Everyone Wants To Be A Star!

But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.

Matthew 23:11

Do you notice how everyone wants to be a star these days?

Everyone wants to be a star, and everyone thinks they are special.

I was reminded of this just the other day. I was reading the news and there was an article about some guy with a gazillion followers.


We don’t follow people, we follow Christ.

So this article went on to explain how this guy went to Hollywood to try and become a comedian. It didn’t pan out. But then, his social media channels blew up, and now he is a social media “star” and making millions.

They embedded a couple videos into the article, so I clicked play...

I could not believe the low-end childish comedy paraded as “funny”. I certainly lost brain cells. It was quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life!

There were a couple of other videos, I must have clicked on about three to see what the big deal was. All it amounted to was a time suck. People are sitting there minute after minute, watching these videos, becoming more brain dead by the second.

I don't know, maybe they don’t have anything better to do. So they drown out the real world by staring at the screen and filling their time by watching someone’s idea of entertainment.

Now lest you think I am a stuffed shirt, I happen to have a sense of humor in case you didn't notice.

The point I am trying to draw here though, is all these folks on social media think they are somebody. All the folks tuning in apparently agree, so I must be the lone discontented.

For me though, I just look at that, and the thousands of other people like this chap and think, it’s all about self.

It’s all about,

  • Look at me.
  • Look where I am going.
  • Look where I have been.
  • Look what I have.
  • Look what I bought.

Me, me, me.

Self, self, self.

Give me a break buttercup.

You see, it’s this sort of thing that clearly shows me, our world has completely and utterly lost touch with God. I mean they might not even be able to spell the word. In 50 years, God will be something they read about in a history book, chaulking Him up with the false gods of the past.

It certainly makes you feel that way sometimes.

The reality in all of this, life was never supposed to be about “self”. Hey, if you got the skills brother, then you are supposed to let that trickle down to help everyone.

That’s the basic tenant of Christianity...

Christ being the only Begotten Son of the Father came to earth to show you how to get it done. He came to be your servant, though He was greatest of all, (Luke 22:26-27). Then when He was done, He allowed Himself to be crucified on the Cross, completing the will of God for your salvation, (John 5:30).

You see, Christianity is all about self sacrifice.

You, as a follower of Jesus Christ are supposed to walk after His example.

Not the example of Johnny comedy hour, or the latest bikini clad damsel.

They come and go, but Jesus Christ is forever.

I suppose not many people want to hear that message these days, they just want that star power. They want to be somebody. I tell you what, if all you care about is self and never help your fellow man, you are a sorry sack of rotten potatoes.

It should be painfully obvious to all of us, this self-centered world we live in has not done us any good. People hate each other now more than ever before. We hate each other over politics, religion, medical decisions, and reasons to be named in the future.

Instead, we all need to back off. We need to stop watching these social media and Hollywood celebs and get back to the basics of life. The things that truly uplift humanity, and that is the ability to be a great man or woman, but do so by humbly serving others.

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