us as if we are children.


We are being brainwashed from every single angle in today’s world. From the wearing of masks and social distancing to so-called truths about the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine. These sort of tactics are not new or confined to Yale, these tactics are used against the population every single day. We find them in the form of politics, religion, finance, and education as we have witnessed.

If you were paying close attention to the “messages” Yale will use on participants of this study. They used several tactics to persuade people to accept the vaccine.

  • Yale threatens the personal and economic freedom that affects our quality of life as a reason to accept the vaccine.
  • Yale scares participants by saying they could infect their loved ones without a vaccine.
  • Yale insults the intelligence of participants by explaining they are not smart unless they are vaccinated.
  • Yale calls participants cowards unless they accept a future COVID-19 vaccination.

These are not messages that convey concern for the general population. These are the messages of those who want to force an agenda on you and your family.

No doubt, the most effective “message” in convincing participants to accept the vaccine will be used on the rest of the population in the form of advertizments, and government propaganda.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
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